Tuesday, April 16, 2013

The Life of a Workaholic~

I'm not sure if any of you know, but I'm working full time nowadays! 

Haha sounds like a happy thing, which it is...but my goodness where have my life gone?  To summarize my day....this is how it basically looks like: I wake up at 8:30 am and get ready for work, I arrive to work at 9:30 am and work extremely diligently, I eat lunch at around 1:00 pm and start working again at 2:00 pm, and I don't get off work until at least 6:30 pm.  Once I get off work I seriously don't know what to do with my life anymore!  LOL...I don't feel like doing anything cause I'm way way way too tired by the time I get off work, and I don't feel like blogging because I've been starring at a screen at work for literally 9-10 hours straight!  And because I'm always feeling super tired, I actually go to bed at like 11:30 pm...which is nuts!!  haha it's crazy cause I've been trying to develop a good sleeping habit for a while now, and it's finally after I get a full time job that that finally happens! 

So yah...please tell me...Where's My LIFE?  LOL  

My days have been consumed with work...and my goodness I wish I can have the energy and time to blog and record videos more often!  Hopefully the weekend will come by faster, and I'll actually have the time and energy for some ME time! =)......  Cause I've seriously been feeling like I have no life besides working!  I miss blogging so much, and I really hope I can get back to my old routes soon!!  I hope everyone who's reading my blog is doing well, and I look forward to posting again next time! =)  Hopefully next time's entry will be more entertaining!