Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Waking Up at 2:45 AM for Work! Where Did My Time Go?

Omg...I've been so crazily stressed out lately.  

Seriously where did all my time go?  This is basically how my day went.  I woke up in the morning at 2:45 AM for work, and had a dainty mantou (it's like this chinese kind of white bread) with a cup of warm soymilk for breakfast!  That's all I had for breakfast!  It was seriously too early in the morning for me to have an yeah. =(  Anyway I arrived to work at 4 AM, and worked till 8 AM.  Talk about crazy early right?  To my surprise I was actually wide awake and functioning alright!  Which is goood.....I guess?  In between those 4 hours, my friend and I actually got a chance to grab some mini donuts to snack on during our break!  OMG, so freekin delicious!  But still donuts at like 6 AM in the morning is a little too early for my taste! LOL  

Anyway, I got off work, and as soon as I arrived home, I passed out onto my bed!  I was tired beyond words...and it was probably around 9:30 AM at that time!  haha that's probably the time that I should be waking up!  Anyway, I didn't fall asleep until probably an hour into my sleep, and yeah...I ended up waking up at 4:20 PM!!! Crazy.  Do you know that it's been passed 12 hours since the first time I woke up?  Crazy!  I have to wake up at 2:45 AM again tomorrow morning, and I'm seriously considering not sleeping tonight!  =(  I mean...I slept for 6 hours straight since I came home from work, which means I probably will be having an extremely difficult time falling asleep tonight!  =(  

I hate how time just flew away like that!  If I sleep at 10:30 PM tonight, it technically means that I only have 4 more hours to spend for myself...and that doesn't even include eating dinner and taking a shower and blow drying my hair! =(  Where the heck did my time go!'s pretty clear where all my time went but still! =(  I had so much planned for my day, and now I probably won't get to almost any of it! =(  I seriously need to like arrange my time better!  When I get back home tomorrow, I most likely will take a nap, but seriously!! No more 6 hour naps!  That's not even a nap!  It's full on sleeping!  Though I have to admit though!  My skin looked better after waking up from my super duper long sleep, and my black eye bags kinda diminished just a lil bit!  Anyway, haha yah that's my day!  As soon as I woke up, I ate cup-noodles ( unhealthy but so good!),  and then I ate some salad! I'm pretty sure that I haven't been consuming as many calories as I should be consuming, but I guess I'll eat more for dinner than!  Sigh...don't even have an appetite right now!  Anyway I hope everyone is doing alright though.  =)  

-Wing <3

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  1. I'm so proud of you! You're so strong and committed!
    So happy that you're getting your rest. You know, it's very important to look after your body! Plus, you'll get healthy looking skin after too!

    I hope we can both sleep well tonight!