Friday, January 11, 2013

Review On: Revlon Renewist Lipstick!

So today, I will be sharing my thoughts on a few lipsticks from Revlon's Renewist Lipstick Collection! =D Yay!  

First and foremost, I would just like to mention that these are my current favorite lipsticks!  I've never been a lipstick fan.  I'm not sure why, but I guess as of a few years ago...when I was still in high school, I even envisioned myself never using lipstick!  haha well those days are gone, and now I'm a lipstick addict!  jk jk lol.  Anyway, lets get started! =)

Alright, so here is an image I put together (pat on that back =)), on the 4 lipstick colors from Revlon's Renewist Collection that I bought!  I'm not sure if you guys can see the names that I included in the picture, but either ways, the colors that I bought include (right to left): Lush Peony 080, Coming Up Roses 120, Cherry Desirable 210, and Plum Luck 160!  

Alright, so let the Review Begin! =D 

First and foremost again, lets talk about the packaging!  My first impression of this lipstick wasn't the best!  It's just natural for humans to primarily be attracted to an objects appearance, and I think as compared to other lipsticks from Revlon's Collection, the packaging for the Renewist Collection was lacking.  Here are some images of other Revlon Lipsticks.  


It's only my opinion though... regarding the packaging of Revlon's Renewist Lipstick Collection not being up to par, but what do you guys think?

Anyway, despite the packing, I was attracted to the lipstick, because it had something that other Revlon Lipsticks didn't have!  It had a moisture core!

Do you guys see it?

A constant problem I have with lipsticks, is that I don't feel like they give my lips enough moisture.  I don't think anyone...including yourself, wants to see anyone with extremely cracked colored lips.  Lipstick is supposed to add color to people's lips, it's supposed to be pretty, sexy, elegant, all those good terms, and when a person's lips are super dry, the potential outcome that lipsticks can bring just isn't there!  Therefore, I was determined to try this lipstick out!  

The result was amazing!  My lips felt very moisturized after using the lipsticks, as I will display pictures later on the post as proof! LOL  

For those who don't know what the Moisture Core is... The Moisture Core, is actually a ProCollogen Core, that immediately boost your lips to up to 80% of moisture!  In result, the user will have a smoother looking and of course more moisturizing lip and lip application!  Pretty good huh?  

Lets take a look at the ones I bought!  

1) LUSH PEONY 080 

This is how the color looks on me!  Everyone's lip color is different, so the color should look slightly different for each person.  I usually prefer redder toned lipsticks, but I actually really liked this color.  I felt extremely girly wearing it, and I was surprised that I was kinda able to pull it off! LOL 

Here's a close-up of the lipstick itself!  The picture of me wearing it actually turned out very similar to the color itself!  

Swatch of Peony Lush 080!  Looks a little redder than the actual lipstick color...probably the lighting!  Sorry!  


This has got to be my second favorite color out of these 4!  I really like Coming Up Roses, because it was the least dramatic out of the bunch, and had a mixture of orange to the red.  The color was quite calming compared to the rest, and I think it matched very well with my smokey eye!  

Here's a close-up of the lipstick!  I think this lip color is one that could be worn with any make-up and outfit!  I love it, and it's definitely my everyday color!  

As you guys can probably tell, it has an orange undertone, and is much more similar to our natural lip color as opposed to Peony Lush 080!  


Cherry Desirable 210 is my absolute favorite out of the bunch!  I love the dramatic outcome it gives, and I feel like this color compliments me the most! =)  Ahhh  I can't get over how much I love it!  There are days when I don't put my make-up on, and right when I apply Cherry Desirable on my lips, my face just immediately looks more put together!!! Because the color it so strong, it gives a somehow concealing affect, and brings people's attention to my lips instead of to the blemishes on my face! =)  

Close Up of Cherry Desirable 210!!!!!  

 Color Swatch of Cherry Desirable 210!

4) PLUM LUCK 160

I actually like how I look with this color in the picture, but for some reason I just end up using this color the least out of the others!  I was surprised with the outcome!  I expected a very dark raspberry vampy color, but it ended up more red than I had envisioned!  

Close-up!  Don't be mistakened!  I do like this color, I just don't love it lol.  

And Here's a swatch of it! ! =)

Alright, so here is a duplicate of the first image above!  So to sum things up, these are the four colors I bought from Revlon's Renewist Lipstick Collection!  I love them, and I would totally recommend them!  I'm not sure if these are still in store, but if not, they can always be found on or!  

If you guys are looking for a good quality lipstick that is affordable and moisturizing, then Revlon's Renewist Lipsticks are the way to go!  There a many more colors besides the ones I bought, and I'm actually excited to get a hold of them! 

As you guys were probably able to tell from the pictures, my lips looked quite moisturized and smooth after applying the lipsticks!  The colors were pretty opaque, as opposed to some lipsticks colors that just don't show up as well!  I love these lipsticks so much!  As of last month, I actually went out to buy another lipstick of Cherry Desirable, because I liked the color so much, and was scared that I'd be too late if I waited any longer!  

I hope this review was beneficial, and feel free to ask any questions! =)  


  1. Thanks for the review! Is Revlon's Renewist Lipstick Collection a new product? I actually haven't gone to a cosmetic store in a while, so I have no idea what's hot. I am considering getting one after reading this! :] Because I realized sometimes when I want to put on lipstick, I have to put on chapstick first before I apply the color. Also, is Revlon's Renewist Lipstick Collection more expensive than the regular Revlon lipstick because it has moisture core?

    1. Sadly..I actually think Revlon's Renewist Lipstick is discontinued. I felt super lucky that I was able to get my hands on the ones I have! But despite this collection being discontinued and no longer sold in stores, they are actually still sold on websites like ebay and amazon! =) So good luck! The lipsticks from this collection should be around the same as the others from Revlon! =) Hope that helps!

  2. where are the lipsticks made ? :)

    1. Hey Sally,

      Revlon's Renewist Lipsticks are Made in USA =). Hope that helps!