Friday, November 2, 2012

You Are Beautiful: With or Without Make-Up!

This post is about something that I've been feeling strongly about.  More's something that actually got me thinking and all.  

When I went to fashion school, I remember walking down the hallway, and literally seeing all the girls wearing make-up.  And in many cases, guys wearing make-up as well.  They looked really awesome.  They were always super well-groomed, and had amazing outfits.  But one thing that was odd to me, was that they seemed more like they were about to enter a fashion show, as opposed to going to school.  Attending a fashion school, I think there definitely is peer pressure.  If everyone around you is put together, wouldn't you feel the urge to tidy yourself up as well?  I rarely saw girls in sweats and no make-up, who actually carried a normal backpack..  It was overwhelming how many designer bags, clothes, and accessories I saw on a day-to-day basis.  

I was one of the types who did bother to at least look put-together, but I would rarely wear heals to school, or over-dress to school, cause honestly, I'm at school to learn...and I would rather dress comfortably.  It was usually during presentations, that I would dress up and put make-up on.  I remember this one time, when my friend asked me why I didn't put make-up on.  My answer was, "I don't put make-up on, because I love the way I look, and I don't need make-up to make me happy and feel good about myself."  He was a little caught off guard, but I really meant that.  I honestly think that no one really "needs" make-up.  I think everyone is beautiful in their own way, and make-up is just another tool to make them feel unconfident about themselves.  Yes, you can see make-up as an ego-booster.  Something that makes a person smile when they seem themselves in the mirror.  Something that makes a person confident.  But the thing about make-up is, it always takes a person's last speck of confidence away.  It makes people feel odd when they walk out of their home with a bare face on.  It makes that person feel conscious of stares by peers and just street-roamers.  It makes them feel empty and naked.  It makes their confidence go down, and it makes them believe that their natural selves is not good enough. =(  

I hate that!  

I hate how make-up does that to people.  I've been wearing make-up to work since I graduated school, and I do it because I feel like it's a way of being more professional and all.  But to be honest, it has made me feel self-conscious and not as pretty when I'm bare-faced, and I don't like that.  I think everyone is beautiful in their own ways, and I think everyone should realize that they DON'T need make-up!  Make-up is just a mask that we wear, and under that mask is someone beautiful.  =)  

I've been wearing make-up less lately, and I've been feeling a lot better.  My skin's actually getting better, cause it's not as irritated as usual, and I just feel great about myself.  =)   There's definitely nothing wrong with putting make-up on!  I just hope that by the end of the day, everyone who does put make-up on, will love their natural selves just as much!  =)  

-Wing <3

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  1. Even though I'm a guy, I agree with your post!
    I think this can be applied to guys too, but maybe for their style, instead of makeup lol.
    I think that in society today, first impression is very important. To some people, how they look is a way for them to fit in. There's so much pressure for a person to conform just to feel accepted.

    I admit, I fall victim to this sometimes, but I have to remind myself, at the end, it's about doing what is comfortable FOR YOURSELF, and not for anyone else.
    Power to you Wing!