Thursday, December 6, 2012

Another Christmas Means Losing a Friend to Gift Presents to?

Something kinda hit me yesterday....

Lately I've been busy preparing Christmas presents for my friends!  What I've realized, is that each year, I probably lose an old friend to gift a present to.  I don't know if that's the case for you...but for me..I just feel like holidays like Christmas is basically kind of the end of another year for me to realize who my true friends are.  

I remember I used to have tons and tons of friends to gift presents to when I was in middle school and high school.  I spent so much money gifting "friends" presents, when at truth...I probably didn't put much thought into whether they were true friends or not.  Anyway now that I'm out of college, and I don't get to see my friends 1/10 as much as I used to in the past, I have been able to learn which one of my friends are in my life to stay for the better.  lol I no longer keep in touch with more than 90% of the people I used to gift Christmas presents to.  

I suppose that's good cause: 

1) I know who my true friends are.  

2) I can save so much more money!

3) I can actually put more thought into presents that I prepare for my friends now!  

Anyway enough about Christmas presents, lets move on to Birthday presents.  Yesterday, I was actually shopping for a present for one of my old friends.  I used to be so close to her, and truth be told, when we hang out, I still feel so close to her!  The problem is was through shopping for her yesterday that I realize how little I actually new about her.  Lets take Christina for example (best friend).  Christina and I are very different in style.  Her taste in clothing is way less feminine than mine, so if I bought her something that was completely my style..she most likely wouldn't like it.  haha to make it short, we're just really different, so it's harder to shop for her.  I'm always the type of person to share with my friends what I like, I'm always like "Omg Christina I like this..I like that...this is so cute...that is so adorable" LOL....seriously I'm simply just sharing what I like with them, no further reasons!  Anyway Christina never does I usually have no idea what she wants!!  LOL  But despite that, I found it A LOT easier shopping for her as compared to my other friend.  My other friend and I hang out probably max. 3 times a year, and we talk on the phone like never.... so yeah.  I just realized that despite me still considering her kind of close...I actually new really little about her.  I didn't know what she would like...I didn't really know her style...yeah just hard...very hard.  But I did end up buying her some presents though, so I hope so likes it!  

So in conclusion...friends have really just came and left my life.  I realize that once a friendship is put in the challenge where you guys no longer get to see each other everyday, but rather never get to see each other anymore unless you guys keep in touch, then you really get to know who your true friends are.  Though I have less past friends to gift presents to, I'm so happy for the friends who remain in my life! =)  I love them so much, and I can't wait to gift them their Christmas presents! 

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