Thursday, December 13, 2012

Look Book OOTD: A Hundred Years

I'm feeling extremely happy right now!  haha 

Fun Fact: I'm sipping onto a warm up of green tea, cause it's healthy, and cause I love the taste of it! =)  

lol Anyway, omg it's so close to Christmas!!!  I'm actually listening to Christmas music right now.  I went onto, and found a Christmas Playlist! =)  If you guys are up for some awesome Christmas music, then check this video out!!!! 

Anyway, I've been literally at home the entire day today!  I've been catching up on some rest...not that I need extra rest but yeah!  Besides that I've actually been cleaning my room, and wrapping Christmas presents! =)  It's been hours right now, and I'm a little embarrassed to say...but I'm still not done with cleaning.  I don't know why I have such a hard time cleaning my room!  I get distracted so easily!  Like I'll be 10 minutes into cleaning, and out of no where I'd be wrapping presents....and afterwards I'd get back to cleaning, and without realizing..I'd find myself on the computer watching youtube! "OMGoodness Wing...You gotta focus on cleaning your room!"  haha though I'm really slow with cleaning my room, I do see a gradual difference as I look around my room from time to time!  

Anyway...just realized that I have started 3 of my paragraphs with "anyway"...I guess that's the perfect word for someone like me, who is random, and always moves from one subject to another lol.  Enough of that, what I meant to say is...I realize that it's been a while since I've posted a My Outfit of the Day post! it is! =)  

First off: Close up on my face! LOL 

Look Book OOTD: 
A Hundred Years

I felt pretty 40s that day with my red lips and super curled hair! lol.

Incase anyone was wondering, I'm actually wearing Revlon's 210 Cherry Desirable on my lips!  It's my favorite lipstick and lip color lately, and yeah =) haha just wanted to share with you guys!  I'm actually planning on writing a post that introduces you guys to 4 of Revlon's lipsticks that I recently bought! =)  

I realize that a lot of fashion bloggers explain their outfits, and how they matched each clothing piece with one another and all that stuff...but to be really honest...I wasn't trying to go for a certain look.  Unlike some people who plan their outfits, and try to look very boho chic, or Parisian styled, or Flapper inspired...I just go with whatever mood I'm feeling that day yeah.. incase you guys are wondering where I get my fashion sense's usually from my mood! 

Outerwear: NY Collection 
(Don't know what it's called, so please let me know if you know! =) )
Romper: My Story
Tights: Calvin Klein
Bag: Steve Madden

Photography: MY DAD! =D 
(I really want to give a big thanks to my dad!  Seriously, besides two of my best friends..he's seriously the most patient person ever when it comes to photography!  He did such an amazing job with my pictures =) At least I think so LOL, and I just wanted to give a thumbs up to him! hehe ) 

kk, gonna continue cleaning my room now!  haha you see...totally distracted...Anyway, have a great day guys, and thanks for visiting my blog! =)  


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  1. Ohh! Your 3rd picture, with you against the wall, is so mysterious! I love it! I think to myself... "Should I approach her or not?"