Tuesday, January 22, 2013

My First Time Wearing Fake Eyelashes!

So....when was your first time applying fake eyelashes on?  lol well for me, it was yesterday!

Growing up, I've never really thought about using fake eyelashes.  I always thought that my eyelashes were pretty long to begin with, and I just figured that I'd just use mascara, and that's exactly what I've been doing up until yesterday!  lol yesterday, I had my first experience applying fake eyelashes, and to be very honest, it was a lot of fun!!!! =D

The eyelashes were a little difficult to put on at first, but after watching a youtube video on how to apply fake eyelashes on, it became extremely easy!  I know I know, I'm such a noob!! LOL  Anyway, the fake eyelashes I bought were from Daiso!  I've been obsessed with how cute Japanese people and my favorite youtube gyurus look with their fake eyelashes, and I just became quite curious to try them on myself!

The picture above shows the eyelashes that I bought from Daiso!  Like almost all the items in the store, these cost $1.50!  There were so many different designs, and I decided to choose #7 (straight type) , cause they looked most natural to me!  They aren't too dramatic, but they were dramatic enough to make a difference!  I can't read Japanese, so I have no idea what the box says, but all I know is that it comes with eye lash glue!! Yay!! How convenient! On the back of the container reads that the eye lashes were Made in China, and that the glue was Made in Korea! 

Alright, so this is how my experience began!  I've actually bought these eyelashes for two weeks now, but never wore them out!  I stayed at home the entire day yesterday (working), and decided to go out later on the evening, cause I needed some fresh air and all!  haha I guess something came over me, and I decided that I wanted to glam myself up by putting a cute outfit on, doing my hair, and applying make-up!  I wasn't in a hurry so I decided to try out my fake eyelashes after applying my eye makeup!  And wallah!! 

 LOL! So this is the outcome!!! Honestly...I really don't think I look that different compared to usual.... despite that, I was extremely excited about my first time wearing fake eyelashes!  haha and so... I went a little crazy taking pictures!!!

I tried doing the Asian pose (you know, the one where you put your camera above your head, and then you slightly tilt your head up and give a faint smile, so it'll look as if your eyes are huge and what not..), but inexperienced me totally failed!  haha I felt extremely odd, so I decided to take pictures of myself like I usually do, which is directing my camera directly parallel to my face!  Yep, haha I felt much more natural, more like me! =)  hehe

So...here's the question, what do I think of fake eyelashes?  

I think that some people look amazing with them!  But for people like me...I don't think they really make that big of a difference...I actually think I look better without them.... lol maybe it's cause I bought the wrong kind...but I kept getting comments from my family saying that my fake eyelashes looked super FAKE...(ironic huh?LOL), that they looked too plastic, and that I looked better without them!  

I agree on the fake part!  I think I bought the wrong type!  Mine were extremely straight and had a glare to it, and it looked really plastic, the picture below will explain what I mean!!! 

I think it looks kinda obvious that I'm wearing fake eyelashes!  For some reason though, I thought they looked pretty cute on. =)  

Anyway, I had a super fun experience putting fake eyelashes on for the first time!  I always wondered how fake eyelashes would feel on, and now I finally know!  I was able to feel something hard attached to my eye the entire time I wore them, and each time I had my eyes wide opened, ahaha I felt the lashes poking my eye brow!!  I found them so fascinating  that I couldn't stop staring at my fake eyelashes as I passed by the mirrors as I went out shopping!  

Hmm, so will I wear fake eyelashes again?  haha I think so!  Maybe not daily, but I think I'd wear them during special events!  But the next time I go shop for fake eyelashes, I'll make sure to buy ones that look more natural, and don't have a glare to them!! =)  

Yay for my first time!! =D


  1. Yep! I have decided! On your eyes are my favorite part! I can see so much excitement and enjoyment just lookin at them! Its so cool to see you try them on! Otherwise I would never be able to imagine them on you!
    They look to be pretty good quality! Was there a special somebody who helped you pick them out!?? :)
    Hmmm. Im very...half and half on them. Trust me, I think you look very pretty with them, but i think that I will have to see them in person!
    Im sure you can pull them on super well! I have faith in you!

    Always keep trying new things!!

    1. Lol, it was my very first time putting false eyelashes on, and it was a lot of fun! I prefer myself better without them, but thank you for your compliment! =)

      Thanks for encouraging me to try new things! I'll make sure to share them on my blog! =)

  2. Wow! Nice! I agree on how your eyelashes are naturally long enough... even though the difference is small, but I can still see the difference. I do think the glare on the fake eyelash is really unnatural because we DO NOT have shiny eyelashes naturally, haha~ I think by layering the fake lashes you might be able to get rid of the glare, but then the fake lashes will become thick and dramatic. I don't know if that's what you want, but you certainly can try!

    You did a pretty good job for your first time! :]

    1. Aww, thanks for the opinion on layering lashes! Have you tried that out yourself? If so, how did that go? Did the lashes seem too dramatic or were they okay?

      Thank you for the compliment! It wasn't easy putting false eyelashes on, but I think I finally got the hang out it! =) hehe

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