Monday, February 25, 2013

You Don't Always Have to Explain Yourself

I was reading one of the posts that a blogger that I follow wrote.  The topic was regarding a reader commenting that she(the blogger) has really little friends, cause all those who show up on her blog are the same ppl over and over again...and stuff like that.  Well the blogger, not going to say who, wrote a post explaining to the reader that she is not a loner...and kept explaining why not all her friends show up on her blog.

I didn't read the whole post... but when I read the first two paragraphs...I immediately went to my blog, because it got me thinking about something that I guess I want to say lol.

I know the blogger wanted to defend herself and all, but to be honestly doesn't matter what her reader said.  I'm sure the blogger has a billion friends, and even if she does, who ever said that a blogger had to mention all her friends in her blog, and who ever said she had to post pictures of them to show the entire world that she has friends?  I personally really love her blog entries, and it really doesn't matter if she has a lot of friends or just a few.  It's about her and what she posts about that catches my eye, and main point is..that she didn't need to explain herself.

And when it comes to the topic of "explaining yourself"...I feel like a lot of ppl in this world, feel the need to explain themselves..all the time.  That whenever they hear something negative said about them, or a comment that they feel wronged them in anyway, that they have to prove themselves right.  I was like that too actually... when I was younger...but what I've learned throughout the years honestly doesn't matter what people have to say.  I mean..of course it's necessary to explain yourself...but it does to some extent.  If your boss misunderstood something you did, then of course you should explain yourself.  If your best friend misunderstood you, or course you should explain things to her.  But if it is someone who doesn't even know you, that says something meaningless and disrespects you...then you can defend yourself...but there's honestly no need to explain yourself to them.  No need to write a long post explaining why it seems like you're a loner but you're actually not.  People will always have something negative to say...and there's nothing we can do to stop all of them from saying what they say, or thinking what they think.

It's impossible to satisfy everyone...and if you try to do that...eventually you're going to get worn out... I mean isn't it tiring always having to prove yourself right?...even to people who are wearing judging specs to look at you, and who honestly don't really care about how you feel?

lol...yah...this is my little rant, but also an eye opener to how far I've come a long.  I say all of this, because I understand what the blogger is feeling...cause I was once like that before.  All I know is, as long as I'm being a good person, family member, friend, girlfriend, worker, wife, whatever person I can be now or in the future! honestly doesn't matter what people who judge me before knowing me have to say.  As long as I can look at what I did, and where I stand today, and be proud of myself, I can live with my head held high! =)

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