Tuesday, January 15, 2013

New Youtube Video: Winter Collective Haul Part 1!!!! =)

So...I know that there are many cultures out there, and people follow different traditions and all!  As a traditional Chinese Asian, I've grown up following the tradition of buying new clothes and necessities for the new year!  =)  I grew up learning that a new year, meant new clothing and necessities, which meant a new start, and a new and good luck for the year!  Whew...wow that was a mouthful of words!  Anyway, following that tradition, I actually bought quite a good amount of clothing for 2013!  I'm the type of person who loves shopping.  lol I like finding good deals, and I guess maybe buying a top or two every so often, but I never splurge on clothing!

Anyway, my favorite store is and has always been Forever21!  And guess what?  That's exactly where I bought most of my clothes!  I'm sure I've mentioned this before, but throughout the passed few years, I've actually began to shop less at Forever 21, because I felt that it's prices got higher.  It's either that, or it's cause I actually learned how hard it is to make money!  It's so easy to take things for granted when things are constantly given to you...well in this case, me.  So yah... I started shopping less at Forever 21.  It was last year that I learned of Forever 21's awesome end of the season sale, where everything on sale is an extra 50% cheaper than the already marked-down price!  Therefore, haha I went a little crazy, and shopped shopped and shopped!  =)  I bought a lot of things for this year, and I really wanted to share what I bought; therefore, I made a video to show you guys my awesome finds! =) hahahaha

Video Below!  Please Watch! =):

It was so much fun filming this video, and I actually have a part 2 coming up!  The video would be way too long if I showed everything I had, so I decided to split my purchases into two videos!  So remember to stay tuned for that one! =)  

My youtube channel, is Sparkling Louder, and a list of my videos can be found on the right hand side of my blog!  

My post today is simple and straight to the point....minus the first two paragraphs, LOL but anyway, hope the video is enjoyable!  

Anyway, before I end this post, I just wanted to share a video on my blog!  I was being the typical Wing, roaming through youtube and watching cute animal videos, and I came across this video that brought a smile onto my face!  It's about a tortoise helping it's friend (another tortoise who is flipped over, and struggling to flip back to it's feet)flip up!  So cute!  

Hope this video brought a smile on your face as well!  haha the tortoise moves pretty slow, but nonetheless, I still find the video very cute and touching!