Sunday, October 28, 2012

I'm Back & Re-charged! + OOTD!

I'm back! =)  

lol, I've been taking a little break from blogging lately, but I'm finally back!  I don't know, I mean...I'm sure many people would understand how writers sometimes just need to take a break from writing, and just explore life for inspiration!  I guess that was the case for me, haha and yah, I definitely feel recharged, and am ready to blog again.  

It's been a while since I started enjoying photography, but I find myself enjoying it more than ever lately!  Perhaps a new hobby is about to start?  lol  Anyway, here are  two pictures that I look yesterday.   

My family and I visited Pomona yesterday.  And I happened to find this scenery very beautiful.  I didn't have my camera with me, so I used the camera that was on my phone instead.  The quality wasn't very good, but I just felt super lucky that I was able to capture this scenery.  I don't know about you, but it definitely isn't everyday that I get to see so many palm trees lined up one after another.  I found the view really pretty, and I just couldn't resist taking a picture.  The first picture above was probably taken at around 5 pm, and the second picture was taken at around 7 pm.  It's crazy how fast the sun sets during the fall, but I have to say, whether this view was taken during the day time, or at night, the result is equally as pretty!  

I've been having a lot of my mind lately, but this scenery was somehow able to bring a sense of calmness to me.  haha I guess that's what nature does. =)  

Anyway, moving on!  
Anyway, moving on to my Outfit of the Day!  I feel like it's been such a long time since I've put up an outfit of the day! was technically my last post that I had posted about my outfit of the day, but regardless, it was probably a week ago since then!  

I find myself smiling so much more with my teeth showing lately.  I remember when I first got my braces, I would sometimes be a little afraid of showing my braces.  I don't know...I mean I guess I wasn't used to them, and just thought I looked worse with them. =(  But haha, it was probably this year that I began to truly except myself with braces.  I think it's adorable!  And hey,  it's probably once a life time that I actually get to wear braces, so I should show'em off while I can! =)  
(Probably taking them off by January 2013, very excited!

The sky was so beautiful that day! =) 

Here's a close up of my outfit!  For the top portion, I wore a Cropped Knit Sweater, with a black cardigan that I have owned for ages.  As for the bottom, I wore a pair of loose high waist shorts with a pair of pantyhose and a pair of my favorite wedges!  =)  It was cold yet sunny that day, so I wanted to wear something that expressed my inner love for fall, while at the same time being able to add in some brightness to my outfit!  This outfit was surprisingly comfortable! 

Once last picture of me and my outfit! =)  I look so tall!  At least I think so!!! 

Here's a close-up of the accessories I wore, minus my heart necklace!  I'm pretty sure I've worn this watch in most of my outfit of the days!  I love it so much, someone special gave it to me! =)  

-Wing <3

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  1. Ahh! This outfit is soo cute! I like this one a lot dude!
    I can't believe that you might be getting your braces off! It's been such a long journey with them.

    Will I be able to see you when you finally have them off?