Wednesday, February 13, 2013

New Youtube Video: Review on the Boots Expert Sensitive Gentle Eye Make-Up Removal Lotion!

I feel like whenever I'm blogging, haha I'm always either munching on something, or am drinking something!  Well, like always, I'm doing exactly that!  Except, it's kinda of a more weird combination this time compared to last time!  haha Instead of just concentrating on one drink, I'm taking turns drinking two!  Anyway, I'm drinking a yummy box of Coconut Flavored Vitasoy Milk (my current favorite beverage!) & taking turns sipping on my hot water, cause I have braces and I want to make sure that my mouth is rinsed whenever I'm drinking or eating something sweet!  haha cause I don't want the sugar to eat up my bracket glue!!

Anyway, the whole point of this blog is to talk about my new youtube video!!!! Yay!  Last weekend, I filmed a Review on the Boots Expert Sensitive Gentle Eye Make-Up Removal Lotion!  So far I've been writing my reviews on my blog, and I just thought that it'd be a fun idea for me to film a video review, so for those who would rather watch a video than to read a blog post, this is perfect!  =)  And that's exactly what I did!  Let me show you guys that video, and then I'll give a brief summary of it!  

Click the Video Below to Watch: 

Below is a picture of how my entire thumbnail looks like!  
Besides talking about the product, and giving my own opinion on it, I also included a demonstration, showing everyone how the product works, so I hope that's helpful!  I also gave a detailed description of what Lanolin is, which is an ingredient that the Boots make-up remover didn't contain, so check my video out if you want to learn about what Lanolin is!  I think it's so so important to understand a product prior to purchasing it, and I guess despite me being a total hypocrite while advising that LOL, I got really lucky! =)   
Alright, so first of all, before I begin my summary, I just want to take the time to talk about my hair!  =) haha I trimmed my overly long literally non-existent side bangs  into front bangs...the day before I filmed the video, and yah so far I'm really loving it!  =)  Anyway, I'll include pictures of my bangs later on in the post!  
Alright, so it was probably around half a year ago, that I started wearing make-up more often!  As of now, I still don't wear my make-up on a daily basis, but I do it way more often than when I was in college.  Since I started wearing more make-up, I started using make-up removers to remove my make-up, because a normal cleanser is simply not enough to clean of my make-up! So far, I've finished up 2 bottles of eye make-up removers already, one of them being Estee Lauder's Eye Make-Up Remover.  I don't quite remember how that one worked, but it was on the more high-end and pricey side, so I decided to experiment with drug store eye make-up removers.  
My experimenting brought me to my second eye make-up remover, which was from L'oreal.  Despite me finishing the entire bottle, I disliked the product because often times, the product would seep into my eye while I'm cleaning my eye make-up, and would cause me to go through a lot of pain!  I'd end up having to drop my cotton pad filled with the make-up remover, and start rinsing my eye out with water even before I'm done cleaning my eye make-up off.  I really disliked using the L'oreal eye make-up remover...but I really don't like to waste things, so I endured the pain and finished the entire bottle up!  Here's a picture of the one I'm talking about!  
Yep, that's the one I'm talking about, so nope I wouldn't recommend it!  
Anyway, soon after I finished the L'oreal eye make-up remover, I moved onto using the Boots Expert Sensitive Gentle Eye Make-Up Removal Lotion (because the name is so long, I'm going to call it the Boots Eye Make-Up Remover =)).  
During the time that I purchased the Boots Eye Make-Up Remover, I actually had no knowledge of the brand!  A worker at target actually introduced it to me, and learning that it's dermatologically tested and oil based (which meant removing make-up from eye will become a smoother process), and seeing that it only contained 7 ingredients.... I decided to try it out!  I forgot how much it cost, but it costs $5.49 on!  It's a pretty good price for such a big bottle!  So far I've used it for a few months, and I'm not even half way done, so yep it's definitely a really good price for how long it can last!  
In my video review, I basically gave a super detailed description and introduction regarding the Boots Expert Sensitive Gentle Eye Make-Up Removal lotion, and I strong recommend you to watch it if you want to learn more about this product, or if you are looking for a good and recommendable and affordable eye make-up remover!  
Hope this post was helpful, and yep haha remember to check out the video! LOL =P
To end this post, here are some picture of my bangs!  So far I'm really loving them! =)  ( I think I said that already....
I'm actually considering keeping them!  This is my third time having front bangs, and having this be the 3rd time experimenting with cutting bangs, I think my hair cutting skills are seriously improving!!! LOL =)  I wonder how often I need to trim them!  I never know!  And before I know it, they get too long, and eventually become side bangs again!  Anyway, thanks for visiting my blog guys, have a great day!  

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