Thursday, March 1, 2018

Top 15 Japanese Nail Art Design Inspirations

I love getting my nails done!

I especially love Japanese Nail Art, because of how diverse, intricate and creative it is. Even though I love getting my nails done, I rarely do so, since I want to prevent my nails from thinning and growing unhealthy. It's been months since I've last had my nails done, so I think it's time to start gathering inspiration! :) My friend recently had her nails done, which really stirred up my cravings. hehe

With that said, I spent over an hour yesterday finding inspiration. Haha I've nailed it down to 15 designs, and I thought I'd share my finds with you guys! Let me know if you like any of them! Note: My style is all over the place. Some designs are colorful, some are dull, some are complex and some are simple. I guess that's a good thing, cause that means there's something for everyone! :) All of the pictures are from Instagram. I made sure to include the nail artists' Instagram accounts in the screenshots, so go ahead and follow them for more of their work!

Alright, enough said, let's begin!

1. I'm usually the type to go for dark colors; however, I was drawn to these set of nails! The color contrast of gold and nude is so pretty! What I especially love about these nails are the STARS of course! How adorable! 

2.  What a pretty green monochromatic color scheme! I've actually never had my nails done green before. The closest I've had to green was teal/turquoise. Green's one of my favorite colors, but it's pretty hard finding a shade of green professional enough to wear to work. 

3. OMG So pretty! Remember how I said earlier that I usually go for dark colors? That's simply because dark colors best compliment my skin tone. A gold accent on top of dark green is so pretty! I actually wouldn't mind all my nails with the partially painted dark green and gold stripe design.

4. Another nude color design. This is definitely the most work-appropriate design so far! Again, I'm loving the gold accent against the nude. This design is even more simple than inspiration #1.

5. Okay, so by now, I'm sure you guys can see some sort of pattern. *cough cough gold and nude* *cough cough* Haha to be fair, this is more like pink & beige against gold! The design on the ring finger is my favorite! It's like a combination of opal and gold flakes!

6. Well what do we have here? I guess we broke the nude and gold color pattern, cause here's nude and silver! :) How simple yet elegant! I can totally imagine someone wearing these at a wedding! 

7. What a great balance between simplicity and avante-garde. The design looks great, but another option would be to substitute the nude with black. I guess it depends on whether I'm going for a softer or bolder look! 

8. Imagine these as a manicure! The designer played with complimentary colors (blue and yellow) and balanced the design with neutrals (taupe and white). Hmm, maybe I should go for this look. I've never had my nails done in yellow, taupe or silver before! Since I don't get my nails done that often, maybe I should go for something super different from the norm. Thoughts? 

9. AWWWW how cute! So sweet! Pink and green is my favorite color combination, but for some reason, I rarely wear those colors together. Not sure why, but I feel so happy looking at these nails, especially the middle nail with all the pink and green stones! 

10. The color combination reminds me of inspiration #8. The colors are more dull though, and the design looks completely different. I really like the color combination. What caught my eye were the white and black flower designs. I believe those are stickers right? How cool! 

 11. I... love everything about this!!! I don't even know where to begin. As cheesy as this sounds, I actually love the combination red, white and blue. So patriotic of me right?! And can we just take a moment to appreciate the gold accents?! Love it! Also, I love floral patterns! This one's perfect, it's so me! LOL whatever that means! :P

12. This one reminds me of a Disney princess! To be honest, I'm not sure if I can see myself wearing these. These are definitely not work-appropriate....... and I can't say I like purple. But why? Why am I actually liking these?! LOL

13. Even though I don't like purple, this purple is my favorite shade of purple LOL! Since it's Spring, I don't think I'll be going for this. I actually like the overall design, especially the nails with the abstract art! I think I'll save this for fall though. 

14. Here's another work-appropriate one! LOL and no surprise, it carries my favorite combination, gold and nude. This is actually a really practical design. First of all, the design is so versatile for all occasions. Second of all, because of the clear to nude color gradient, I can probably wear these for weeks without people noticing my nails growing out. This simple design is so pretty; take a look at the ring finger! It kinda reminds me of Christmas lights or a dream catcher. 

15. These are soooooooo BEAUTIFUL! So simple, but omg how elegant! These definitely make it to my top 3 favorite! I'm not gonna explain why I like these, I'll let the design do all the talking! :) 

Whhhheeeew! Alright, so that concludes my 15 Japanese Nail Art design inspirations! After looking through all of these, my top 3 would be: #3, #11, and #15. I seriously can't wait to get my nails done! haha Let me know which ones you guys like the most! :)