Tuesday, October 30, 2012

My Adventure to: Downtown LA & Chinatown!

Is there a place that you feel really familiar to?  A place that brings back childhood memories once you go back there?  

For me, one of the places that brings back memories is China Town!  The one that is located right next to downtown LA!  =)  haha, although I didn't live close to China Town as a child, my parents for some reason always brought me there!  The very first Dental Office that I ever visited in the U.S. was actually located in China Town!  I think that's why I always have nostalgic feeling whenever I go there!  haha.  I remember my mom always buying me ice-cream whenever I finished visiting the dentist.  Ice-cream was always my reward for being so brave and all! =)  And cause...well...  It's the only thing I could eat whenever I had my teeth pulled out.  I guess because Ice-cream was so cold, it helped de-swollen my new injury!  haha yah totally just made up a word!  "DE-Swollen".  

Anyway, my family and I decided to visit China Town again today!  My mom needed to buy some necessities, and of course I went with her!  China Town always has some really good deals!  It really reminds me of night-markets in Asia, cause of how the little shops are laid out, and how bargaining is allowed!  =)  haha I don't bargain..cause I'm too shy to, but it sounds like fun!  Anyway, here's a picture of me on my way there!  

Me rocking my new circle framed sun-glasses! =) I absolutely love love love them! =)  

As I was on my way to China Town, I took some pictures of the beautiful glass window buildings!  A year back ago, I was learning about trends and fashion, and I was able to learn about how glass window architecture became popular, and it was really fascinating!  =)  These buildings look so new and pretty, but they're actually a lot older than me!  

 Visited Down Town LA!  =)  I remember always seeing this building whenever I went to school in the past!  I was always fascinated with how the images ended up on the building!  I used to think that the images were a huge wall paper!  But..I'm pretty sure I was wrong.  I actually think people physically paint images on the wall, which is crazy, and extremely talented if it's true!!!  

Have you guys ever been to the Original Pantry Cafe?  Whenever I pass by this restaurant in the morning, I always see a lot of people lined up to go in!  My dad told me that this restaurant is actually really famous, and highly recommended or something like that!  Gotta try it one day!  

LOL, as I entered China Town, I was welcomed by two gold dragons! =)  Did you know that at certain times of the day, they actually blow out smoke!!? 

I felt very welcomed! =)  haha this parking lot sign welcomes me to China Town! =)  Wonder if this is a business strategy!  But no..didn't end up parking there!  

My brother and I loved going to this store when we were little!  Don't remember why, but yeah!  haha probably for the toys?  I'm sure I went to accompany him though..cause there doesn't seem to be any toys that I would have liked as a kid!  

Entrance of the outdoor shopping center??? Not sure what it's called!  But it was pretty awesome!  There was so much stuff!  

This store had tons of keychains and necklaces that were pretty cheap!  haha the fake fox tails really stood out to me!  I personally prefer ones that aren't all dyed and decorated out, but I guess they're kinda cute?.. too bad I'm not into that trend!  

LOTS of nail polish!  Very affordable!  They were only $1 each, and they were actually brands that can be found at my local mall!  Like Santee!  Nail Polish can be so expensive these days!  

Lots of shoes!  The woman working at the shoe store actually told me that we can discuss the price to my liking!  Super nice of her!  But I didn't need shoes, so I didn't end up buying any!  

$5 Baby turtles for sale!  They are so cute!  But sad too say...it's actually illegal selling turtles that are this small, cause they may carry Salmonella, which is a bacteria that causes Salmonellosis!  Salmonellosis is a horrible life-threatening disease that we can get from reptiles!  So always remember to wash your hands whenever you touch your turtles guys!  

This is the last store that I visited before I left!  It has a massive amount of bags!  I'm not sure how much the bags cost, but I'm sure they're very affordable!  The brown bag with a cheetah print bow was actually pretty cute! =)  

The day went by so fast!  I didn't end up buying much, but it was definitely a good feeling being able to visit one of my childhood most-visited locations!  The only part I didn't enjoy was the rude customer service there...  My mom and I went to buy some sugar cane juice, and the guy who was making it accidentally splashed some all over my mom, and didn't even say sorry!  He just looked at her, smiled and continued making the juice!  What the Heck right?  Grr...=(  I should have said something..so I'm kinda disappointed in myself for not doing so.  

Nevertheless, the trip was pretty fun!  Have you guys been there before?  If so, then hope you guys had a good experience, without anyone being rude! =( lol

-Wing <3


  1. I love it when you put pictures up!
    Great to see visuals with your writing.
    Wish we could go to Chinatown together!