Friday, January 25, 2013

My Temptation & Thoughts On Spending $1000 on a Designer Bag!

Should I or Should I not?  

I remember myself posting a blog entry last year.  It was one of my very first entries.  (Well...that was dumb..LOL there can only be one first entry..but what I mean is, it was a blog entry that I posted earlier on ago.)  I talked about my opinions on spending a ton of money on super expensive branded bags...and for some reason that blog entry disappeared!  Like I can't find it anymore...and I don't know what happened to it!  Could it be that I accidentally deleted it?  I'm sure I didn't though...

Anyway, enough of that.  

Since that blog entry doesn't exist anymore, I'll just briefly state my opinion on that topic.  I'm personally not the type of person to splurge a lot of money on a single item.  I don't like paying a lot of money on things that I can probably get for a lot cheaper.  And for designer high-end designer purses, ...I guess I just can't see myself ever paying a thousand or more dollars for a purse!  This is just my opinion though!  I really respect people who have the money to splurge on these luxury items!  And even for those who are tighter on money, but have saved and saved and saved their money to buy a designer bag, I respect them too, cause they worked hard for it, and it's none of my business how people spend their money!  lol

Despite what I was yesterday that I felt a little hypocritical about my beliefs.... I was shopping around Nordstrom yesterday...browsing the designer bags like usual...cause they only carry designer bags LOL...and I think my heart skipped a bit when I saw this baby....picture below....

This Rebecca Minkoff absolutely breathtaking! OMGoodness! The precise name of this bag is THE REBECCA MINKOFF 'CUPID' SATCHEL...and it costs $495.00 without tax!!!!! It comes in the color MINT (which is displayed above!!! So pretty! That's the one I fell in love with!! <3), Soft Grey, and Almond ( I think).  

Here's an image of the Almond Colored Cupid Satchel.  (I personally think that the almond color satchel is much more versatile, as compared to the mint colored one!  It's a color that'll match with a lot of outfits..) 

And that's how the Soft Grey Colored Cupid Satchel looks like! 

Anyway, my point is... when I saw the Mint Colored Rebecca Minkoff Satchel...I found myself in love with it!  It looked absolutely gorgeous!  But it's when I flipped the price tag around, and saw that it cost $495.00, that my heart shattered! (I'm being dramatic)  

I think there are so many temptations in life.... such as this bag that I am currently in love with.  It brakes me such beautiful objects are so freekin pricey!  Seriously... $500 might seem like nothing to some people, but to others, it's enough money to pay for their rent and keep them alive!  

When I become a Multi-Millionaire one day, LOL, and happen to buy a super expensive designer bag...then I'll make sure to donate at least the same amount of money out!, or else I'm gonna feel so guilty (and cause it's the right thing to do! =) ) 

Anyway, enough about purses.... Here's an image of my newly painted nails! =)  

Haha my dad thought my nails were a little weird, but I loved them!  Yay to crackling nail polish!  The one I used is from Sephora (O.P.I.)!  I love it so much!  It makes my nails look effortlessly stylish!  =)  Who ever created this IS a genius! =D  

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