Friday, December 21, 2012

Hanging Out W/ My Bestie & Gifting Time!

Good Afternoon Everyone!  

I don't know why...but I've just been waking up super late lately!  Super horrible..and omg I need to get my times straight! of 3 days ago, Christina and I actually hung out!  We went to a good amount of places that day, including the city where we grew up in, and yeah it just gave me a very nostalgic feeling!  haha I can't believe it's been 3 years already since I was still a student in high school!  

We ate at the SM Grill that day!  Have you guys ever tried it?  I'm not quite sure on how to judge the food, because I think food is pretty subjective...some people might love the way something tastes, and others might just dislike it!  I thought my order at SM Grill was pretty good, but not great!  lol Here is a picture of the food we ate! =)  

I ordered a Chicken Salad Sandwich w/ Cole Slaw on the Side!
The sandwich wasn't as good as I hoped!  But I nonetheless, enjoyed it! =)  On the other hand, the Cole Slaw was really amazing!  I've always loved KFC's Cole Slaw...but this was awesome!  The taste wasn't sweet like KFC's, but it was rather more sour.  haha I realized that Pineapple was in it! Yum!  

Christina ordered a Tuna Melt w/ Cole Slaw on the Side!  
I'm sure I ordered this before, cause I'm a huge fan of tuna, but I don't remember how it tasted!  haha I'm pretty sure it tasted better than mine though, cause the tuna salad looked super yummy! OMG 

After eating at the SM Grill, we went to Lacy Park!  haha this is like the only park around the area...and it's beautiful!  Lacy Park, is a private park with gates surrounding it!  I believe it's closed at night, so haha it's not a place where anyone can just come and go!  Pictures below!  So excited to share these pictures on my blog!  =D 

This is the gate Entry of Lacy Park! =)  We were welcomed by a City Banner! 

So Pretty Right?  I've been to this park for literally my entire life, and it wasn't till going to school at a City-Like area for 2 years, that I was actually able to truly appreciate the natural beauty my home town preserved!  LOL I feel so emotional cause I miss this place so much!  

Anyway, 4 more days till Christmas!!!  I love how the entrance of the park is decorated with Christmas flowers! =)  haha I know I'm super excited for Christmas right now...but once Christmas is over...I'm gonna be so sad, cause that just means I'll have to wait another year!  And it also means that I'm aging! =(

Lol, I had to share this picture on my blog!  It's so cute!  When do you ever see Dog Waste Stations or Dog Fountains in parks???  lol They even provide plastic doggy bags and stuff! Omg so cute!!!  Kinda spoiled though....  Since when did dogs get their own fountains? LOL

This park has so many trees!  It's crazy awesome!  haha I don't know if I'm going crazy, but this picture above reminded me of Twilight!  It's the gloominess of this picture, plus the type of trees in it!  

This is where we sat to exchange our Christmas Gifts! =D 

Thank you Mr. George Smith Patton. JR for having such a great influence to this city!! =) 

I asked Christina to help me take a picture of me and this soldier.  The quote was actually what I really wanted to capture!  The stone reads: 

-"The greatest love one can have is to lay down one's life for a friend." 

Clearer image below:  

When I read this quote....and I guess soaked in the meaning of the quote...I felt very touched...and emotional haha once again.  It made me a little sad though...cause I kind of realized that in this world today... no one would really give up their life for a friend.  As sad as that sounds... I think it's true. =(  It's just natural for people to be selfish...and I guess throughout these years..the courage that one has for a friend has remotely diminished. =(  But nonetheless, this quote really touched my heart!  

 hehe BFF and I taking a picture together! =)  I thought I was taller than her that day....but.....I guess not! And I was wearing heals toooo!!!! Boo! LOL 

Gifting Time! =) 

Thank you for the Gifts Christina!  =)  I love all of them, 
and I'm glad to hear that you love the presents I got you as well! =) 

I have so many pictures of the park that I want to put on my blog...but I think if I did that...this post will seriously never end!  haha Therefore, I'm gonna gonna write a separate post on Lacy Park, so yep! haha stay tuned for that one!  =)  

After exchanging presents at Lacy Park, Christina and I decided decided to go to Half and Half for a drink!  And that's kinda when my camera started to die, haha =(  which means this post will end soon!  

Half & Half!  Seriously...this building is too cute! =)  

Christina ordered a Barely Milk Tea w/ Pudding!  & I ordered a Almond Mocha Milk Tea!  My drink didn't taste that good....=(  I felt kinda sick afterwards, so I don't recommend it lol...  

Right before my camera died...I managed to snap a beautiful breathtaking picture!  =)  Nature is so beautiful!  I don't feel like it is appreciated enough!  haha cheesy as it sounds, this picture kinda gives me a heaven on earth type of  

I had such a wonderful time with my best friend! =)  We always manage to have a blast whenever we hang out!  haha it's kinda sad that I get to see her like maybe less than a dozen times a year...Which is less than 4% of the year actually!!!  Nevertheless, I'm glad we're still close like always, and still having a great time as we mature!  Can't wait for more hangouts!!  


  1. Beautiful pictures! You're camera still has a lot of life to it!
    I loved your Twilight comment hehe.
    That quote is very powerful! I believe that you should want the BEST for your BEST friend.
    Sacrificing anything for them.

    Thanks for the inspirational post! And I love seeing your pictures!

    1. Aww Thanks! =) Though my camera is like 5 years old... literally half a decade old, I still love it! haha I've had so many memories with it!

      Anyway, unfortunately I feel like it's hard to find a true best friend nowadays, so if you find one, haha you should cherish them! =D