Thursday, November 29, 2012

Digging Out All of My Shoes! Shoe Collection!

It seriously feels great being home.  

I've been out lately, and it just feels amazing being able to get some alone time.  I love being surrounded by people and all, but I feel like there are times when anyone just needs some time for themselves. =) lol 

Anyway, it was probably two days ago that I was shopping at Burlington with Christina, lol incase you guys don't know her, she's my best friend. =)  Christina was finally back from college, thanks to the once in a year thanksgiving break!  She and I caught dinner together, and decided to go to Burlington to hunt for the perfect pair of boots for her, cause her old boots were dying!  We managed to find the perfect pair for her...but during the time of shoe hunting, I actually found a few pairs that I liked for myself. =)  haha before I get started...I just want to put emphasis on how much I love Burlington!  They carry the best products ever, and the shoes they sell are usually branded and well-known!  Anyway, I didn't bring enough money that day, and decided to go back to Burlington again the next day with my mom. =)  

No I didn't bring her with me so she can pay for me, but I just really wanted her opinion on the shoes, and plus, mother and daughter time is always necessary! =)  We saw a pair of boots that caught our eyes, but I decided not to buy it, cause I have too many boots for one person at home!  Anyway, I did end up buying a pair of super chic and elegant flats though...but that's not the point!  

As we continued shopping, I started developing a curiosity over how many shoes I actually owned!   I mean, I'm sure I have less than a lot of my friends do, but I also knew that I had more than enough!  So, I decided to take out most of my shoes (that are opened and worn), to see how many i owned.  lol  Below is a picture of my shoes!  

Not including 8 pairs of shoes that I haven't worn yet, here are my shoes!  I have a total of....41 pairs (forgot to include two pairs).  So to my conclusion, I have less shoes than a lot of people, but I have way too many shoes that are extra...most that I honestly don't need.  

My collection includes shoes that I no longer wear anymore.  Some are too old to be worn, some are way too uncomfortable to be worn, or some are just not my style anymore.  

For example, these beat-up pair of running shoes are too old to be worn.  I've had them since 7th grade...which is hmmm more than 8 years old!  That's almost half my age!  I've owned them for a while now, and they have been my go-to pair of running shoes despite them being half a size too small!  My boyfriend was nice enough to buy me a pair of new running shoes, which are the super bright neon orange ones above, so yes, I can throw these away without worrying about not having a pair of running shoes to run in! =)  Thank you Lap!  

Here are some close-up of my shoes.  As you guys can see...I have like 4 pairs of dressy heals that aren't worn on a regular basis.  They are ones that were from high school dances, and have only been worn like....once?  Not sure what to do with them...I guess just save them for future dances or parties?  

Besides my running shoes, there are three other pair of shoes that I'm deciding to get ride of.  Starting off with the snake peep-toed flats....they are getting old...and they're actually not that comfy to walk on.  Each times I walk in them, I have to be careful on how to position my feet, so the flats won't fall off, and the gigantic brooch on the flats actually hurt my feet, cause they end up smashing into my toes when I walk.  As for my black Report flats!  I've had these babies since hmm...10th grade?  I used to love them so much!  They were probably one of my first flats from Nordstrom!  Despite having happy memories with them, I eventually stopped wearing them, due to all the pain they've caused me.  These flats are stretchy, they are the stretchy type that tightly grabs onto anyone's foot when worn.  There's absolutely no way of stretching these out...they've caused me so many blisters...and I'm done with them!  lol  And lastly...the boots.  These boots are in really great shape!  I've had them since 11th grade, and these were the second pair of boots I've ever owned!  I've grown out of the style though, so it's time to move on and donate them to a better home. =)  

haha so yah, wow, just that one encounter at Burlington had gotten me to dig out almost all of my shoes!  =)  I'm glad though...cause now I can actually document how many shoes I have, and I guess be able ponder back on some memories that I've developed with with  some of my past favorite shoes! =)  

Anyway, gonna feed my turtles now! =) Peace!

-Wing <3

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  1. Hope Edward and Charlie are doing well.
    It's really cool being able to see all your shoes like this! I know we've only just met, but I get a sense of your history just from these pictures!
    I see some that I recognize, and some that I don't ever think I've seen.
    Very cool post! I need some boots like the ones you have in the back! My toes are cold! xD