Monday, February 25, 2013

You Don't Always Have to Explain Yourself

I was reading one of the posts that a blogger that I follow wrote.  The topic was regarding a reader commenting that she(the blogger) has really little friends, cause all those who show up on her blog are the same ppl over and over again...and stuff like that.  Well the blogger, not going to say who, wrote a post explaining to the reader that she is not a loner...and kept explaining why not all her friends show up on her blog.

I didn't read the whole post... but when I read the first two paragraphs...I immediately went to my blog, because it got me thinking about something that I guess I want to say lol.

I know the blogger wanted to defend herself and all, but to be honestly doesn't matter what her reader said.  I'm sure the blogger has a billion friends, and even if she does, who ever said that a blogger had to mention all her friends in her blog, and who ever said she had to post pictures of them to show the entire world that she has friends?  I personally really love her blog entries, and it really doesn't matter if she has a lot of friends or just a few.  It's about her and what she posts about that catches my eye, and main point is..that she didn't need to explain herself.

And when it comes to the topic of "explaining yourself"...I feel like a lot of ppl in this world, feel the need to explain themselves..all the time.  That whenever they hear something negative said about them, or a comment that they feel wronged them in anyway, that they have to prove themselves right.  I was like that too actually... when I was younger...but what I've learned throughout the years honestly doesn't matter what people have to say.  I mean..of course it's necessary to explain yourself...but it does to some extent.  If your boss misunderstood something you did, then of course you should explain yourself.  If your best friend misunderstood you, or course you should explain things to her.  But if it is someone who doesn't even know you, that says something meaningless and disrespects you...then you can defend yourself...but there's honestly no need to explain yourself to them.  No need to write a long post explaining why it seems like you're a loner but you're actually not.  People will always have something negative to say...and there's nothing we can do to stop all of them from saying what they say, or thinking what they think.

It's impossible to satisfy everyone...and if you try to do that...eventually you're going to get worn out... I mean isn't it tiring always having to prove yourself right?...even to people who are wearing judging specs to look at you, and who honestly don't really care about how you feel?

lol...yah...this is my little rant, but also an eye opener to how far I've come a long.  I say all of this, because I understand what the blogger is feeling...cause I was once like that before.  All I know is, as long as I'm being a good person, family member, friend, girlfriend, worker, wife, whatever person I can be now or in the future! honestly doesn't matter what people who judge me before knowing me have to say.  As long as I can look at what I did, and where I stand today, and be proud of myself, I can live with my head held high! =)

Friday, February 22, 2013

LookBook OOTD:


Wearing: Red Faux Fur Collar (Forever21), Little Black Dress (H&M), Black Heels (Nine West)

I'm a little mind-blown with how fast winter is passing by.  I used to place winter last when listing my favorite to least favorite seasons.  Anyway, with that being said, I'm actually going to miss winter for once...and that's probably because winter was almost non-existent this year!  =(  My winter clothes are probably going back to the storage boxes by the end of this month, so I wanted to wear my favorite faux fur collar for the very last time....LOL at least until Fall 2013.  



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Wednesday, February 13, 2013

New Youtube Video: Review on the Boots Expert Sensitive Gentle Eye Make-Up Removal Lotion!

I feel like whenever I'm blogging, haha I'm always either munching on something, or am drinking something!  Well, like always, I'm doing exactly that!  Except, it's kinda of a more weird combination this time compared to last time!  haha Instead of just concentrating on one drink, I'm taking turns drinking two!  Anyway, I'm drinking a yummy box of Coconut Flavored Vitasoy Milk (my current favorite beverage!) & taking turns sipping on my hot water, cause I have braces and I want to make sure that my mouth is rinsed whenever I'm drinking or eating something sweet!  haha cause I don't want the sugar to eat up my bracket glue!!

Anyway, the whole point of this blog is to talk about my new youtube video!!!! Yay!  Last weekend, I filmed a Review on the Boots Expert Sensitive Gentle Eye Make-Up Removal Lotion!  So far I've been writing my reviews on my blog, and I just thought that it'd be a fun idea for me to film a video review, so for those who would rather watch a video than to read a blog post, this is perfect!  =)  And that's exactly what I did!  Let me show you guys that video, and then I'll give a brief summary of it!  

Click the Video Below to Watch: 

Below is a picture of how my entire thumbnail looks like!  
Besides talking about the product, and giving my own opinion on it, I also included a demonstration, showing everyone how the product works, so I hope that's helpful!  I also gave a detailed description of what Lanolin is, which is an ingredient that the Boots make-up remover didn't contain, so check my video out if you want to learn about what Lanolin is!  I think it's so so important to understand a product prior to purchasing it, and I guess despite me being a total hypocrite while advising that LOL, I got really lucky! =)   
Alright, so first of all, before I begin my summary, I just want to take the time to talk about my hair!  =) haha I trimmed my overly long literally non-existent side bangs  into front bangs...the day before I filmed the video, and yah so far I'm really loving it!  =)  Anyway, I'll include pictures of my bangs later on in the post!  
Alright, so it was probably around half a year ago, that I started wearing make-up more often!  As of now, I still don't wear my make-up on a daily basis, but I do it way more often than when I was in college.  Since I started wearing more make-up, I started using make-up removers to remove my make-up, because a normal cleanser is simply not enough to clean of my make-up! So far, I've finished up 2 bottles of eye make-up removers already, one of them being Estee Lauder's Eye Make-Up Remover.  I don't quite remember how that one worked, but it was on the more high-end and pricey side, so I decided to experiment with drug store eye make-up removers.  
My experimenting brought me to my second eye make-up remover, which was from L'oreal.  Despite me finishing the entire bottle, I disliked the product because often times, the product would seep into my eye while I'm cleaning my eye make-up, and would cause me to go through a lot of pain!  I'd end up having to drop my cotton pad filled with the make-up remover, and start rinsing my eye out with water even before I'm done cleaning my eye make-up off.  I really disliked using the L'oreal eye make-up remover...but I really don't like to waste things, so I endured the pain and finished the entire bottle up!  Here's a picture of the one I'm talking about!  
Yep, that's the one I'm talking about, so nope I wouldn't recommend it!  
Anyway, soon after I finished the L'oreal eye make-up remover, I moved onto using the Boots Expert Sensitive Gentle Eye Make-Up Removal Lotion (because the name is so long, I'm going to call it the Boots Eye Make-Up Remover =)).  
During the time that I purchased the Boots Eye Make-Up Remover, I actually had no knowledge of the brand!  A worker at target actually introduced it to me, and learning that it's dermatologically tested and oil based (which meant removing make-up from eye will become a smoother process), and seeing that it only contained 7 ingredients.... I decided to try it out!  I forgot how much it cost, but it costs $5.49 on!  It's a pretty good price for such a big bottle!  So far I've used it for a few months, and I'm not even half way done, so yep it's definitely a really good price for how long it can last!  
In my video review, I basically gave a super detailed description and introduction regarding the Boots Expert Sensitive Gentle Eye Make-Up Removal lotion, and I strong recommend you to watch it if you want to learn more about this product, or if you are looking for a good and recommendable and affordable eye make-up remover!  
Hope this post was helpful, and yep haha remember to check out the video! LOL =P
To end this post, here are some picture of my bangs!  So far I'm really loving them! =)  ( I think I said that already....
I'm actually considering keeping them!  This is my third time having front bangs, and having this be the 3rd time experimenting with cutting bangs, I think my hair cutting skills are seriously improving!!! LOL =)  I wonder how often I need to trim them!  I never know!  And before I know it, they get too long, and eventually become side bangs again!  Anyway, thanks for visiting my blog guys, have a great day!  

Monday, February 11, 2013

Where's the Appreciation?

Appreciation.... Nowadays....appreciation has seemed to die down.  Nowadays, it seems like many people don't really appreciate what they have.  Instead of appreciating what they have, they strive to get more.  Children for example... having worked at an educational environment, what I see during what we used to call as "recess" on the playground, suddenly became a class room filled with kids in elementary school playing with their latest game-boys.  What once was a bunch of middle schoolers and high schoolers just chilling and talking, suddenly became a room full of apple laptops, iphone 5s, and ipads.  Who once was a little 8 year old, who would play tag with his friends, would suddenly evolve into a generation of kids who have laptops bought for them...for what reason?  To play computer games....

These kids have such luxury...but yet, none of them understand how hard it is to earn money.

Another form of appreciation..relationships.  It always seems like people take their friends and family for granted, because they feel that their close-ones will always be there for them...through thick and thin.  And when such a thought is starts becoming selfish, appreciates what they have less, and perhaps even performs actions that will hurt a close-one.

It's hard to appreciate what we have unless we lose it.  Or, it's hard to appreciate what we have unless we've worked extremely hard for it.

Life is full of chances...but one day, life might just run out of these chances that we feel are infinite.

Friday, February 8, 2013

Concerns Over My Overall Blog Appearance

It's no longer an early morning lol, but I'm currently sipping on some hot green tea like I usually do, but this time I'm munching on some yummy cookie crisps cereal!  haha So yummy!  It's like I'm eating mini  chocolate chip cookies, except it's munch healthier than regular chocolate chip cookies.  Weird combo though...ppl usually enjoy their cereal with milk, but I'm choosing to compliment it with green tea, haha green tea on the side of course!!!...or else it'd be kinda gross if I mixed it together.  But hey, some ppl might actually like it that way, and I respect them for doing so! LOL =)

*Sigh* I've been kinda slow on my blog lately.  For people who visit every so often, I think you guys might have realized, and I'm so sorry!  I've just been busy lately, and I guess...when I'm stressed out, it's hard to write a blog post while carrying my usual happy, positive, and giddy demeanor.  I guess I've been having some worries lately as well, with the general appearance of my blog.  I love fashion, and I consider my blog a fashion blog, but at the same time rather than just have my blog be about fashion, I want to be able to fill it up with random personal blog posts as well.  (like this one I guess) If I'm feeling a certain way and I want to share it on my blog, I want to be able to do that as well...without making it less of a fashion blog.  I guess because of that, I've been a little hesitant on what I should blog about.  Anyway...I think I've just came with the conclusion that...this is my blog, and I'll do both on it!  =)  I mean that's how I've been treating it so far, and I don't think I should change what makes me comfortable.

lol it's not that someone said something to me that made me think about my blog's appearance, it's just something that I've realized throughout time.  It's not a big deal, just something that's been on my mind, and I think I've made up my mind up. =)

Anyway, today is going to be a day filled with productivity!  I think one of the best the feeling of going to bed after a long and hard working day!  It's been a while since I've been feeling super productive, and I really want to feel that way today!  Well more like, I want to be able to feel that way everyday!  =)  Right after I write my blog post, I'm going to seriously get my day started and be productive!

I hope everyone has a wonderful day!  And talk to you guys soon! =)

Monday, February 4, 2013

Review On: Jordana Quick Shine TopCoat

If you guys love doing your nails like me, then one thing you might put an emphasis on is the quality of the top coat!

So what exactly is a Top Coat?  

Well, at top coat is basically an overcoat that helps set your nail polish.  After applying multiple layers of the nail polish color of your choice, the next step, is to apply a top coat on.  The top coat polish will harden as it dries, and it eventually creates a shield that prevents your newly polished nails from chipping, peeling, and getting scratched.  Everyone has their preferred points to a good top coat, but in general, a really good top coat prevents chipping, peeling, and scratches for at least up to 5 days.  lol there are even super good top coats out there that can have your manicure last up to 2 weeks before any visible chipping!  


Seche Vite's top coat is my personal favorite!  As you can see on the bottle, the words "DRY FAST TOP COAT", is emphasized on the bottle, and that is a huge factor to why I love this nail polish!  Seche Vite's Top Coat is one of the highest ranked top coats, but there is 1 problem that it carries.... it's expensive price!  It really depends on where you buy the top coat, but the average cost of this top coat costs around $10.99, which is pretty pricey...even more expensive than O.P.I nail polishes.  Anyway, it was after I finished my second bottle that I decided to try out different top coats, preferably ones that are less expensive.  

So Lets Talk About

So one day, I was looking around a drug store around my area, and I happened to find the JORDANA Quick Shine Topcoat.  I actually ran out of top coat around that time, and wanted to buy a top coat to use temporarily.  One of the biggest points I look for in a top coat is how quick it dries.  I'm pretty impatient when it comes to waiting for my nails to dry.  haha I tend move around a lot, and before I know it, my nails are all messed up, which means I'd have to redo my nails!  That's actually why I liked Seche Vite's Top Coat so much, it dried within seconds, which was amazing!  

Anyway, I decided to purchase a bottle of Jordana's Quick Shine Top Coat, and I ended up extremely impressed with the results!

Above are some pictures of my nails that I have previously posted on my blog!  With that being said, I actually used Jordana's Quick Shine Topcoat with all of them!  

Review on Jordana's Quick Shine Top Coat: 
I really enjoyed using Jordana's Topcoat!  It definitely dried within 60 seconds (as told on the bottle), and the outcome looked amazing!  The outcome resulted in a very nice shiny flawless overcoat!  The top coat not only dried fast, but it also helped quicken the drying pace of my base nail polish!  I love using dark colors on my nails, but despite that, the opaque and dark colors take FOREVER to dry!  I realized that the Jordana Quick Shine Topcoat actually reacted with my base nail polish color, and aided it in drying!  

Seriously...instead of waiting for more than 5 minutes for my nail polish to dry before applying a top coat on, what I literally do, is paint all 5 of my finger nails with the color I like, and almost right immediately, I'd brush on a coat of Jordana's Quick Shine Topcoat!  And wallah!! before I know it, my nails are dried!!!! I'm serious!! lol  And this all happens in less than 5 minutes! 

Unlike top coats that keep manicures nice and unchipped for up to 2 weeks.... the Jordana Quick Shine Topcoat lasts a perfect manicure for up to a maximum of 3-4 days before my nail polish is visibly chipping! That's probably the only downside of this nail polish, otherwise, it's seriously a topcoat I would recommend!! =)  

2nd-3rd Day after applying Jordana's Top Coat!  

How it looks under the sun! 

After wearing my nail polish for around 2-3 days, my nails remain unchipped and very shiny!  I do see a blemish or two (scratches I mean), but besides that I think the nails look pretty well kept!  It was probably the middle of my 3rd day that my nails began to chip, and right now, near the end of my 4th day of applying my top coat, 4 nails are chipped, and 6 of my nails still look alright!  

I'm currently half way done with my this top coat, and one thing I realized about it, is that the top coat is beginning to harden.  As I continued using the top coat, it became more condensed...if that makes sense. I'm not really surprised, cause that's also what happened to my Seche Vite Top Coat.  Maybe it has something to do with a chemical in the polish that allows a quick finish.  Maybe because the nail polish is so frequently exposed to the air, it began to harden throughout time.  That's my guess though, lol let me know if I'm right!  

So overall, I would recommend the Jordana Quick Shine Topcoat to others.  Instead of paying $10.99 for a topcoat, I paid $1.49 (costs $1.99 on the website: here) for a top coat that definitely did its job!  For such an affordable and cheap price, I really didn't expect an amazing outcome from this top coat, but it definitely surprised me!  

So the positives on the Jordana Quick Shine Topcoat is that it is 1) fast drying 2) quickens the drying speed of the base nail polish 3) gives a very nice shiny and glossy finish 4) Incredible price! and 5) Does a pretty good job keeping the nail polish from chipping!  As for the negatives....1) Lasts less than 5 days before the nail polish begins to chip & 2) Starts hardening after half the bottle is used. 

Overall, I'm very impressed by the result, and I will probably purchase another bottle after I'm done with the one I'm currently using!  I hope this review was helpful, and please feel free to ask any questions! =)