Tuesday, December 5, 2017

First Time Flower Arranging: I FOUND A HOBBY!

You know... there are so many aspects that make up a person's life. I'm talking about family, friends, hobbies, career, adventures, haha you get the gist.

Well, the "hobbies" part of my life has seriously disintegrated into almost nothing since I entered college. I remember "back in the days" I used to be so much more adventurous. I actually had hobbies, the 2 main ones being dancing and singing. Prior to college, I actually danced for 10 years and participated in my school choir. For choir, I traveled throughout California and out of country to compete. I dedicated so much time and effort into these 2 hobbies, and I enjoyed them so much, especially singing. I wasn't by any means amazing at singing, but something about it just gave me so much fulfillment. Once I graduated from high school, I literally dropped both hobbies to focus in school. I was so determined to excel in my courses and begin my career, that I left myself without a hobby. I didn't have a hobby for at least 5 years. Isn't that crazy? It wasn't until recently that I decided to make a change, and I found a hobby, FLOWER ARRANGEMENT! <3

That hobby came spontaneously, and I'm honestly not sure how it came about. I might be wrong, but I think Christina and I wanted to plan something fun for our 10 years friendship anniversary. LOL haha we're cute, I know! :) I'm pretty sure it was me who brought the flower arrangement idea up. I mean... I've always loved flowers, and with my DIY nature, I kind of wanted to try flower arranging out. Also, since it was our 10 years annivesary, I thought it'd be cute if we arranged flowers and gave them to one another. With that said, we went to the LA Flower District over the weekend to buy flowers.

Okay enough talking, here's the final result!


I absolutely love it! haha I know I know... I made it, so of course I love it. I have to say... I was extremely daring with all the colors and textures. I literally walked into the flower district with zero inspiration, and I'm pretty surprised with how it turned out. I ended up with a very festive fall bouquet. I think it might be a bit dramatic for casual gift giving, and it might be a little too exotic for Valentine's Day, but I can seriously see it as a beautiful center piece for a Fall Wedding, Thanksgiving Dinner Party, or a movie premier or something. OMG, for some reason, I think it totally works for a Jurassic Park movie premier!

Here are close-ups of the flowers and fillers in the arrangement! 

Although I love flowers, I'm actually pretty clueless when it comes to flower names. I'll try my best to search up the names of each plant I used, but definitely leave a comment to correct me if I'm wrong! :)

Alright, so in the bouquet are:

1) Roses
2) Purple Statice (Limonium)
3) Coffee Beans
4) Baby Breathes
5) Leather Leaf Fern

I hope I got all the names right!

I seriously had so much fun making my first flower arrangement. So much fun that I discovered my hobby! Yay! haha It's actually a pretty big deal to me, since I haven't had a hobby for so many years! :) I've made 2 bouquets so far, so I'll try to share the other one in another entry. Seriously can't wait to make my next bouquet!

Thanks for taking the time to read my post. I'd love to know your hobby, so feel free to comment and let me know! :) Have a great day!



Friday, December 1, 2017

I Can't Believe It's Been 3 Years Since I Last Blogged!

So.... it's passed midnight... and I can't believe I'm doing this.

Doing what?

Writing a post after being away for 3 years.

It's so crazy, I literally don't know where to begin. hmm... let's see, 3 years ago I graduated from college and after trying a few occupations, I finally officially started my career as a graphic designer. Why did I stop blogging? I'm really not sure if there's a solid answer. Perhaps it's cause I was so lost in growing up and becoming an adult, that I just needed to step away and find myself? Maybe I relied a lot on my blog for the wrong reason, and I just needed to stay away and focus on something else? I'm not really sure of the answer, but the longer I stopped posting, the more intimidated I felt to blog again. Does that even make sense?

There were definitely times in the past when I wanted to blog again. I remember a few times when I started writing a blog entry, and just stopped in the middle of writing and just pressed the "close" button... Not sure what got into me, but I just got an itch to write tonight. I actually miss blogging from time to time. I miss being able to document those happy memories and look back on pictures and read my thoughts from the past.

I'm pretty sure I'll end up posting this entry... but where from there on? Obviously, I have many more responsibilities than I did in the past, but hopefully I can use this platform as a place to once again document my experiences. Hopefully, it'll be a nice place to escape from my responsibilities, instead of place that I find intimidating.

Good Night.


Wing <3