Wednesday, July 31, 2013

California's Dry Weather = Me Pampering Myself With a Facial Mask

It's currently nearing midnight.. and I'm spending the rest of my night before sleeping doing the obvious...  blogging LOL. =)  You guys can't see, but I'm actually pampering myself with a wondering facial mask right now that will hopefully replenish my skin with all the moisture it needs! =)

As we all know, California is known for it's sunshine and "wonderful" weather!  It's true that we get all the vitamin D we need...but seriously... the humidity is super low... which causes my skin to be super dry throughout the year!  And with it being Summer, my skin is probably crying for help without me know.  =(  Hence ... me treating myself to a facial mask! =)

Anyway, enough with that.  I've been away from my blog for a couple of weeks now... and sigh... I've been pretty busy lately!  I think my life can be a roller coaster sometimes, there's always something new that comes in and out of my life, and it just takes me some time to adjust to everything!  Hopefully everything will tone down soon... and I'll be able to add my blogging time into my daily schedule! =)

Oh! Below is my outfit of the day & my nails of the weeks! =)

Please excuse my OOTD's picture quality!  haha I actually had it taken with my the camera on my new phone, which I'm pretty disappointed with.  Anyway, I think this outfit totally reflects my style.. laid back and comfy!  =)  

And these are my nails of the week, aren't they adorable?  =)  haha I'm absolutely in love with my nails.. too bad they've starting chipping!  

Yep, this is it to my little update! =)  I hope everyone has been doing well, and have a wonderful week!  Good Night, and it's time for my to remove my mask!! =) 




  1. I absolutely love your outfit! I have the same problem with dry skin too :(
    Where did you get your facial mask from? I'd love to try one! :P

    - Lap

    1. lol, you should definitely try one! =) I got mine a Chinese Market... facial masks are usually sold at most Chinese Markets and cosmetic stores!