Thursday, November 29, 2012

Digging Out All of My Shoes! Shoe Collection!

It seriously feels great being home.  

I've been out lately, and it just feels amazing being able to get some alone time.  I love being surrounded by people and all, but I feel like there are times when anyone just needs some time for themselves. =) lol 

Anyway, it was probably two days ago that I was shopping at Burlington with Christina, lol incase you guys don't know her, she's my best friend. =)  Christina was finally back from college, thanks to the once in a year thanksgiving break!  She and I caught dinner together, and decided to go to Burlington to hunt for the perfect pair of boots for her, cause her old boots were dying!  We managed to find the perfect pair for her...but during the time of shoe hunting, I actually found a few pairs that I liked for myself. =)  haha before I get started...I just want to put emphasis on how much I love Burlington!  They carry the best products ever, and the shoes they sell are usually branded and well-known!  Anyway, I didn't bring enough money that day, and decided to go back to Burlington again the next day with my mom. =)  

No I didn't bring her with me so she can pay for me, but I just really wanted her opinion on the shoes, and plus, mother and daughter time is always necessary! =)  We saw a pair of boots that caught our eyes, but I decided not to buy it, cause I have too many boots for one person at home!  Anyway, I did end up buying a pair of super chic and elegant flats though...but that's not the point!  

As we continued shopping, I started developing a curiosity over how many shoes I actually owned!   I mean, I'm sure I have less than a lot of my friends do, but I also knew that I had more than enough!  So, I decided to take out most of my shoes (that are opened and worn), to see how many i owned.  lol  Below is a picture of my shoes!  

Not including 8 pairs of shoes that I haven't worn yet, here are my shoes!  I have a total of....41 pairs (forgot to include two pairs).  So to my conclusion, I have less shoes than a lot of people, but I have way too many shoes that are extra...most that I honestly don't need.  

My collection includes shoes that I no longer wear anymore.  Some are too old to be worn, some are way too uncomfortable to be worn, or some are just not my style anymore.  

For example, these beat-up pair of running shoes are too old to be worn.  I've had them since 7th grade...which is hmmm more than 8 years old!  That's almost half my age!  I've owned them for a while now, and they have been my go-to pair of running shoes despite them being half a size too small!  My boyfriend was nice enough to buy me a pair of new running shoes, which are the super bright neon orange ones above, so yes, I can throw these away without worrying about not having a pair of running shoes to run in! =)  Thank you Lap!  

Here are some close-up of my shoes.  As you guys can see...I have like 4 pairs of dressy heals that aren't worn on a regular basis.  They are ones that were from high school dances, and have only been worn like....once?  Not sure what to do with them...I guess just save them for future dances or parties?  

Besides my running shoes, there are three other pair of shoes that I'm deciding to get ride of.  Starting off with the snake peep-toed flats....they are getting old...and they're actually not that comfy to walk on.  Each times I walk in them, I have to be careful on how to position my feet, so the flats won't fall off, and the gigantic brooch on the flats actually hurt my feet, cause they end up smashing into my toes when I walk.  As for my black Report flats!  I've had these babies since hmm...10th grade?  I used to love them so much!  They were probably one of my first flats from Nordstrom!  Despite having happy memories with them, I eventually stopped wearing them, due to all the pain they've caused me.  These flats are stretchy, they are the stretchy type that tightly grabs onto anyone's foot when worn.  There's absolutely no way of stretching these out...they've caused me so many blisters...and I'm done with them!  lol  And lastly...the boots.  These boots are in really great shape!  I've had them since 11th grade, and these were the second pair of boots I've ever owned!  I've grown out of the style though, so it's time to move on and donate them to a better home. =)  

haha so yah, wow, just that one encounter at Burlington had gotten me to dig out almost all of my shoes!  =)  I'm glad though...cause now I can actually document how many shoes I have, and I guess be able ponder back on some memories that I've developed with with  some of my past favorite shoes! =)  

Anyway, gonna feed my turtles now! =) Peace!

-Wing <3

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Thanksgiving & BLACK FRIDAY Shopping

Hey Ya'll!  
=)  I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend, and an awesome Thanksgiving, filled with much love and of course food! lol  My thanksgiving was awesome as usual!  My family and I are super close, and because most of our relatives live out of states, we celebrated with just the four of us as usual.  Although we didn't have a billion ppl to dine with, I felt that just having us four made Thanksgiving even more special.  =)  As usual we of course at Turkey! =)  Picture Below!  

Omg, does that look yummy or what?  Seriously the turkey that my dad makes is the best!! =)  haha can't get enough of it!  He has this special recipe sauce that makes our Thanksgiving feast even more yummy and unbearable! LOL =)  Dinner was absolutely awesome!  I ate so much turkey!! much that I think I'm good for the rest of the year!  haha definitely need some time before eating turkey again!  

So to sum things up, my Thanksgiving was great!  I feel so lucky and blessed for everything have!  My wonderful and endlessly loving family, my wonderful friends, my awesome boyfriend, my roof that I live under, my job, and omg just everything!  I'm happy to be alive for peetsake! LOL  =)  Can't wait for Thanksgiving next year...but to be honest I don't want it to come too soon though, cause that just means another year is gonna fly by super quickly!  

Anyway, moving on to BLACK FRIDAY! =)  haha from my previous post, some of you may have learned that I've never been Black Friday shopping before!  Well this year kind of differed.  I'm not sure if it's really considered Black Friday Shopping...caused I only ended up going to department stores such a Target and Kmart that opened before 12 AM.  I didn't want to go to the mall because stores didn't open until like 12AM.  I had work at 9 AM that, so I didn't want to be too tired for it, so yeah haha didn't go to the mall.  

In the car to Target!  The parking lot was pretty packed!  

To be honest, I was actually pretty excited!  Black Friday for Target opens at 9 PM on Thanksgiving, which was perfect, cause that meant I'd be able to do my black friday shopping without getting home too late!  

To my disappointment, there was literally like nothing!  =(  Literally nothing had good discounts..except for electronics!  My family and I never got a chance to look a electronics cause there was a huge line that snaked from the middle of the store all the way around and then to the back of the store, just for shoppers to be able to get into the electronics section!  Crazy right?  There were a few black friday black bins that had like $5 signs on them!  Despite that, I was still disappointed with the sales, cause inside the bins were like socks...and sleepwear.  Seriously!!!! Why would I buy a pair of socks for $5???? I can go to ebay and get 10 pair of socks for that price!  And the time I went to target...which was around 9:45 PM...all the bins were completely emptied! =(

Don't even get me started with the clearance section....too bad I've started already!  As you guys can see, there is a sign that says 50% off, and in little words it says or more on ORIGINAL PRICES!  Sigh...basically there wasn't really any extra discount just for black friday on clearance items.  There wasn't an extra discount on clearance items, but Target put the sign up there just to make it seem like ppl were getting a good deal off jewelry on Black Friday, when in truth, the prices were probably marked down already half a month ago! I dislike their way of marketing....

I was looking at the wallet and purse section, and I was super surprised with their promotion... I didn't get a chance to take pictures of that but basically they had a sign that said...



It wasn't even a 10% discount....and I don't know...I just thought that the sale sucked.  And the way they promoted their sale was pretty bad as well.  I was surprised by the amount of ppl shopping though!  Most of them had some sort of electronics in their cart so I guess that explains why there was a huge line to the cashier.  

Anyway enough of Target...after target, my family and I decided to browse at Kmart!  Kmart was super awesome!  Their sale was amazing!!!! =)  Literally everything that had to do with fashion, whether it was shoes, clothes, or accessories were all on discount!  Which was awesome!  haha I was so tempted to buy things, but at the end I decided not to, cause there wasn't anything that I really needed!  =)  The sale really was amazing though!  I saw $100 sterling silver rings and necklaces for $19.99! =)  Awesome huh? 80% discount!  lol  My mom was the only who bought something...and it wasn't even on discount...which really took the point of shopping for great deals on black friday away haha.  It's alright though!  

So yes, Target and Kmart were the only places I went for Black Friday!  If it wasn't for work, I probably would have gone to the mall and all, and I'm sure I would have found some pretty awesome things....but yah haha maybe next year?  lol  Hope everyone had an amazing Thanksgiving and Black Friday!  Hope you guys got lots of great deals! =) 

To end this post, here's a picture of me that day! =)  Went really light with the make-up and decided to play with my overly long side bangs! 

-Wing <3

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Excited for Thanksgiving! =) Even More Excited for Black Friday!

I've been having horrible sleep lately. =(  

It's a combination of stress, inconsiderate neighbors, crying babies in the middle of the night, and a messed up sleeping schedule that probably lead to horrible sleep.  Work has been a little crazy for me lately...I'm still not adjusted to the working schedule yet, but I'm sure that'll get better in time.  

I've been doing a lot of reading lately.  haha it's quite weird how sometimes all I want to do is just lay in bed with my new book, and just start indulging into my novel while opening up my imagination, and entering a new world.  lol I guess that's just the power of books, they help widen your imagination and they take you to a new place!  Am I going crazy right here, or is what I'm saying understandable???? LOL

Anyway, moving on to a new topic!  It's almost Thanksgiving!  =)  And after'll be Christmas!  It's crazy how time flies by so fast!  I always think that!  Maybe it's cause I always think that, that time actually ends up moving by even faster than it already does.  I need to seriously just calm down and enjoy my life!  =)  For some reason, I'm just extra excited about this year's Thanksgiving!  =)  To be honest, we can never be too sure with how many more years we'll get with our family and friends, so it's super important that we cherish what we have!  =)

My schedule is pretty packed this Thanksgiving break!  It's basically a multiple combination of spending time with family and friends, and working!  Though my schedule is pretty much packed...which means I'll probably end up being super tired, I think it's all gonna be worth-while!  =)  Despite my crazy schedule, I think I might actually go black friday shopping!  Black Friday shopping is actually very foreign to me!  I don't remember ever staying up a a black friday just to go shopping!  Never ever ever!  I never thought shopping with crowds and crowds of people, and fighting over clothing was worth me losing sleeping, but something snapped in my head this year, and I finally established enough curiosity to want really experience what a Black Friday feels like!  =)  hehe~ 

Anyway, gonna end this post with one of my outfit of the days!  haha I feel like it's been a while since I've put an outfit of the day up, and I think it's seriously about time!  Hope you guys like it! =)  



haha can't get over how much I love Fall!  =)  It's the perfect balance between Summer and Winter!  I think it's getting a little too cold for me to leave the house with bare legs I'll miss wearing short shorts and skirts without pairing them with leggings/tights!  

Gonna end this post, and go to sleep now!  Before I sleep though, I'm gonna take some time to really chillax and do some reading!  =)  Good Night to the universe!  and ttyl!  

-Wing <3

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Waking Up at 2:45 AM for Work! Where Did My Time Go?

Omg...I've been so crazily stressed out lately.  

Seriously where did all my time go?  This is basically how my day went.  I woke up in the morning at 2:45 AM for work, and had a dainty mantou (it's like this chinese kind of white bread) with a cup of warm soymilk for breakfast!  That's all I had for breakfast!  It was seriously too early in the morning for me to have an yeah. =(  Anyway I arrived to work at 4 AM, and worked till 8 AM.  Talk about crazy early right?  To my surprise I was actually wide awake and functioning alright!  Which is goood.....I guess?  In between those 4 hours, my friend and I actually got a chance to grab some mini donuts to snack on during our break!  OMG, so freekin delicious!  But still donuts at like 6 AM in the morning is a little too early for my taste! LOL  

Anyway, I got off work, and as soon as I arrived home, I passed out onto my bed!  I was tired beyond words...and it was probably around 9:30 AM at that time!  haha that's probably the time that I should be waking up!  Anyway, I didn't fall asleep until probably an hour into my sleep, and yeah...I ended up waking up at 4:20 PM!!! Crazy.  Do you know that it's been passed 12 hours since the first time I woke up?  Crazy!  I have to wake up at 2:45 AM again tomorrow morning, and I'm seriously considering not sleeping tonight!  =(  I mean...I slept for 6 hours straight since I came home from work, which means I probably will be having an extremely difficult time falling asleep tonight!  =(  

I hate how time just flew away like that!  If I sleep at 10:30 PM tonight, it technically means that I only have 4 more hours to spend for myself...and that doesn't even include eating dinner and taking a shower and blow drying my hair! =(  Where the heck did my time go!'s pretty clear where all my time went but still! =(  I had so much planned for my day, and now I probably won't get to almost any of it! =(  I seriously need to like arrange my time better!  When I get back home tomorrow, I most likely will take a nap, but seriously!! No more 6 hour naps!  That's not even a nap!  It's full on sleeping!  Though I have to admit though!  My skin looked better after waking up from my super duper long sleep, and my black eye bags kinda diminished just a lil bit!  Anyway, haha yah that's my day!  As soon as I woke up, I ate cup-noodles ( unhealthy but so good!),  and then I ate some salad! I'm pretty sure that I haven't been consuming as many calories as I should be consuming, but I guess I'll eat more for dinner than!  Sigh...don't even have an appetite right now!  Anyway I hope everyone is doing alright though.  =)  

-Wing <3

Monday, November 12, 2012

Super Market Incident: Amazing How Rude People Can Be

It's interesting how rude people can be...

So an incident happened yesterday that pretty much startled me.  I know this world can be quite mean, but I just can't help but be taken aback sometimes.  My parents and I went grocery shopping yesterday.  We had everything we needed in our shopping cart, and started putting everything up on the counter, so our items can be scanned and all.  In front of us was this women whom we knew was the owner of two very famous Chinese Bakeries.  Not sure if you guys have ever heard of it, but the bakery is called Cathy's Bakery.  LOL I've been there since I was little.  

The market we went to is called Hong Kong Super Market.  It's a super market that is owned by people from Hong Kong I'm guessing LOL...  Anyway, the women in front of us was paying for her items and realized that she didn't have enough money with her.  Because of that the cashier had to take items out of her purchase and re-scan items back into the system.  The owner of Cathy's Bakery was very apologetic and apologized to the cashier.  I was expecting a, "it's totally ok, don't worry about it", or something a long those lines from the cashier...but no... what the cashier said was....

"It's okay, you don't even have money..." didn't bring enough' don't even have money!  And she didn't sound concerned or nice when she said those words either..

I was so surprised that she said that!!  The cashier then turned to us, and switched from mandarin to cantonese....and looked towards us and started saying... "Of course it's okay.  She doesn't even have money.  We're not going to freely gift her stuff!  She needs to buy it!"  I didn't say anything cause I was so surprised.  How can the cashier be so freekin rude.  First of all, you don't need to get up into a customer's business and tell them whether they have money or not, and second of all how dare she gossip....RIGHT IN FRONT OF THE CUSTOMER'S FACE TO ANOTHER CUSTOMER!  It seriously makes me wonder whether the same thing would happen to me, if I were in the Bakery Owner's position!  The 
Bakery Owner is probably a hundred billion times richer than the cashier...and IDK....the cashier was just straight up rude!  

The Bakery Owner was too nice to say anything. =(  Honestly...I probably would have been too taken aback to come up with a fast enough response as well.  Anyway..yah just wanted to share this incident.  I wish people were nicer in this world...I wish there was less gossip, cause omg that would make life so much easier!  Hope stuff like this doesn't happen to any of you guys!  

-Wing <3

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

SPARKLING LOUDER: My Very First Youtube Channel!

Before I go on with my announcement, I just wanted to mention something odd.  I went on my blog as usual, and I realized that one of my blog post was missing.  Not sure what happened.  I'm sure I didn't delete it or anything....which is weird.  I wish we had like a trashcan folder, where we could retrieve deleted posts.  But oh well, maybe I'll write another blog post entry in the future regarding the same topic.  

Anyway, enough with that!  

Beginning my announcement with a recent picture of mine!  (Fun Fact:  My favorite place to take pictures at would probably be my car!  haha I don't know about you guys, but I love how the lighting changes whenever the car turns to a different direction!)  
Anyway, I'm am happy to announce that I am officially starting my own Youtube Channel! =) 
yay!  I'm a little nervous about it, but at the same time, I'm quite excited!  haha I said those exact same words in video!  But it's so true!  

Here is my first  haul video!  =)  

K, so lets start with how this all began.  I have to admit, growing up I  wanted to be a celebrity (not anymore...don't know why I mentioned that!) !  LOL  but of course, along with being a celebrity, I wanted to be many things, a nurse, a doctor, a lawyer, a teacher, a veterinarian, a librarian, a fashion designer, a stylist, omg just everything!  Most of those dreams started fading away, but what did stay is my passion and love for fashion, styling, and designing.   That's why I decided to go to Fashion School.  Most of my peers went to an academic based college, but I was one of the  3 who didn't.  I love going on youtube to watch hauls, room tours, DIYs, and just stuff like that.  I feel like I've learned so much from my favorite youtubers and gurus, that throughout time I just wish I could do the same for others!   haha I'm just someone out of the ordinary, but I am very hopeful!  

The channel I have created is named SPARKLING LOUDER.   I wanted to make it Sparkle Louder like my blog, but unfortunately the name was already taken!  SPARKLING LOUDER will be my little hub where I can express myself, and everything I love!  

It actually took me a while, and a bit of hesitation before putting my first video up.  I had to clearly and calmly think to myself whether it is something I wanted to do.  And at the end I did it, I post my very first video up!  I'm crossing my fingers and hoping for the best! =)  On the side of my blog, right under my profile picture will be something titled SPARKLING LOUDER: YOUTUBE CHANNEL.  Right underneath will be a list of my most recent videos!  Hope that'll make things more convenient for everyone!  =)  

I received my very first comment a few days ago by someone super sweet.  I don't know if they'll end up reading this blog post, but they basically subscribed to my channel, and told me to keep up with the good work, and wished me good luck!  haha I just wanted to give a big thanks to that person, and let them know that I'll probably remember that comment forever!  It's my first, and it means a lot to me!  I will continue making videos, and working hard on them!  =)  

Anyway, haha that is it to my announcement!  I actually have an idea of what type of video I'll be making next, and I'm probably going to work on it today!  =)  

Hope everyone has a wonderful day, and I'll talk to you guys next time! =)  

- Wing <3

Monday, November 5, 2012


I took an allergy pill, and I'm sure I'll be feeling drowsy in no time.  I don't know why, but lately my skin has been feeling so itchy!  No, it is not because I'm not clean LOL.  I actually consider myself pretty clean!  Anyway, it might be the unstable weather here in L.A.,  but I'm not sure.  Hope I'll find the reason to it soon!  

Anyway, something exciting happened for me today!  Guess what?! =)  haha, well I bought a book!  I know I know, that probably isn't exciting at all to many of you...cause that's how it was for me once upon a time, but I don't know what happened...I just one day woke-up and fell in love with reading!  =)  Wish I started liking reading earlier though, cause that means my writing would probably be much better than it is today!  Oh well, there's always time for improvement right? =) 

The book I bought is called!  SKYWARD by Mary Alice Monroe! =)  

That's an image of the book!  I've actually been eyeing it for a while now!  It was probably a year ago that I was first introduced to this book!  It was when Boarders at my mall was still open!  For some strange reason, at that time, I actually found the interest to go in and I guess see what good books there are to read.  There were a few that I was interested in, and Skyward was one of them!  The quote on the front cover was what attracted me to the book, let me type it out, cause the text on the book might be too small to read!  The quote reads: 

"Skyward is a soaring, passionate story of loneliness and pain and the simple ability of love to heal and transcend both.  Mary Alice Monroe's voice is as strong and true as the great birds of prey of whom she writes."

Yep!  Those words totally caught my attention!  I originally wanted to borrow it from the library, but sadly two of my local libraries either didn't carry it, or had it held for someone else!  So yeah!  I'm super excited about reading it!  =)  Not sure if it's a good book, but judging by the description, and how it is written by one of the best selling author's, I'm sure it's pretty good! =)  

Anyway, enough about books!  My family and I went for DimSum yesterday and OMG, it was sooooooo delicious!  I used to go all the time when I was little, but for a while I stopped going.  It has probably been like a few years already!  I'm not even kidding!  I've learned to appreciated DimSum and my culture so much more throughout the years!  I think it's awesome that us Hong Kongnese (not a word) people have a place where we can't eat small portions of whatever we want, and  gossip about life to our friends and family, while not needing to worry about other ppl listening to our conversation, cause they're probably doing the same!  

So the end this post, I'm gonna include some pictures of some of my favorite dimsum items! =)  I actually took pictures of the dimsum I ate....but the quality was horrible and unappetizing  so I decided to find pictures on google instead! =)  Feeling so hungry right now! =(  


Anyway, hope the dimsums pics were enjoyable! =)  Good Night Everyone! =) 

-Wing <3

Friday, November 2, 2012

You Are Beautiful: With or Without Make-Up!

This post is about something that I've been feeling strongly about.  More's something that actually got me thinking and all.  

When I went to fashion school, I remember walking down the hallway, and literally seeing all the girls wearing make-up.  And in many cases, guys wearing make-up as well.  They looked really awesome.  They were always super well-groomed, and had amazing outfits.  But one thing that was odd to me, was that they seemed more like they were about to enter a fashion show, as opposed to going to school.  Attending a fashion school, I think there definitely is peer pressure.  If everyone around you is put together, wouldn't you feel the urge to tidy yourself up as well?  I rarely saw girls in sweats and no make-up, who actually carried a normal backpack..  It was overwhelming how many designer bags, clothes, and accessories I saw on a day-to-day basis.  

I was one of the types who did bother to at least look put-together, but I would rarely wear heals to school, or over-dress to school, cause honestly, I'm at school to learn...and I would rather dress comfortably.  It was usually during presentations, that I would dress up and put make-up on.  I remember this one time, when my friend asked me why I didn't put make-up on.  My answer was, "I don't put make-up on, because I love the way I look, and I don't need make-up to make me happy and feel good about myself."  He was a little caught off guard, but I really meant that.  I honestly think that no one really "needs" make-up.  I think everyone is beautiful in their own way, and make-up is just another tool to make them feel unconfident about themselves.  Yes, you can see make-up as an ego-booster.  Something that makes a person smile when they seem themselves in the mirror.  Something that makes a person confident.  But the thing about make-up is, it always takes a person's last speck of confidence away.  It makes people feel odd when they walk out of their home with a bare face on.  It makes that person feel conscious of stares by peers and just street-roamers.  It makes them feel empty and naked.  It makes their confidence go down, and it makes them believe that their natural selves is not good enough. =(  

I hate that!  

I hate how make-up does that to people.  I've been wearing make-up to work since I graduated school, and I do it because I feel like it's a way of being more professional and all.  But to be honest, it has made me feel self-conscious and not as pretty when I'm bare-faced, and I don't like that.  I think everyone is beautiful in their own ways, and I think everyone should realize that they DON'T need make-up!  Make-up is just a mask that we wear, and under that mask is someone beautiful.  =)  

I've been wearing make-up less lately, and I've been feeling a lot better.  My skin's actually getting better, cause it's not as irritated as usual, and I just feel great about myself.  =)   There's definitely nothing wrong with putting make-up on!  I just hope that by the end of the day, everyone who does put make-up on, will love their natural selves just as much!  =)  

-Wing <3