Monday, February 11, 2013

Where's the Appreciation?

Appreciation.... Nowadays....appreciation has seemed to die down.  Nowadays, it seems like many people don't really appreciate what they have.  Instead of appreciating what they have, they strive to get more.  Children for example... having worked at an educational environment, what I see during what we used to call as "recess" on the playground, suddenly became a class room filled with kids in elementary school playing with their latest game-boys.  What once was a bunch of middle schoolers and high schoolers just chilling and talking, suddenly became a room full of apple laptops, iphone 5s, and ipads.  Who once was a little 8 year old, who would play tag with his friends, would suddenly evolve into a generation of kids who have laptops bought for them...for what reason?  To play computer games....

These kids have such luxury...but yet, none of them understand how hard it is to earn money.

Another form of appreciation..relationships.  It always seems like people take their friends and family for granted, because they feel that their close-ones will always be there for them...through thick and thin.  And when such a thought is starts becoming selfish, appreciates what they have less, and perhaps even performs actions that will hurt a close-one.

It's hard to appreciate what we have unless we lose it.  Or, it's hard to appreciate what we have unless we've worked extremely hard for it.

Life is full of chances...but one day, life might just run out of these chances that we feel are infinite.

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