Sunday, December 9, 2012

So Easy Staying Discouraged, So Hard Staying Hopeful

It's so easy for a person to be discouraged..and hard for that person to feel hopeful once they are feeling discouraged.  It's so weird, for some reason, people just end up letting the negativity in life affect them more than the positives that occur.  For example, a person can have 100 comments on how pretty they are...but it's when there are 10 people who make nasty remarks about how she's really not that pretty...and talk about her flaws in a not too dramatic way, then that's when the negativity seems subtle enough to be real, and that's when ppl start feeling discouraged... It wouldn't matter to them whether he/she was complimented, cause the negative remarks stick firmer into the heart...

I think that's what's been happening to me lately...but my discouragement comes from else where, rather from what people say.  I feel that the problem with me is that I can be discouraged with something and just end up giving up on it.  Have you ever heard of the saying of...when a person falls down, they get back up and keep on going?  Well..the thing with me is...I Just feel like once I fall down, it's super hard for me to get back up.  

When I do something, I put so much time and effort into it, and I immediately think that something good would come out of it.  I mean, there's nothing wrong with being positive, but when being positive goes overboard, and positivity becomes expectation and too much hope, that's basically the Danger Zone of becoming discouraged.  =(  That's the problem with me. sigh....I put so much hope into what I do, and when the result isn't positive or as positive as I hoped, then I'd just end up feeling a little disappointed. =(  That's horrible you know!!??  
That's something that I definitely need to work on!  

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  1. I to feel very discouraged at time. It's really awesome to have a friend who will pick you up when you fall down.
    I hope that you will be able to find a friend that can do that for you. Add gas.