Sunday, March 9, 2014

Saying "Goodbye" to My Old Go-To Heels & "Hello" to a New Pair!

Do you guys have a pair of go-to heels? A pair that seems to match with everything and feels amazingly comfortable in?  Well.. I sure do!

These were my go-to heels for the passed 3 years! 

I got my first pair of Franco Sarto Snake Skin heels when I was in college, and it was seriously love at first sight. I've had a history of buying cute heels that were way too formal to be worn casually, and way too tall for me to walk comfortably in. So how did I end up finding my go-to heels? Nordstrom! I remember shopping with my mom a few years back at Nordstrom. I was browsing around the shoe section without any thought of buying shoes, and found myself eyeing these pair of heels. It's hard to tell from my picture above, but the shoes in real life are much lighter in color and "were" absolutely gorgeous. I bought the heels and I think it's one of the best purchases made! I've gotten a handful of compliments on these heels throughout the years, and they are hands down the most easy-to-match and comfortable heels I've ever owned!  These are the most worn heels I've ever had. I've worn them so much that the outside and inside of the heels are beginning to come apart. After being with me for these few years, and having gone through such a long journey with me... I've finally made the decision to let them go and say goodbye to them.  

I know it's kind of awkward to miss a pair of shoes..but these are a pair that mean a lot to me and ones that I genuinely made a lot of memories with! I don't think I'll ever feel the same way about a pair of shoes as I do for these, but I've been on the search lately for a pair that can take place of these shoes after they are gone. After a few months of casual searching, I've finally found a pair, which... I actually bought. And dun dun dun dun dunnn~~~ 

These new pair of heels are from Enzo Angiolini's line (What a coincidence, I also found them at Nordstrom!), and I am absolutely heads over heels for them!  I love how the heels are on the shorter end...but not short enough to be little kitten heels. I think its rusty salmon color is absolutely beautiful, and I can see it matching with so many colors!! You guys can't see this in the picture, but the bottom soles are a wooden pattern which adds so much class and elegance to the heels! I absolutely adore the cute cut-outs and straps, and I cannot wait to wear these to work as well as during my casual days off work! =)  

Here's a link if you guys are interested: HERE

Shoes come and go, and there are some shoes that hold a deeper meaning in my heart that others. I'm going to really miss my old go-to heels, but I'm excited to create new memories with my new ones! (Cross my fingers that they're as comfortable as the old ones~

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