Thursday, August 8, 2013



I've been such a busy bee lately, and because of that, I've been really into business attire! LOL does that even make sense?  Anyway, there are times that call for casual and comfy attire, and there are others that call for a more dressed up and sophisticated look.  I always liked the combination of purple and black together, but for some reason I just never thought about putting those colors together for an outfit until recently!  

This is probably one of my ideal business attires for summer!  Long sleeves because it'd get cold in the office, but ironically an office rarely surpasses 75 degrees Fahrenheit.. which means it won't be that warm either!  =)  Aside from loving the color combination, I chose this blouse because 1) It looks absolutely adorable and gorgeous 2) It's not too tight fitting for work and 3) There really isn't a three.. I just love it! =)  

As for the bottom half of my outfit, I decided to go with a classic pencil skirt... however.. for a twist, I decided to spice up my outfit by choosing a minimalist skirt that's almost monochrome!  For some reason black and white is too big of a contrast for me, so instead of the skirt being color-blocked with black and white, it's actually champagne colored and black! =)  

To top things off, I accessorized my outfit with a beautiful floral lace black purse and a beautiful metal chain pearl necklace!  Keeping things trendy, I chose a daring color for my nails... a golden canary yellow color!  (Not sure if I'd actually wear this color to work though =P LOL) 

To finish my outfit off, I went with a pair of minimalist stilettos that are totally killer and match perfectly with my skirt! =)  To be honest though, these were pretty tricky to walk in... but hey... after a few trials I think I'll be able to get the hang of things! 

This is probably my favorite outfit out of the bunch of LookBook OOTDs!  Though it's not something that I would enjoy wearing regularly... cause I'm so into comfort, I wouldn't mind wearing it once in a while! =)  

Lol.. I'm not sure what to say about this picture!  But yah, it's my new profile picture! =D 



Anyway, this is it to my post.  Look at me cheesin' up in from of the camera! (Yes I felt awkward!) haha it was actually a little embarrassing for me!  I was posing at the park for the first time, and there were so many people walking pass me and looking at me... haha I wouldn't blame them though cause seriously, who would wear something like this to the park?  And what's hilarious about the picture above are the three people practicing Tai Chi in the back!  haha hope they don't mind being in my picture!  

Anyway, as always I hope everyone has been doing well! =)  I have!  I've been quite busy lately as I've mentioned above, but honestly... I'd rather be busy than have nothing to do.  Life is short, and it's important to make most of each opportunity I have!  Thanks for reading this post, and talk to you guys later! =) <3 



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