Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Excited for Thanksgiving! =) Even More Excited for Black Friday!

I've been having horrible sleep lately. =(  

It's a combination of stress, inconsiderate neighbors, crying babies in the middle of the night, and a messed up sleeping schedule that probably lead to horrible sleep.  Work has been a little crazy for me lately...I'm still not adjusted to the working schedule yet, but I'm sure that'll get better in time.  

I've been doing a lot of reading lately.  haha it's quite weird how sometimes all I want to do is just lay in bed with my new book, and just start indulging into my novel while opening up my imagination, and entering a new world.  lol I guess that's just the power of books, they help widen your imagination and they take you to a new place!  Am I going crazy right here, or is what I'm saying understandable???? LOL

Anyway, moving on to a new topic!  It's almost Thanksgiving!  =)  And after that...it'll be Christmas!  It's crazy how time flies by so fast!  I always think that!  Maybe it's cause I always think that, that time actually ends up moving by even faster than it already does.  I need to seriously just calm down and enjoy my life!  =)  For some reason, I'm just extra excited about this year's Thanksgiving!  =)  To be honest, we can never be too sure with how many more years we'll get with our family and friends, so it's super important that we cherish what we have!  =)

My schedule is pretty packed this Thanksgiving break!  It's basically a multiple combination of spending time with family and friends, and working!  Though my schedule is pretty much packed...which means I'll probably end up being super tired, I think it's all gonna be worth-while!  =)  Despite my crazy schedule, I think I might actually go black friday shopping!  Black Friday shopping is actually very foreign to me!  I don't remember ever staying up a a black friday just to go shopping!  Never ever ever!  I never thought shopping with crowds and crowds of people, and fighting over clothing was worth me losing sleeping, but something snapped in my head this year, and I finally established enough curiosity to want really experience what a Black Friday feels like!  =)  hehe~ 

Anyway, gonna end this post with one of my outfit of the days!  haha I feel like it's been a while since I've put an outfit of the day up, and I think it's seriously about time!  Hope you guys like it! =)  



haha can't get over how much I love Fall!  =)  It's the perfect balance between Summer and Winter!  I think it's getting a little too cold for me to leave the house with bare legs though...so I'll miss wearing short shorts and skirts without pairing them with leggings/tights!  

Gonna end this post, and go to sleep now!  Before I sleep though, I'm gonna take some time to really chillax and do some reading!  =)  Good Night to the universe!  and ttyl!  

-Wing <3

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  1. Beautiful first picture. I love this outfit so much!
    I don't know how you are always so warm! I tend to get cold very fast haha.

    How is your book so far?