Monday, December 31, 2012

Not a Size 0, Yet Still Confident

The Hollywood Size 0...  ever heard of that saying?

For the passed hour, I've been watching a documentary by BBC called, Super Slim Me (Found it on youtube).  I actually found this program through one of my favorite youtubers...and the title of the documentary caught my attention!  The host of the program is named Dawn Porter, and in the first part of the documentary...she talked about the Hollywood Size 0.  She mentioned how everyone wanted to be a size many girls wanted to look like Victory Beckham...Lindsay Lohan...and Nicole Richie..., and how she wanted to undergo the process of becoming a size 0 in 8 weeks...which meant she would have to lose 20+ pounds in 8 weeks....(which meant she would have to go through an intense diet..of only consuming 500 calories a day).  The documentary actually opened my eyes to a lot of things, and I guess it kind of made me think about my story with weight, and how I feel about the Hollywood Size 

Video Below:

So here's my story
So around 4 years ago, achieving a size 0 meant the world to many people.  A lot of young girls and women looked up to those "models" who walked on stage, wearing beautifully designer clothes during fashion shows.  I've always been pretty deprived with what goes on in society, so I guess I didn't know the extent people went to become thin.  To become a size 0...

Growing up in an Asian based community, people were naturally more towards the slender not many of my friends really spoke of losing weight.  Being 5'4" at that time, and weighing around 135lbs when I was in 9th grade, I was considered chubby compared to my best friend who was around 5'2", and weighed less than 100lbs!  Though she never rubbed her weight in front of my face, it was set pretty clear between us that she was a size 0 and I was a size 7...with her wearing a size XS/S, and me wearing a size Medium for sure!  I wanted to be skinnier...but honestly...I could of cared less.  I was happy, and I really didn't find the need to lose weight.  Two years passed by...and I guess my baby weight dropped.  I dropped 20lbs, and weighed 105lbs on my scale... that was the skinniest I've ever gotten, and I never want to get back to that.  

Because it didn't take me a diet to lose it does for some celebrities, I wasn't feeling weak or depressed...or anything like that.  Despite feeling alright..I knew dropping 20lbs in a few months wasn't healthy at all, and I just felt unflattering in clothes.  I went from a size a size 1...and I guess part of me was happy, but the logical side of me knew I didn't look good being that skinny.  

At that time, Christina went to Taiwan, and through keeping in touch, I had told her that I lost a lot of weight.  Despite knowing I lost weight, she didn't know the extent of it until she visited me to give me my birthday present when she came back from vacation.  Seeing her best friend in a few months... she was really surprised seeing how skinny I became.  I was sitting in front of her eating...and she looked at me worriedly, and said "Wing, your arms are so skinny, they look toothpicks"...even my dad said my arms looked like chopsticks. =(  My bust size shrunk like crazy =( LOL... and yeah I think I even went to a 25 inch waist....crazy!  But for some ribs weren't popping, and I didn't look like a skeleton!  I looked alright, but I knew that I'd look even better if I gained some weight.  

The picture above shoes how skinny I was after I lost weight.  (I was in 11th grade) Some people nowadays might even think that I looked fat..but to be honest..I really think I could have used a few pounds back then!  It was interesting...cause my best friend at that time...actually got a crazy growth spurt, and grew like 4 inches in 2 years...and became a size Medium.  That's not the interesting part.  The interesting part was she came up to me one day...and told me "'s so weird you're a size Small and I'm a Medium... I'm so used to you being bigger than me."  She didn't like herself being a size Medium...and it kind of made me feel a little taken aback...cause it made me realize that though she never called me fat...she never wanted to end up my size...and I wasn't even fat!!  lol...yah that was the interesting incident.  

Anyway, I'm currently a size 3-5 right now.  I gained 10 pounds from my skinniest, and I know I'm much healthier than I was before.  

I honestly think everyone is beautiful in their own way!  I really don't think the number on the scale or a pant size matters.  I personally judge myself more on how I look as opposed to letting some numbers on my scale sadden me.  It's not a size or weight that's important, it's health that's most important.  As long as a person is healthy and looks healthy and weighs  healthy (according to the BMI)!!'s really not important what some magazine says is ideal.... 

Peer Pressure is probably going to exist forever.  I don't think anyone is ever going to be 100% happy with their body..cause we are our worst critiques!  But I hope that for those who want to be a size 0 and look a certain way that is considered "Perfect"...that what is considered "Perfect"...really isn't.  What is "Perfect" are all opinions that are made by society...and we are perfect in our own way.  =)  

Saturday, December 29, 2012

Christmas Trip: My First Time at DAISO JAPAN!!!! =D

Hey Guys!

I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas and Boxing day, and omg it's gonna be New Years 2013 in like....2 days!  OMG  crazy!  I feel like I'm getting older and older =(...haha maybe that's cause I am!  

Anyway, I've been meaning to blog about Daiso Japan for a week now, and yep I'm finally getting to it!  

Okay, so long store short, no stores except for Asian stores are open on Christmas (at least I think), haha therefore, my brother thought of the brilliant idea of bringing my family and I to a Japanese store (He claimed that everything that's sold there is made in Japan! not true!)!  I was quite excited cause I absolutely love Asian stores, and I was just happy that there was somewhere to go to during Christmas!  He never told me what the store was called...and guess what?  
Turns out it was DAISO JAPAN!!! 
OMG I couldn't believe my eyes when I saw it!  
(Pictures Below!!!) =)  

To those of you who have Daiso Japan stores around your area...and find Daiso very common at where you live, let me just say...YOU GUYS ARE SOOO LUCKY!  haha you guys have no idea how long I've been wanting to go to Daiso!  Well..ok I'm just being dramatic here... but it was ever since I started watching Budget Barbie (QiuQiu) from!  The host of Budget Barbie always shares super awesome, cute, and affordable products to her viewers, and ever since learning about Daiso from her, I've just been wanting to go!  

I honestly thought Daiso(s) were only located in I was super surprised seeing it in front of my eyes!  haha the experience was awesome!  

Apparently, it was Daiso's Grand Opening that day, so there were a bunch of super pretty flower stands!   

There were so many people who wanted to come in, a line started forming outside the entrance!  So glad I got in before the line formed, or else I don't know how long I would have had to wait!  

I was so happy just being able to be in Daiso Japan, but I was even happier when I found out that everything in the store was $1.50, unless the item was actually marked a specific price! I didn't see anything over $4 I that's pretty rad!  

The first thing I saw when I walked into the store, was this shelf full of super cute phone holders! =) EEK! 

There was a section filled with a bunch of super cute hair accessories!  I'm usually not too into wearing hair accessories, but I couldn't help myself but to buy one!  
lol now I'm trying figuring out how to wear it!  

Super prettily decorated napkins...Why do people invent these????  So much temptation!  I didn't end up buying any though!  

OMG.... a pair of pink & strawberry patterned slippers were hanging right in front of my eyes as I looked around the store!  Yep....I bought them!  It was the LAST pair, I couldn't say no to them.... =)  To be quite honest..I actually needed a pair of slippers at home.  It's been so cold lately, and socks are not enough to warm my feet! =(  Though I liked a lot of the stuff in the store, I managed to stay logical most of the time, by trying to get things that are practical and a necessity in my life!   

Pastel Socks!  Very Girly! I love! =)  I'm seriously considering going back and buying some of these! 

I saw a bunch of cute stickers!  I was actually surprised that these only costed $1.50.  I've always had the impression that stickers were pretty costly.  

Something that I've always loved as a child, as well as now, is stationary!  I've always loved writing letters to my friends, and I guess that habit has carried on till now!  I didn't end up buying any, but if I ever need to buy stationary, haha I'll know where to go! 

***The store was filled with fluorescent lighting, so I don't know why the pictures turned out so dark!  Sorry for the quality of the pictures, but thanks for baring with me! =)***

AWWW!! Cute lunch boxes!  How come I never had these when I was little! LOL  I would totally use them now!  Cause no one's ever too old for strawberry/heart food containers right?!  =) ...or am I being too positive? 

Loofa!!!!  One of my family members actually bought one!  

I had to stop myself from buying these...but hey! 5-8 packs of tissues for $1.50 isn't expensive right? (FYI: The floral patterned tissues are actually sold in a pack of 8!) 

I was a little surprised to learn that Daiso Japan sold stuff like face washes and make-up!  I'm actually considering trying them! Have you guys ever tried face washes, moisturizers, toners, or stuff like that from Daiso before?  If so, would you guys recommend it?  

LOL!  I had to take of picture of these to show you guys!  I have never in my life heard of Disposable Panties before!!!  My brother told me that they were made of paper!  So convenient!  If everyone uses these...then no one will ever need to wash their undies, they can just dispose the worn one, and wear a new one the next day!  

The last column was filled with kitchenware and home goods!  A lot of the stuff was actually made in Japan, which is really awesome for $1.50! 

There were a bunch of wrapping supplies at the end of the column!  

This gave me a chuckle!  Newspaper gift bags!  How creative!  

LOL Incase you guys weren't able to figure out what this is just by looking at the picture, it's a Dumbbell!  Besides the Disposable Panties, this was the other product I just had to show you guys!  I've never seen anything like this before, and I think it's pretty cool!  Whoever is lifting weights can put as much water they want in the dumbbell depending on their strength!  This is probably for women though, cause most men would probably think lifting a dumbbell (filled with water) this size, is a piece of cake!  

The End to In-Store Pictures!!

I had such a wonderful time shopping at Daiso Japan!  I feel extremely grateful that my brother brought me here, cause if it weren't for him, I probably wouldn't have known a Daiso Japan would be located so near me!  

Fun Fact: I didn't put on make-up that day!! 
Anyway, I took a picture with the store before I left, =) so I can always hold a picture memory of that day!

What I Bought! 

These were my purchases!  Quite pink huh?  Besides the pink floral bow, everything I bought was practical!  =)  

I had a wonderful Christmas Day with my family, and I can't wait to go back to Daiso!  I know some of you guys might not be able to understand my joy or excitement, but the feeling I got from going to Daiso, is basically the feeling of you being able to go to your dream location!  A place that you never thought you'd ever be able to go to, but without notice, you have spontaneously reached it! =)   

Anyway, have a Happy New Years Guys!  

Saturday, December 22, 2012

River Island! My New Favorite Online Store!

So today.... I discovered a store that I am currently in love with! 

haha though it's just been less than an hour since I've discovered it, I love a lot of the stuff!!! =)  haha I'm sure a lot of people have heard of this store, and I'm gonna sound like a total nube/noob ( or not!), but the store is called River Island!!! Click Here!  =)  And this store is based in the United Kingdom!  I really wish there was one around the U.S...but nope!  haha only in the UK!  It's alright though, cause luckily they ship to the U.S.! =)  

The prices are pretty decent!  I would say the prices are actually a little more expensive than the ones at Forever21...haha but despite that, knowing me I immediately headed to the SALE section! =) hehe  As I have mentioned in my previous post...not sure which one...I'm not the type of person who would splurge on clothing.  I would rather spend more money on food..or something more substantial.  I do love clothing though, so I always try to find the best deals! =)  haha Therefore, I'll have enough money for both clothing and good food! =)  I totally respect the people who can afford and do splurge on clothing though, cause haha this is totally a personal preference!  =)  

Anyway, back to River Island!  I found some Sale Items, that I like, and would like to share on my blog!  haha Like I did for my Romper Post!  Click Here!  I will include the direct link to the item in case anyone is interested in the ones I like too!  

Alright, so here goes!  RIVER ISLAND HERE I COME! =) 

Remember to convert the prices to USD!  All of the prices will be listed in GBP (British Pounds).  1 usd = 1.32 gbp!  


This top isn't really's actually super casual, and that's what I love about it!  I think it'll look really flattering on lol, and it's light weight makes it perfect to be worn during the summer! =)  



Omg!!! I can't bare how cute this circle scarf is!  ahh I want it so bad!  It's only 5 pounds!  Which means it's less than $7 USD!!  It's super colorful, and the patter is so unique!  Definitely a great statement piece! 


Really cute...too bad they ran out of my size! =(  


It's interesting how everything I have chosen so far is black or red.... What's even more interesting is the fact that I chose the two colors that I almost never wear.... O_O



I've been really loving sweaters lately...haha if the past 3 months is considered lately.  I think this sweater would look great with a lot of outfits!  Omg, I think it would looks so cute if it were tucked into the skirt above! =D 

I think that's actually about it...  haha there's actually a lot of stuff that I liked, but I had to consider whether I had something like it already in my closet!  Despite really liking the stuff..I don't think I'll be getting anything!  I have more than enough clothes at home, and I'm gonna feel super guilty if I bought more!  I'm glad I got to share the stuff on my blog though, cause it'll be fun reading on my style and interests in the future! =)  

For those who have never heard of River Island, I hope I was able to introduce a lovable & affordable price ranged store to you guys. Have Fun! =)  

Friday, December 21, 2012

Hanging Out W/ My Bestie & Gifting Time!

Good Afternoon Everyone!  

I don't know why...but I've just been waking up super late lately!  Super horrible..and omg I need to get my times straight! of 3 days ago, Christina and I actually hung out!  We went to a good amount of places that day, including the city where we grew up in, and yeah it just gave me a very nostalgic feeling!  haha I can't believe it's been 3 years already since I was still a student in high school!  

We ate at the SM Grill that day!  Have you guys ever tried it?  I'm not quite sure on how to judge the food, because I think food is pretty subjective...some people might love the way something tastes, and others might just dislike it!  I thought my order at SM Grill was pretty good, but not great!  lol Here is a picture of the food we ate! =)  

I ordered a Chicken Salad Sandwich w/ Cole Slaw on the Side!
The sandwich wasn't as good as I hoped!  But I nonetheless, enjoyed it! =)  On the other hand, the Cole Slaw was really amazing!  I've always loved KFC's Cole Slaw...but this was awesome!  The taste wasn't sweet like KFC's, but it was rather more sour.  haha I realized that Pineapple was in it! Yum!  

Christina ordered a Tuna Melt w/ Cole Slaw on the Side!  
I'm sure I ordered this before, cause I'm a huge fan of tuna, but I don't remember how it tasted!  haha I'm pretty sure it tasted better than mine though, cause the tuna salad looked super yummy! OMG 

After eating at the SM Grill, we went to Lacy Park!  haha this is like the only park around the area...and it's beautiful!  Lacy Park, is a private park with gates surrounding it!  I believe it's closed at night, so haha it's not a place where anyone can just come and go!  Pictures below!  So excited to share these pictures on my blog!  =D 

This is the gate Entry of Lacy Park! =)  We were welcomed by a City Banner! 

So Pretty Right?  I've been to this park for literally my entire life, and it wasn't till going to school at a City-Like area for 2 years, that I was actually able to truly appreciate the natural beauty my home town preserved!  LOL I feel so emotional cause I miss this place so much!  

Anyway, 4 more days till Christmas!!!  I love how the entrance of the park is decorated with Christmas flowers! =)  haha I know I'm super excited for Christmas right now...but once Christmas is over...I'm gonna be so sad, cause that just means I'll have to wait another year!  And it also means that I'm aging! =(

Lol, I had to share this picture on my blog!  It's so cute!  When do you ever see Dog Waste Stations or Dog Fountains in parks???  lol They even provide plastic doggy bags and stuff! Omg so cute!!!  Kinda spoiled though....  Since when did dogs get their own fountains? LOL

This park has so many trees!  It's crazy awesome!  haha I don't know if I'm going crazy, but this picture above reminded me of Twilight!  It's the gloominess of this picture, plus the type of trees in it!  

This is where we sat to exchange our Christmas Gifts! =D 

Thank you Mr. George Smith Patton. JR for having such a great influence to this city!! =) 

I asked Christina to help me take a picture of me and this soldier.  The quote was actually what I really wanted to capture!  The stone reads: 

-"The greatest love one can have is to lay down one's life for a friend." 

Clearer image below:  

When I read this quote....and I guess soaked in the meaning of the quote...I felt very touched...and emotional haha once again.  It made me a little sad though...cause I kind of realized that in this world today... no one would really give up their life for a friend.  As sad as that sounds... I think it's true. =(  It's just natural for people to be selfish...and I guess throughout these years..the courage that one has for a friend has remotely diminished. =(  But nonetheless, this quote really touched my heart!  

 hehe BFF and I taking a picture together! =)  I thought I was taller than her that day....but.....I guess not! And I was wearing heals toooo!!!! Boo! LOL 

Gifting Time! =) 

Thank you for the Gifts Christina!  =)  I love all of them, 
and I'm glad to hear that you love the presents I got you as well! =) 

I have so many pictures of the park that I want to put on my blog...but I think if I did that...this post will seriously never end!  haha Therefore, I'm gonna gonna write a separate post on Lacy Park, so yep! haha stay tuned for that one!  =)  

After exchanging presents at Lacy Park, Christina and I decided decided to go to Half and Half for a drink!  And that's kinda when my camera started to die, haha =(  which means this post will end soon!  

Half & Half!  Seriously...this building is too cute! =)  

Christina ordered a Barely Milk Tea w/ Pudding!  & I ordered a Almond Mocha Milk Tea!  My drink didn't taste that good....=(  I felt kinda sick afterwards, so I don't recommend it lol...  

Right before my camera died...I managed to snap a beautiful breathtaking picture!  =)  Nature is so beautiful!  I don't feel like it is appreciated enough!  haha cheesy as it sounds, this picture kinda gives me a heaven on earth type of  

I had such a wonderful time with my best friend! =)  We always manage to have a blast whenever we hang out!  haha it's kinda sad that I get to see her like maybe less than a dozen times a year...Which is less than 4% of the year actually!!!  Nevertheless, I'm glad we're still close like always, and still having a great time as we mature!  Can't wait for more hangouts!!