Monday, November 12, 2012

Super Market Incident: Amazing How Rude People Can Be

It's interesting how rude people can be...

So an incident happened yesterday that pretty much startled me.  I know this world can be quite mean, but I just can't help but be taken aback sometimes.  My parents and I went grocery shopping yesterday.  We had everything we needed in our shopping cart, and started putting everything up on the counter, so our items can be scanned and all.  In front of us was this women whom we knew was the owner of two very famous Chinese Bakeries.  Not sure if you guys have ever heard of it, but the bakery is called Cathy's Bakery.  LOL I've been there since I was little.  

The market we went to is called Hong Kong Super Market.  It's a super market that is owned by people from Hong Kong I'm guessing LOL...  Anyway, the women in front of us was paying for her items and realized that she didn't have enough money with her.  Because of that the cashier had to take items out of her purchase and re-scan items back into the system.  The owner of Cathy's Bakery was very apologetic and apologized to the cashier.  I was expecting a, "it's totally ok, don't worry about it", or something a long those lines from the cashier...but no... what the cashier said was....

"It's okay, you don't even have money..." didn't bring enough' don't even have money!  And she didn't sound concerned or nice when she said those words either..

I was so surprised that she said that!!  The cashier then turned to us, and switched from mandarin to cantonese....and looked towards us and started saying... "Of course it's okay.  She doesn't even have money.  We're not going to freely gift her stuff!  She needs to buy it!"  I didn't say anything cause I was so surprised.  How can the cashier be so freekin rude.  First of all, you don't need to get up into a customer's business and tell them whether they have money or not, and second of all how dare she gossip....RIGHT IN FRONT OF THE CUSTOMER'S FACE TO ANOTHER CUSTOMER!  It seriously makes me wonder whether the same thing would happen to me, if I were in the Bakery Owner's position!  The 
Bakery Owner is probably a hundred billion times richer than the cashier...and IDK....the cashier was just straight up rude!  

The Bakery Owner was too nice to say anything. =(  Honestly...I probably would have been too taken aback to come up with a fast enough response as well.  Anyway..yah just wanted to share this incident.  I wish people were nicer in this world...I wish there was less gossip, cause omg that would make life so much easier!  Hope stuff like this doesn't happen to any of you guys!  

-Wing <3

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  1. :( That's so rude. How would you react if some stranger gave you attitude? Especially if you're the customer!
    I hope it never happens to you though!