Saturday, October 20, 2012

The Serious Kiss -Let Go- & -Move On With Life-

The Serious Kiss...

I never really liked reading when I was little...well more like I just never liked reading ever!  I never understood how my friends were able to just sit there and read non-stop.  Or more like...I never understood how people had the patience to finish a book in a few hours/days, as  opposed to taking their time to finishing a book.  

Well..something interesting happened.  For those who have read my previous blog post...( -<<that's the link..I actually mentioned that I've been having some trouble sleeping lately, and started reading.  It's the past..the best way of falling asleep for me, would be reading.  So I thought reading would be the best solution.  To my surprise, not only did that not happened, I actually found myself being super indulged in the book.  The book is title, The Serious Kiss, by Mary Hogan.  And there's a picture of the book below. =)  

My best friend from 9th grade actually gave me this book to read, when we were cleaning out our lockers near the end of the school year.  She asked me to read it, cause she said it was a good book.  I think both she and I knew that there was a minimal chance that I'd read it cause I absolutely hated reading.  haha but I guess it was worth a try. =)  At that time, we were 14..which means this book actually tied perfectly with me, cause the main character in the book was also 14.  This book talks about how Libby (the main character), and her best friend Nadine, whom both sets the goal to have their very first "serious kiss", by their 15th birthday.  And when they say "serious kiss", they mean one that is so serious that it in a way represents true love.  

Anyway..when I first read this book..I felt kinda immature.  I felt like a 20 year old..reading a book that was for teens...but you know what?  I was wrong.  This book was awesome!  It brought me so much laughter, and I was reminded about a lot of things.  It's hard being an adult sometimes.  Adults are always faced with so much pressure...and because we're always faced with the harsh reality, we end up building a lot of negativity in us..that totally takes away the fun in life.  From the book, I really learned to -Let Go- & to -Move On With Life-.   And for some reason..I feel like the moral of the story is beneficial for a lot of people.  Instead of letting go of the negatives, we just end up holding onto grudges, and holding onto the negatives as opposed to focusing on the numerous of blessings that are brought into our lives.

I finally managed to finish the book yesterday night, and I found part of my 14 year old self in me again.  haha I felt less stressed out about what's going to happen in the future, cause one can predict what can happen tomorrow.  Everyday comes as a surprise, and with the knowledge of that, I managed to let myself let loose and sleep with a smile on my face.  I feel like this book taught me a really valuable lesson, and I feel that it abides to others in this world as well.  Holding a grudge, or holding too hard onto something might end up bringing more stress and pain into one's life.  To be happy, we have to learn from the negatives, but also learn to let go and not let the negatives scar us for life.  Let go, relax, and be wiser in the future.  Focus less on the negatives, move on with life, and be grateful for all the blessing you have, even if it's a roof to live under.  

I really want to thank my friend for giving this book to me, and I'm so glad that I finally read it when I needed it the most. =)  It's crazy..I managed to finish this 250 page Chapter book in  a total of probably 3-4 hours, and I am so proud of it! =) LOL.  Anyway, best of luck to everyone!  

-Wing <3

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  1. This post is very inspiring... :)
    It really put a smile on my face.
    I want to find a book to read this winter!

    I will go to the library this week to check out a book!