Sunday, October 13, 2013

What Would I Do Without Weekends?? (Hangout at Downtown Alhambra)

Good Morning!!!! 

I know, it's almost 12 PM right now, but technically, it's still considered morning, so yep Good Morning! =)  I'm currently sipping on some hot green tea, and yep writing my blog!  This morning had a great start, so I hope the rest of the day will be awesome as well! =)  

Since school ended for me, I think there were times where I forgot about how precious weekends were.  But lately, I've been extremely busy during the week... so busy that I finally learned to appreciate my weekends again! =)  So yes, hence the title of this post being, "What Would I Do Without Weekends??". =) 

Since nothing has really happened this morning, I'm going to share part of my day yesterday with you guys!  =)  Yesterday was awesome!  It was the first day out of 7 days where I was able to sleep in, take a nice morning shower, dress casually, and walk out of the house with no make-up!! =)   I hung out with my friend during the afternoon, and had an amazing time!  We hung out at Downtown Alhambra, and I was treated to a super delicious meal at an Italian Restaurant named Caffe Italiano!

Yep!  That's me standing in front of the Restaurant!  It's the cutest restaurant ever!! 

This is what the menu looks like!  It was my first time trying not just Authentic Italian Cuisine, but just any type of cuisine!  The price points were a little expensive, but the food was spectacular!  It's so good... that I'm actually craving it right now!  

This is a rough view of how the inside of the restaurant looks like! =) 

There were bunch of cool wall decorations in the restaurant, and I managed to snap of few pictures of them to share on my blog! =) 

Even their restroom had cute decorations!  =)  Here are two wall paintings that I thought were pretty cool! 

Anyway, moving on from decorations, let's talk about the food! =D 

So this was what we started off with... bread and bread sticks lol!  I had the best tasting bread and bread sticks ever!!!  They were so delicious that my friend and I couldn't help but ask for more!  I never knew that white bread tasted so delicious with olive oil until yesterday!! 

I wish I wrote down all the names of the dishes we ordered, but since I didn't, I'll just describe them instead!  So for our appetizer, we decided to be spontaneous and order Tuna fish!  I didn't know the the tuna would be served raw.... I've always refrained from eating raw meat, but I decided to try the fish anyway, since we already ordered it!  

It ended up being the best tasting dish ever, and we finished within minutes!  It was my first time consuming raw fish this way, and it tasted amazing!  I literally felt the fish melting in my mouth!! Super Yummy!  Not only did the fish taste amazing, the sauce and avocados complimented the fish extremely well!! 

The 2nd dish we ordered was fish filet with their unique tomato sauce, complimented with yummy sliced potatoes as the side dish!  I wasn't especially in love with this dish.  The taste was very strong, but it was enjoyable.  

For our 3rd dish, we ordered Fettuccine with mushrooms and pasta!  I always feel that the best way to compare one restaurant to another, is by tasting a dish that both restaurants have on the menu!  This dish was amazing!!  It's very creamy, but at the same time didn't taste overly flavorful! 

The dishes together!! 

As for dessert, we ordered their Tiramisu!  I've only tried Tiramisu dessert in Asian restaurant and bakeries, so I was really curious about how it would taste like from an Italian Cuisine Restaurant!  lol It ended up tasting extremely delicious and though I was overly full, I didn't mind having another one! LOL 

Alright, so that's it to lunch, after lunch, my friend and I decided to walk around the area, and we ended our day with some yummy boba drinks from a place called Cha for Tea!  =)  

I ordered a Chai Tea with Boba, and he ordered a Mange Peach Milk Tea w/ Boba! Yummy!!

Yep, so that's basically our hangout at Downtown Alhambra!  Much more happened after our hangout, but I think I'll end my post here!  =)  

Weekends are so precious to me, and I'm seriously not sure what I'd do without them!  Today's my last day before a busy week at work, so I'm definitely gonna make the most out of my day! =)  I hope you guys had an amazing weekend, and I will update my blog soon! =)