Friday, October 5, 2012

My "Cat Attack" Story!'s pretty obvious what my post is about.  lol 

When I was little, my favorite animals were cats.  I thought they were super adorable, and I really wanted one!  Nowadays...not only do I no longer favor cats, I don't prefer being around them AT ALL


More than a decade ago...when I was around first grade, my brother and I liked to play with our neighbors' cats.  We always liked to play with this one cat that was a golden orange color, it was super adorable and gentle, and we would always go hang out with it and pet it.  One day, my brother and I as usual went to pet the cat.  My brother was petting the cat..and in my opinion kind of was hogging it, so I decided to play with another cat.  Right across from us was a white and black cat that would always be hidden in the bushes.  I don't know why, but I never approached it.  For some reason it just didn't look as friendly... there was something unpleasant about it, but guess what 7 year old me did?  I went over, and I started petting it.  It wouldn't come out of the bush, so I nudged on it a little, cause I wanted it to come out.  It wouldn't come out, so I nudged on it a little my surprise, it jumped at me, and started attacking me with it's claws, and made a loud screeching noise (you know..the sound cats make when they're gonna attack you...).  OMG>>>>>> that was the scariest thing I had ever encountered when it comes to animals.  That cat straight up attacked me...and the thing is, I wasn't standing up..I was bent over with my knees, so when it jumped at me, it was shockingly close to my face...  After it attacked me, I started crying, and the cat ran away.  So...from that day on..I've became scared of cats.  Like, I'm ok if I see a cat, but when it's super close to me, I actually get super paranoid...and scared that it's gonna suddenly attack me.  I have to admit's probably kinda my fault that the cat attacked me.  I mean I shouldn't have bothered it..I shouldn't have nudged it.  But the thing is..I didn't even nudge on it probably got really annoyed by me, and decided to give me a lesson...k now dogs don't do that!  Well..not the dogs I've encountered, they are the nicest things ever!  

K, so why am I sharing this story?  lol So today I was taking pictures of my outfit.  I love taking pictures by a specific bush of flowers, because the flowers are super pretty, and it just makes a really nice background.  As I took pictures, I heard sounds, so I turned around and saw a kitten!  It was looking at me!  It wasn't black and white, but rather light grey with dark grey lines.  It had green eyes and was super adorable.  Turns out, there was actually a nest of kittens, and I happened to hit jackpot! lol.  There were a total of 3 kittens, and honestly, most people would have thought that seeing them would have been the cutest incident ever. Not for me though.  I thought they were cute, but after seeing them, I felt extremely paranoid, and stayed away from taking pictures at that spot. =(  Sigh....

haha I was looking through my pictures afterwards, and came across a picture with a kitten hidden in it!  =)  lol pretty awesome huh?  A little scary for me though...*look below*! 

lol, can you guys spot the kitten?  
=) Looking at the picture, I guess the kitten's pretty cute. ;)  

-Wing <3

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  1. You're such a cutie! I could image you approaching to kitty to pet it hehe.
    Oh wow! I think I would have been so scared! I know it's hard to believe. But when I was 7 years old... that was back in... 1999, so in 2nd grade, I was actually really scrawny!

    My mom called me a monkey lol. It was in 4th grade to middle school that I started to get more chubby haha.

    I'm really glad nothing happened to you! I'm so happy to hear that you're safe!

    Thanks for showing me the kitties! They look very cute from a distance haha.