Saturday, November 2, 2013

LookBook: Longing For Yesterday


It's a fact that Summer's ended already, but as expected, Fall still feels pretty warm in Sunny California! lol  I've been really loving the weather lately, and I've been enjoying my weekends the most... cause not only can I relax, but I can also have fun with my outfits! =)  

The look I put together today gave me a nostalgic feeling.  Though I'm still young and haven't been through a lot in life LOL, it reminds me of the past.... and brings sparks of old memories in my head.  I'm not exactly sure what inspired me to put this outfit together, but nonetheless, I love it! =)  

I started my outfit off, with an old-school dress that I bought from Forever21 a few years back! =)  I love everything about this dress!!!... I love how comfortable it is, the way it fits, the way it looks, and the pattern on it!  The dress came without a I paired it with a purple belt that I had in my closet!  

Here's a close-up of my light makeup, the jewelry I wore, and a better view of how the pattern on the dress looks like!  I wore a simple and dainty gold butterfly necklace, a gold ring, and a gold bracelet for jewelry, and matched my outfit with a vintage purse that I thrifted at Goodwill (Seriously one of the best finds ever!!)  

To finish my outfit off, I wore my new pair of flats from Nine West! =)  (They seriously match with everything!)  



Anyway, as always I hope everyone has been doing well!  I've been a busy bee like usual... and I guess it's really during the weekend where I can just relax and be me again! =)  haha not sure if that makes sense... but what I'm trying to say is that... my work has nothing to do with clothing and accessorizing... so it just feels good to be able to do what I love on my days off!  Writing a blog post feels so great!  I hope everyone has a really relaxing night!  I'm going to relax for the rest of the night, and perhaps even watch a korean drama! =) hehe 
Good Night! 


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  1. CUTE~~!! I like this outfit because it's simple yet it speaks fashion! Haha, this outfit is so summer, but there's nothing wrong with that! Oh, and I also like your make-up! Even though you said it was light, I feel like you have smokey eye shadow for some reason. Love it!