Monday, November 5, 2012


I took an allergy pill, and I'm sure I'll be feeling drowsy in no time.  I don't know why, but lately my skin has been feeling so itchy!  No, it is not because I'm not clean LOL.  I actually consider myself pretty clean!  Anyway, it might be the unstable weather here in L.A.,  but I'm not sure.  Hope I'll find the reason to it soon!  

Anyway, something exciting happened for me today!  Guess what?! =)  haha, well I bought a book!  I know I know, that probably isn't exciting at all to many of you...cause that's how it was for me once upon a time, but I don't know what happened...I just one day woke-up and fell in love with reading!  =)  Wish I started liking reading earlier though, cause that means my writing would probably be much better than it is today!  Oh well, there's always time for improvement right? =) 

The book I bought is called!  SKYWARD by Mary Alice Monroe! =)  

That's an image of the book!  I've actually been eyeing it for a while now!  It was probably a year ago that I was first introduced to this book!  It was when Boarders at my mall was still open!  For some strange reason, at that time, I actually found the interest to go in and I guess see what good books there are to read.  There were a few that I was interested in, and Skyward was one of them!  The quote on the front cover was what attracted me to the book, let me type it out, cause the text on the book might be too small to read!  The quote reads: 

"Skyward is a soaring, passionate story of loneliness and pain and the simple ability of love to heal and transcend both.  Mary Alice Monroe's voice is as strong and true as the great birds of prey of whom she writes."

Yep!  Those words totally caught my attention!  I originally wanted to borrow it from the library, but sadly two of my local libraries either didn't carry it, or had it held for someone else!  So yeah!  I'm super excited about reading it!  =)  Not sure if it's a good book, but judging by the description, and how it is written by one of the best selling author's, I'm sure it's pretty good! =)  

Anyway, enough about books!  My family and I went for DimSum yesterday and OMG, it was sooooooo delicious!  I used to go all the time when I was little, but for a while I stopped going.  It has probably been like a few years already!  I'm not even kidding!  I've learned to appreciated DimSum and my culture so much more throughout the years!  I think it's awesome that us Hong Kongnese (not a word) people have a place where we can't eat small portions of whatever we want, and  gossip about life to our friends and family, while not needing to worry about other ppl listening to our conversation, cause they're probably doing the same!  

So the end this post, I'm gonna include some pictures of some of my favorite dimsum items! =)  I actually took pictures of the dimsum I ate....but the quality was horrible and unappetizing  so I decided to find pictures on google instead! =)  Feeling so hungry right now! =(  


Anyway, hope the dimsums pics were enjoyable! =)  Good Night Everyone! =) 

-Wing <3

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  1. Hey! How fun would it be getting dimsum together? You'd get to see my Cantonese in action!

    Har gow, siu mai!