Sunday, January 20, 2013

Road Rage.....& IMPATIENT DRIVERS Incident

An interesting incident happened today.... Well..actually two interesting incidents happened, but I'll save the other incident for another day! =)

So today...I want to talk about impatient drivers.  I feel like it's completely common for young adults...especially in their late teens to mid-twenties to be easily irritated while driving, and as many would describe it, they have "road rage".  I would consider myself a patient driver.  haha patient to the point, where I honestly don't mind a slow driver in front of me!  Not too slow of course.  I'm the type of driver who loves to stay in one lane.  I'd honestly drive in one lane for the entire journey, unless I absolutely have to change to another lane.  I hate it when people honk at me for little reasons like...I'm not turning fast enough...(To those who have ever honked me just cause I didn't make a left or right turn as early as they wanted me to...or would themselves... I AM NOT SORRY THAT I TOOK MY TIME TURNING!  IF I LET YOU GUYS AFFECT ME, I'M SURE I'D GET INTO A CAR ACCIDENT!  AND IF I ACTUALLY DID GET INTO A CAR ACCIDENT, I'M SURE YOU GUYS WOULD JUST DRIVE AWAY LIKE IT WASN'T YOUR FAULT, LIKE YOU DIDN'T WITNESS ANYTHING!  So Yah, I'm going to take my sweet time until I feel like I can make a confident turn!!!)  Seriously!  To those of you who are more careful drivers like me... don't feel pressured to turn if you're not confident that you can!  You would rather play it safe than to get into a car accident!

Anyway, Enough with the long introduction, 
Here's my story!  So today... my family and I decided to go to In-N-Out for lunch!  LOL haha which is currently my favorite fast food burger restaurant!  Like always, In-N-Out was jampacked!!  So my brother decided to drop my parents and I off to the front of In-N-Out, so we could get seats and order while he continues searching for a parking space!  We're usually pretty quick with drop-offs cause we don't like having people in the back wait!  I was getting off the car, and the car right behind us continuously honked at us!  It was quite frustrating!  I looked at the driver, and turns out it was a girl with her gal friend!  They looked like they were in their early twenties!  And omg I was sooo heated!

What was I heated about?

Well, first of all...we didn't even take a long time!  We hurried our butts off the car, and seriously they didn't need to honk!  Isn't it a little crazy that the person right behind you is honking you while you're getting off the car???? I would understand if it was the second car or third car behind us, cause they probably couldn't see and didn't know what was going on....but seriously?  These girls...are they seriously going to honk at me and my parents when we're standing right in front of them?!!  It wasn't even a small honk, it was super loud and long repeated honks!  WTF!  I always thought that girls were more patient than guys, but I guess guys and girls are all the same!  It's annoying how they didn't even have the common courtesy to even wait a little!  And guess what??? At the end, it turns out that they didn't even go to In-N-Out!  (So what's the rush?) My brother told me that they went to the restaurant next door...which frustrated me even more...cause that restaurant doesn't even have half as many customers as In-N-Out!  There are always empty seats, so I don't know why they seemed like they were in a rush!  OMG>>>>> =(  I'm sure they weren't in a rush, cause if they were...then they would have gotten To-Go or something!  Their car was still parked at the parking lot by the time we were done eating!!!

I'm upset...cause seriously..what if my grandpa was in the car?  What if an 80 something year old was in the car, and HAD to take the time to get off??  Would they have honked like crazy?  Would they have honked at a senior???  We purposely stopped our car on the side, so the people in the back could drive passed why didn't they just do that????

I'm sure no one likes to be honked at for small reasons like that.  In my opinion... if a person honks another better be for a good reason ...or else it's just straight-up rude!!!  It really annoys me how impatient people are.  It really does!  Despite that, I will still be patient like I always have been!
I felt so angry when I was at In-N-Out, but my temper immediately got better when I started eating my yummy Cheese Burger & Fries, so thank you In-N-Out for bringing a smile onto my face!!! =)  lol yep that's my story!  This post isn't filled with pictures like my previous posts are, but I really wanted to share this incident on my blog so yeah! =)  lol  I'll make sure to include pictures on my next post!  I promise! =) lol

Anyway, hope everyone had a nice day!  =)P

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  1. Wow. Reading that made me furious myself haha.
    Those kind of incident are SOO annoying! I mean, didn't their parents teach them better! It's only what... 15-20 seconds of their time? They can't even wait for that?!

    SUPER RUDE! They get a F- in courtesy!