Monday, January 8, 2018

My Adventure to: Sunset View Park in Signal Hill, CA

Happy New Year Everyone! I can't believe it's 2018 already!

So a few weeks ago, my boyfriend and I watched our first sunset together at Sunset View Park in Signal Hill, CA. <3 What a great way to end the year. The entire experience was so special to me. My boyfriend and I have been dating for years now, and we've never watched a sunset together. haha crazy right?! Well, there's always a first time for everything. :) We had such an amazing time! The site was impeccable and absolutely breathtaking! SO ROMANTIC! LOL

I'm so glad we ended the year watching the sun set together at Sunset View Park. Watching the sunset was kind of a symbolization of how 2017 was coming to an end. We didn't plan on watching the sun set for that reason, but I'm glad how everything worked out. The environment was so tranquil, and I was able to oversee LA and Long Beach at a distance. Random Fact... but in 2017, hiking became a hobby of mine. A reason why I enjoy hiking so much, is because I can remove myself from the busy life back in the city, and just feel relaxed and at peace in the arms of nature. There's something about embracing the sunlight and looking out at the cities in a distance, that provided the same relaxed and at peace feeling.

The sun ended up setting right before 5PM. haha I was pretty surprised by how fast the sun disappeared! Afterwards, my boyfriend and I decided to walk around the area, while waiting for the night sky to appear. The houses in the neighborhood were very new and HUGE! I wonder if it's expensive living in Signal Hill. I feel like it would be; however, I did see some electric towers and oil pumps though, so.... not sure! haha I'm getting side tracked! Okay, back to topic! We stayed till night time, and the scenery was just as beautiful if not even more impressive.

I mean... WOW right?!

If you live around the area or if you're planning a visit to the Long Beach, LA or OC area, I would definitely pay Sunset View Park at Signal Hill a visit. It's a place that would make great date or a hangout with your family and friends! Again, I'm so glad I went!

Happy New Year everyone! I did so much self reflecting and came up with a long list of resolutions for 2018. It's a new year, so let's keep all those negative memories in 2017 and have a brand new beginning!


Wing <3