Wednesday, January 30, 2013



Fashion trends always come and go, but for me, I think Leopard & Cheetah prints will always stay with me.  Since putting WINTER PRINTS together, I've been wearing it a couple of times, and I just thought it deserved a thorough post on it!!=)  So Lets Begin! 

Me and My Best Friend. (JK...that would be pretty sad. =( ) 

  Living in Southern California, Winters are rarely unbearable.  (haha that explains why I'm wearing a semi-thick Anorak jacket in the cold weather, and still looking perfectly fine!)  My entire outfit was built from comfort and my mood, and ended giving a Military Army-Like Style.  I wanted to feel comfort yet look put together, so what I did was throw on my cute white sweater, and matched it with a pair of thick Dark Tourmaline Green Colored Cheetah Print Leggings (Fit 2 Go).  And that was the base of my outfit!  

For outerwear, I decided to top my outfit off with a Greyish Purple Anorak Jacket (H&M).  My outfit follows the cool-tone color wheel, and I just felt that my Anorak Jacket adds to a complimenting close finish, matching with both white and tourmaline green =). 

I'm usually not a big fan of pairing red and green together.  I think red and green can end up making a person look like a strawberry (which could be cute!), or it'll just give the impression that Christmas is right around the corner (which is great...if it actually was LOL).  But what I discovered is how amazing a dark tourmaline green and maroon looked together!  Some of my favorite colors fit in the Jewel Tone category, and I think these two jewel tones look great together!  And with my long comment on how those colors look great together, I decided to finish off my outfit with my warm Maroon Circle Scarf from (Accessory Street)

As for shoes, I went with my comfy Dark Brown Cowboy Boots (SODA).  The boots completed my entire look, complimenting with all the colors that I wore, and gave me an extra boost of height!  I've seriously been in love with this outfit, because it checked off three important points, Comfort, Warmth, and Style.  

So in the end, what was I going for?  I honestly can't say I was going for a specific look.  An outfit doesn't always have to follow a theme.  It's what makes you comfortable and confident that matters a great deal!  Looking at my picture, I would say my outfit gives a Military Chic Vibe, haha which was totally accidental.  All I know is, I look very happy in my outfit, and yep that's important! =D 

Sunday, January 27, 2013

My Casual Sunday Adventure + SEAGULLS!!!!

Today like a lot of my other days seemed to pass by really fast!  Although it's only 6 pm right now, I feel like my entire day flew over my head just like THAT!  It's weird though, cause I actually woke up kinda early today, counting that it's a Sunday!

Anyway, So this is how my day began!  

I woke up at 10 AM...doing..actually I don't really recall what I did in the morning!  It was probably a combination of checking my email, and working on some social media!  After doing that for a bit, I went ahead and got ready for lunch!  Yah..notice how I didn't say Breakfast?  By the time I was done getting ready, it was probably around 12 PM already, so yep, no breakfast today, which isn't good, cause I've always learned that breakfast is the most crucial of all meals, because it gives us energy to start our day!  Anyway, my brother was a little busy today, so my parents and I went ahead to have lunch without him.  We went to a restaurant called Yoshinoya, and here are some pictures of the food we ate!  Just a Warning, the food looks absolutely delicious!

Correct me if I'm wrong, but I think Yoshinoya originated in Japan!  It was probably last year that I watched a Korean Variety Show called We Got Married, starring the famous, Seohyun (SNSD) and Yonghwa (CNBlue); they both went to Japan on a trip, and ate at Yoshinoya for one of their meals... haha I was so surprised that there was a Yoshinoya in Japan, and I soon realized that Yoshinoya first opened in Japan!  The interior design looked really pretty, and yep I wanna go one day!! 

Alright, so enough with food!  Here is my outfit of the day!  Because it's Sunday, I decided to dress extremely casually and comfortably, and wore a minimal amount of make-up (actually I always wear a minimal amount of make-up, haha but yah I wore an extra minimal amount of make-up today!)

My first picture of the day in the car!  haha totally failed!  This was supposed to be a picture with both of my eyes both fully opened, but it didn't work, cause the sun was directed to my left eye, and wallah!!! Here's a picture with me Winking~~~~ =).  

Alright! Finally got it right!  

And here is a picture of me looking extremely tired displaying my outfit of the day!!!  Trust me, this outfit was VERY comfortable, it got me sleepy LOL! =) 

My parents and I finished our lunch, and we went to a plaza near by the city we live!  And to my surprise, I was welcomed by a beautiful view that I usually never get to see...unless I went to the beach! !  =)  


I usually have to drive an hour to the beach in order to see Seagulls, so I was extremely happy and excited to see so many around my area!  I'm not sure if it's good that they're here though...cause could it be they are lost??? And will start eating fries, bread crumbs, and pigeons do, instead of fish from the water???  What if Seagulls become the NEW Pigeons????? (lol me being dramatic again!) 

I was so happy to see the Seagulls!  I mean seriously, just compare this picture with picture above that shows my OOTD!!! I look so much more awake!! =D 

Hehe, and here's a full body pic of me and the Seagulls! =)  I love cameras, cause they allow us to capture our memories forever! =)  

After walking around the plaza, my family and I went home, and that was about it to my Sunday-Out Adventure!  Though my day wasn't extremely exciting, I still enjoyed it very much!  I felt at peace the entire day, which is awesome and very much needed!  

I know I recently posted a picture up of my crackled nails, but to end this post, here is a picture of my current nails!  =)  I love doing my nails, and for some reason I felt like giving myself a unique grey sparkly french tip manicure!  I think the grey tips look really nice, but some people in my family begged to differ! LOL  

Hope everyone had a wonderful Sunday! =) 
 Remember to enjoy it, cause it's your last day before a new week! 

Friday, January 25, 2013

My Temptation & Thoughts On Spending $1000 on a Designer Bag!

Should I or Should I not?  

I remember myself posting a blog entry last year.  It was one of my very first entries.  (Well...that was dumb..LOL there can only be one first entry..but what I mean is, it was a blog entry that I posted earlier on ago.)  I talked about my opinions on spending a ton of money on super expensive branded bags...and for some reason that blog entry disappeared!  Like I can't find it anymore...and I don't know what happened to it!  Could it be that I accidentally deleted it?  I'm sure I didn't though...

Anyway, enough of that.  

Since that blog entry doesn't exist anymore, I'll just briefly state my opinion on that topic.  I'm personally not the type of person to splurge a lot of money on a single item.  I don't like paying a lot of money on things that I can probably get for a lot cheaper.  And for designer high-end designer purses, ...I guess I just can't see myself ever paying a thousand or more dollars for a purse!  This is just my opinion though!  I really respect people who have the money to splurge on these luxury items!  And even for those who are tighter on money, but have saved and saved and saved their money to buy a designer bag, I respect them too, cause they worked hard for it, and it's none of my business how people spend their money!  lol

Despite what I was yesterday that I felt a little hypocritical about my beliefs.... I was shopping around Nordstrom yesterday...browsing the designer bags like usual...cause they only carry designer bags LOL...and I think my heart skipped a bit when I saw this baby....picture below....

This Rebecca Minkoff absolutely breathtaking! OMGoodness! The precise name of this bag is THE REBECCA MINKOFF 'CUPID' SATCHEL...and it costs $495.00 without tax!!!!! It comes in the color MINT (which is displayed above!!! So pretty! That's the one I fell in love with!! <3), Soft Grey, and Almond ( I think).  

Here's an image of the Almond Colored Cupid Satchel.  (I personally think that the almond color satchel is much more versatile, as compared to the mint colored one!  It's a color that'll match with a lot of outfits..) 

And that's how the Soft Grey Colored Cupid Satchel looks like! 

Anyway, my point is... when I saw the Mint Colored Rebecca Minkoff Satchel...I found myself in love with it!  It looked absolutely gorgeous!  But it's when I flipped the price tag around, and saw that it cost $495.00, that my heart shattered! (I'm being dramatic)  

I think there are so many temptations in life.... such as this bag that I am currently in love with.  It brakes me such beautiful objects are so freekin pricey!  Seriously... $500 might seem like nothing to some people, but to others, it's enough money to pay for their rent and keep them alive!  

When I become a Multi-Millionaire one day, LOL, and happen to buy a super expensive designer bag...then I'll make sure to donate at least the same amount of money out!, or else I'm gonna feel so guilty (and cause it's the right thing to do! =) ) 

Anyway, enough about purses.... Here's an image of my newly painted nails! =)  

Haha my dad thought my nails were a little weird, but I loved them!  Yay to crackling nail polish!  The one I used is from Sephora (O.P.I.)!  I love it so much!  It makes my nails look effortlessly stylish!  =)  Who ever created this IS a genius! =D  

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

My First Time Wearing Fake Eyelashes!

So....when was your first time applying fake eyelashes on?  lol well for me, it was yesterday!

Growing up, I've never really thought about using fake eyelashes.  I always thought that my eyelashes were pretty long to begin with, and I just figured that I'd just use mascara, and that's exactly what I've been doing up until yesterday!  lol yesterday, I had my first experience applying fake eyelashes, and to be very honest, it was a lot of fun!!!! =D

The eyelashes were a little difficult to put on at first, but after watching a youtube video on how to apply fake eyelashes on, it became extremely easy!  I know I know, I'm such a noob!! LOL  Anyway, the fake eyelashes I bought were from Daiso!  I've been obsessed with how cute Japanese people and my favorite youtube gyurus look with their fake eyelashes, and I just became quite curious to try them on myself!

The picture above shows the eyelashes that I bought from Daiso!  Like almost all the items in the store, these cost $1.50!  There were so many different designs, and I decided to choose #7 (straight type) , cause they looked most natural to me!  They aren't too dramatic, but they were dramatic enough to make a difference!  I can't read Japanese, so I have no idea what the box says, but all I know is that it comes with eye lash glue!! Yay!! How convenient! On the back of the container reads that the eye lashes were Made in China, and that the glue was Made in Korea! 

Alright, so this is how my experience began!  I've actually bought these eyelashes for two weeks now, but never wore them out!  I stayed at home the entire day yesterday (working), and decided to go out later on the evening, cause I needed some fresh air and all!  haha I guess something came over me, and I decided that I wanted to glam myself up by putting a cute outfit on, doing my hair, and applying make-up!  I wasn't in a hurry so I decided to try out my fake eyelashes after applying my eye makeup!  And wallah!! 

 LOL! So this is the outcome!!! Honestly...I really don't think I look that different compared to usual.... despite that, I was extremely excited about my first time wearing fake eyelashes!  haha and so... I went a little crazy taking pictures!!!

I tried doing the Asian pose (you know, the one where you put your camera above your head, and then you slightly tilt your head up and give a faint smile, so it'll look as if your eyes are huge and what not..), but inexperienced me totally failed!  haha I felt extremely odd, so I decided to take pictures of myself like I usually do, which is directing my camera directly parallel to my face!  Yep, haha I felt much more natural, more like me! =)  hehe's the question, what do I think of fake eyelashes?  

I think that some people look amazing with them!  But for people like me...I don't think they really make that big of a difference...I actually think I look better without them.... lol maybe it's cause I bought the wrong kind...but I kept getting comments from my family saying that my fake eyelashes looked super FAKE...(ironic huh?LOL), that they looked too plastic, and that I looked better without them!  

I agree on the fake part!  I think I bought the wrong type!  Mine were extremely straight and had a glare to it, and it looked really plastic, the picture below will explain what I mean!!! 

I think it looks kinda obvious that I'm wearing fake eyelashes!  For some reason though, I thought they looked pretty cute on. =)  

Anyway, I had a super fun experience putting fake eyelashes on for the first time!  I always wondered how fake eyelashes would feel on, and now I finally know!  I was able to feel something hard attached to my eye the entire time I wore them, and each time I had my eyes wide opened, ahaha I felt the lashes poking my eye brow!!  I found them so fascinating  that I couldn't stop staring at my fake eyelashes as I passed by the mirrors as I went out shopping!  

Hmm, so will I wear fake eyelashes again?  haha I think so!  Maybe not daily, but I think I'd wear them during special events!  But the next time I go shop for fake eyelashes, I'll make sure to buy ones that look more natural, and don't have a glare to them!! =)  

Yay for my first time!! =D

Sunday, January 20, 2013

Road Rage.....& IMPATIENT DRIVERS Incident

An interesting incident happened today.... Well..actually two interesting incidents happened, but I'll save the other incident for another day! =)

So today...I want to talk about impatient drivers.  I feel like it's completely common for young adults...especially in their late teens to mid-twenties to be easily irritated while driving, and as many would describe it, they have "road rage".  I would consider myself a patient driver.  haha patient to the point, where I honestly don't mind a slow driver in front of me!  Not too slow of course.  I'm the type of driver who loves to stay in one lane.  I'd honestly drive in one lane for the entire journey, unless I absolutely have to change to another lane.  I hate it when people honk at me for little reasons like...I'm not turning fast enough...(To those who have ever honked me just cause I didn't make a left or right turn as early as they wanted me to...or would themselves... I AM NOT SORRY THAT I TOOK MY TIME TURNING!  IF I LET YOU GUYS AFFECT ME, I'M SURE I'D GET INTO A CAR ACCIDENT!  AND IF I ACTUALLY DID GET INTO A CAR ACCIDENT, I'M SURE YOU GUYS WOULD JUST DRIVE AWAY LIKE IT WASN'T YOUR FAULT, LIKE YOU DIDN'T WITNESS ANYTHING!  So Yah, I'm going to take my sweet time until I feel like I can make a confident turn!!!)  Seriously!  To those of you who are more careful drivers like me... don't feel pressured to turn if you're not confident that you can!  You would rather play it safe than to get into a car accident!

Anyway, Enough with the long introduction, 
Here's my story!  So today... my family and I decided to go to In-N-Out for lunch!  LOL haha which is currently my favorite fast food burger restaurant!  Like always, In-N-Out was jampacked!!  So my brother decided to drop my parents and I off to the front of In-N-Out, so we could get seats and order while he continues searching for a parking space!  We're usually pretty quick with drop-offs cause we don't like having people in the back wait!  I was getting off the car, and the car right behind us continuously honked at us!  It was quite frustrating!  I looked at the driver, and turns out it was a girl with her gal friend!  They looked like they were in their early twenties!  And omg I was sooo heated!

What was I heated about?

Well, first of all...we didn't even take a long time!  We hurried our butts off the car, and seriously they didn't need to honk!  Isn't it a little crazy that the person right behind you is honking you while you're getting off the car???? I would understand if it was the second car or third car behind us, cause they probably couldn't see and didn't know what was going on....but seriously?  These girls...are they seriously going to honk at me and my parents when we're standing right in front of them?!!  It wasn't even a small honk, it was super loud and long repeated honks!  WTF!  I always thought that girls were more patient than guys, but I guess guys and girls are all the same!  It's annoying how they didn't even have the common courtesy to even wait a little!  And guess what??? At the end, it turns out that they didn't even go to In-N-Out!  (So what's the rush?) My brother told me that they went to the restaurant next door...which frustrated me even more...cause that restaurant doesn't even have half as many customers as In-N-Out!  There are always empty seats, so I don't know why they seemed like they were in a rush!  OMG>>>>> =(  I'm sure they weren't in a rush, cause if they were...then they would have gotten To-Go or something!  Their car was still parked at the parking lot by the time we were done eating!!!

I'm upset...cause seriously..what if my grandpa was in the car?  What if an 80 something year old was in the car, and HAD to take the time to get off??  Would they have honked like crazy?  Would they have honked at a senior???  We purposely stopped our car on the side, so the people in the back could drive passed why didn't they just do that????

I'm sure no one likes to be honked at for small reasons like that.  In my opinion... if a person honks another better be for a good reason ...or else it's just straight-up rude!!!  It really annoys me how impatient people are.  It really does!  Despite that, I will still be patient like I always have been!
I felt so angry when I was at In-N-Out, but my temper immediately got better when I started eating my yummy Cheese Burger & Fries, so thank you In-N-Out for bringing a smile onto my face!!! =)  lol yep that's my story!  This post isn't filled with pictures like my previous posts are, but I really wanted to share this incident on my blog so yeah! =)  lol  I'll make sure to include pictures on my next post!  I promise! =) lol

Anyway, hope everyone had a nice day!  =)P

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

New Youtube Video: Winter Collective Haul Part 1!!!! =)

So...I know that there are many cultures out there, and people follow different traditions and all!  As a traditional Chinese Asian, I've grown up following the tradition of buying new clothes and necessities for the new year!  =)  I grew up learning that a new year, meant new clothing and necessities, which meant a new start, and a new and good luck for the year! that was a mouthful of words!  Anyway, following that tradition, I actually bought quite a good amount of clothing for 2013!  I'm the type of person who loves shopping.  lol I like finding good deals, and I guess maybe buying a top or two every so often, but I never splurge on clothing!

Anyway, my favorite store is and has always been Forever21!  And guess what?  That's exactly where I bought most of my clothes!  I'm sure I've mentioned this before, but throughout the passed few years, I've actually began to shop less at Forever 21, because I felt that it's prices got higher.  It's either that, or it's cause I actually learned how hard it is to make money!  It's so easy to take things for granted when things are constantly given to you...well in this case, me.  So yah... I started shopping less at Forever 21.  It was last year that I learned of Forever 21's awesome end of the season sale, where everything on sale is an extra 50% cheaper than the already marked-down price!  Therefore, haha I went a little crazy, and shopped shopped and shopped!  =)  I bought a lot of things for this year, and I really wanted to share what I bought; therefore, I made a video to show you guys my awesome finds! =) hahahaha

Video Below!  Please Watch! =):

It was so much fun filming this video, and I actually have a part 2 coming up!  The video would be way too long if I showed everything I had, so I decided to split my purchases into two videos!  So remember to stay tuned for that one! =)  

My youtube channel, is Sparkling Louder, and a list of my videos can be found on the right hand side of my blog!  

My post today is simple and straight to the point....minus the first two paragraphs, LOL but anyway, hope the video is enjoyable!  

Anyway, before I end this post, I just wanted to share a video on my blog!  I was being the typical Wing, roaming through youtube and watching cute animal videos, and I came across this video that brought a smile onto my face!  It's about a tortoise helping it's friend (another tortoise who is flipped over, and struggling to flip back to it's feet)flip up!  So cute!  

Hope this video brought a smile on your face as well!  haha the tortoise moves pretty slow, but nonetheless, I still find the video very cute and touching! 

Friday, January 11, 2013

Review On: Revlon Renewist Lipstick!

So today, I will be sharing my thoughts on a few lipsticks from Revlon's Renewist Lipstick Collection! =D Yay!  

First and foremost, I would just like to mention that these are my current favorite lipsticks!  I've never been a lipstick fan.  I'm not sure why, but I guess as of a few years ago...when I was still in high school, I even envisioned myself never using lipstick!  haha well those days are gone, and now I'm a lipstick addict!  jk jk lol.  Anyway, lets get started! =)

Alright, so here is an image I put together (pat on that back =)), on the 4 lipstick colors from Revlon's Renewist Collection that I bought!  I'm not sure if you guys can see the names that I included in the picture, but either ways, the colors that I bought include (right to left): Lush Peony 080, Coming Up Roses 120, Cherry Desirable 210, and Plum Luck 160!  

Alright, so let the Review Begin! =D 

First and foremost again, lets talk about the packaging!  My first impression of this lipstick wasn't the best!  It's just natural for humans to primarily be attracted to an objects appearance, and I think as compared to other lipsticks from Revlon's Collection, the packaging for the Renewist Collection was lacking.  Here are some images of other Revlon Lipsticks.  


It's only my opinion though... regarding the packaging of Revlon's Renewist Lipstick Collection not being up to par, but what do you guys think?

Anyway, despite the packing, I was attracted to the lipstick, because it had something that other Revlon Lipsticks didn't have!  It had a moisture core!

Do you guys see it?

A constant problem I have with lipsticks, is that I don't feel like they give my lips enough moisture.  I don't think anyone...including yourself, wants to see anyone with extremely cracked colored lips.  Lipstick is supposed to add color to people's lips, it's supposed to be pretty, sexy, elegant, all those good terms, and when a person's lips are super dry, the potential outcome that lipsticks can bring just isn't there!  Therefore, I was determined to try this lipstick out!  

The result was amazing!  My lips felt very moisturized after using the lipsticks, as I will display pictures later on the post as proof! LOL  

For those who don't know what the Moisture Core is... The Moisture Core, is actually a ProCollogen Core, that immediately boost your lips to up to 80% of moisture!  In result, the user will have a smoother looking and of course more moisturizing lip and lip application!  Pretty good huh?  

Lets take a look at the ones I bought!  

1) LUSH PEONY 080 

This is how the color looks on me!  Everyone's lip color is different, so the color should look slightly different for each person.  I usually prefer redder toned lipsticks, but I actually really liked this color.  I felt extremely girly wearing it, and I was surprised that I was kinda able to pull it off! LOL 

Here's a close-up of the lipstick itself!  The picture of me wearing it actually turned out very similar to the color itself!  

Swatch of Peony Lush 080!  Looks a little redder than the actual lipstick color...probably the lighting!  Sorry!  


This has got to be my second favorite color out of these 4!  I really like Coming Up Roses, because it was the least dramatic out of the bunch, and had a mixture of orange to the red.  The color was quite calming compared to the rest, and I think it matched very well with my smokey eye!  

Here's a close-up of the lipstick!  I think this lip color is one that could be worn with any make-up and outfit!  I love it, and it's definitely my everyday color!  

As you guys can probably tell, it has an orange undertone, and is much more similar to our natural lip color as opposed to Peony Lush 080!  


Cherry Desirable 210 is my absolute favorite out of the bunch!  I love the dramatic outcome it gives, and I feel like this color compliments me the most! =)  Ahhh  I can't get over how much I love it!  There are days when I don't put my make-up on, and right when I apply Cherry Desirable on my lips, my face just immediately looks more put together!!! Because the color it so strong, it gives a somehow concealing affect, and brings people's attention to my lips instead of to the blemishes on my face! =)  

Close Up of Cherry Desirable 210!!!!!  

 Color Swatch of Cherry Desirable 210!

4) PLUM LUCK 160

I actually like how I look with this color in the picture, but for some reason I just end up using this color the least out of the others!  I was surprised with the outcome!  I expected a very dark raspberry vampy color, but it ended up more red than I had envisioned!  

Close-up!  Don't be mistakened!  I do like this color, I just don't love it lol.  

And Here's a swatch of it! ! =)

Alright, so here is a duplicate of the first image above!  So to sum things up, these are the four colors I bought from Revlon's Renewist Lipstick Collection!  I love them, and I would totally recommend them!  I'm not sure if these are still in store, but if not, they can always be found on or!  

If you guys are looking for a good quality lipstick that is affordable and moisturizing, then Revlon's Renewist Lipsticks are the way to go!  There a many more colors besides the ones I bought, and I'm actually excited to get a hold of them! 

As you guys were probably able to tell from the pictures, my lips looked quite moisturized and smooth after applying the lipsticks!  The colors were pretty opaque, as opposed to some lipsticks colors that just don't show up as well!  I love these lipsticks so much!  As of last month, I actually went out to buy another lipstick of Cherry Desirable, because I liked the color so much, and was scared that I'd be too late if I waited any longer!  

I hope this review was beneficial, and feel free to ask any questions! =)  

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Japanese Inspired Make-Up Routine + My Day

I would say I had a pretty productive day today.  I didn't end up doing everything that I wrote down on my planner, but nonetheless haha I'm kinda satisfied.  I could have used my time a little better though, but anyway!

I started my day getting ready for filming.  (Currently making a haul video!  So stay tuned! =)) I've been researching on how Japanese people apply their make-up, cause their skin is absolutely gorgeous, and hey!, I think I'm getting the hang of it!  I used to wonder why my Japanese friend would take 2 hours to get ready for school...and after experimenting this morning, I could kinda understand why it would take so long.  She puts on more make-up than I do, dresses up more than I do, and her skin looks way more flawless then mine, so I'm sure she puts a lot of time in getting ready!  LOL  For the skin part...I'm sure she's just blessed with beautiful skin!  Anyway, here's a picture of how I looked!

I didn't edit this picture at all, except for changing the exposure a little.  I'm actually surprised at how clear my skin looks!!!!  Yay to putting more effort on my make-up!  It's crazy how putting more make-up on actually results in a more natural look!  I actually apply less make-up on when I use my own make-up routine...and surprisingly, it doesn't look this natural!  Yay! New make-up routine!  =D hehe

I actually took some pictures of my outfit, and I'll be writing a post on my outfit of the day soon! =)  

Anyway, after filming, my family and I went for lunch, and after that, we went shopping!  Well not really shopping, but just to get some exercise done and I guess surround ourselves with merchandise!  We ended up going to a plaza, mainly for Nordstrom Rack, and I actually ended up buying a white pencil eyeliner (NYX).  

I don't know about you guys, but I absolutely love Nordstrom Rack!  It has amazing deals, and I've bought quite a decent amount of stuff from them throughout the passed year!  

Here's a picture of some palm trees and a waterfall (OMG I meant Water Fountain LOL) that is located at the corner of the plaza.  haha I seriously think I have a thing with palm trees, cause I always like taking pictures of them!  

After finishing up my journey at Nordstrom Rack, I went to Ross, which was at the same plaza, and OMG, guess what I found?????  

I found a gigantic bag of Ghirardelli Chocolates (50 pieces to be specific), for $9.99!  That's a pretty good price right?  Ghirardelli Chocolate is pretty well known, and I don't think anyone can normally find 50 pieces sold for $10.... haha as it shows on my face, I was pretty darn excited!  I am a huge huge huge fan of Chocolate!  I don't think any words can express my love for Chocolate!  NO words!  lol... Well...despite my love for chocolate I ended up putting it back on the shelf, and left Ross empty handed!  Though I love chocolate, I really need to watch my diet.  Health Diet I mean...  It's not that I want to lose weight or anything, it's just I don't want to end up getting a stroke when I'm 50...  I don't want to have a bunch of cavities (cause my teeth are really sensitive, and as scary as this may sound, I think my teeth are in love with cavities =(  Cavities just keep on coming!).  So yeah..I didn't buy any...cause I knew I wouldn't be able to refrain myself from eating more than 1 piece a day!  Sigh. =(  It was the right choice though!  And speaking of which....having braces really doesn't help!  Sugar somehow eats up the glue that attaches my brackets to my teeth...and it would be so painful to have a broken bracket fixed...=(  My ortho would not be happy!  

I went to McDonalds for a quick snack before Dinner, and then I was off home!  I didn't do a whole lot today, but I was just happy that I was able to get the specific parts of my video recorded!  That's basically it for my day!  

Here's the last picture that I'm gonna include on my post!  It's a picture of my current nails!  =)  

As I have mentioned on my previous post (click here), I love doing my nails!  I can't wait to get my nails done one day, and I'm really looking forward to that day!  

I'll end my post here!  Good Night Ya'll!