Sunday, March 24, 2013

My First Year Without a Spring Break!

It's pretty crazy how tired I'm feeling.  I've been having like zero time to write on my blog because I've been so caught up with work.  I work for around 8-9 hours a day...not including an hour for lunch, and by the time I come home, the first thing on my my mind is "Sleep!".

This is my first year without a Spring Break, and it feels....interesting. lol.  I guess I'm really growing up! =)  haha everyone probably went through the stage where they transitioned into their first year or "no spring break".  Well...everyone except for those who never had Spring Break to start with!

Weekends are so precious to me nowadays!  I finally get to sleep in for a few hours, and I guess sleep a few hours later than normal.  Besides that, I also get to spend more time with my family =), which is great!  hehe

I did a little shopping today at Big Lots today!  It was a lot of fun!  I bought a lot of snacks for me to munch on during working hours, and I also got to get a lot of things for an extremely great price!  LOL... lol...just finished munching on a cereal bar...super yummy!  =)

It's a little disappointing how I'm writing less on my blog...but I guess no one can truly have.."everything"!  Hopefully I'll get in the hang of things, and be able to include blogging into my schedule!

Sunday, March 3, 2013

My Adventure to: Little Tokyo (Japanese Village Plaza)

I've been a huge Busy Bee lately!....Which is good, cause I actually like busying myself, and of course ending my day feeling productive!

Despite my liking of being busy, what has been tough for me, is balancing everything on my plate!  It's so important to be organized, and I guess it's been tough for me to balance everything, especially posting on my blog!    But I'm sure that within time, I'll figure out how to I guess balance my day, and get everything done!

Anyway, enough with the introduction, and lets get to the point!  Today I want to talk about my trip to Little Tokyo, more specifically, the Japanese Village Plaza! =) Yay!  lol.

Fun Fact: I actually posted a blog entry on my trip to China Town last year, so if you're interested in reading about that entry, please click: HERE.

Let the Post Start Rollin'! =) 
Is there a place that you always went to as a kid?  Well for me, there are actually a lot of places, but two of the most frequent ones are China Town & Little Tokyo!  I used to go to Little Tokyo a lot as a kid, and I don't know what happened, but somehow someway, I stopped going, and it's probably been almost a decade since I've last gone!  I might be wrong, but it sure feels like it's been a decade!

Though the first half of the route to Little Tokyo was basically the same as the one to China Town & Downtown L.A. (Places I always visit), I found myself very anxious and excited!  I snapped a lot of pictures, and I definitely want to share them on my blog!

As I headed to Little Tokyo, this is probably one of the first buildings I saw with Japanese characters.  I love how traditional the building looks! (Sorry for the Glare! I took the picture in the car!  I should have opened the window before taking the picture!

I've never been to Miyako Hotel before, but the outer appearance of it looks very stunning! =)  I'm sure it's not a new building, but I just love how put together it looks...if that makes sense.....haha it reminds me of Japan!  Actually, the whole environment there reminded me of Japan!  

Love Love Love the Circle Windows! 

I was pretty limited in time, so I didn't get a chance to explore all of Little Tokyo!  So the location I focused on was the Japanese Village Plaza!! Have you guys ever been there before? 
Fun Fact: The whether was absolutely amazing that day!  Look how beautiful the sky was! 

The entrance of the Japanese Village Plaza!  It was a nice feeling being welcomed by a Japanese Restaurant (Only $2 per dish!) 

 This is basically the right hand side of the entrance of the Japanese Village Plaza!  Again, I really love the traditional architecture of the buildings!  I really felt like I was in Japan! =)  I've never been to Japan before, but I really hope to go one day, cause I've been reading and hearing about some amazing things about Japan! 

 Because these trees were left with literally nothing but branches, I wasn't able to pin point what type of trees these were!  haha However, it's only reasonable that my guess is that they are Pink Cherry Blossom Trees right? =) 

I think the streets make such a romantic spot for couples to share a date at!  =) =) =)
 haha I will definitely come here with my date someday! =) 

Next to the Japanese Village Plaza is a 6 storied building, that is located right on top of an American Apparel store!  How cool is that?  lol I wouldn't mind living there!  

Anyway, here are some pictures of the stores in the Japanese Village Plaza! 

I didn't get a chance to go in there!  Feeling a little regretful lol...I'll make sure to check it out next time! 

I've never had Shabu Shabu at a legit Japanese place before!  Kinda wanna give this place a try! 

The streets of the Japanese Village Plaza! 

Yamazaki Bread & Cake Bakery is the BOMB!  They seriously have the best tasting Donuts....EVER!!!! 

Haha finally a picture of me!  I liked this bakery so much, I had to take picture with it! =)  And as you guys can see, I'm showing my support! LOL 

LOL I think I have an obsession with the combination of fresh strawberries & cake!  The cakes look absolutely delicious!!! 

This is the super yummy Donut I mentioned earlier ago!  It truly is yummy!  Though I absolutely love this bakery, I was a little disgusted after seeing a fly inside there!!! =(

I wanna try everything in there!!! 

This is so cool!  Apparently, the bakery had a window where customers can watch the pastries being made!  haha it was quite entertaining!  I actually stood there for some time, watching the baker do her magic!

I stopped by a Japanese Cosmetics Store that carried products for a pretty good price!  Everything in there was from Japan, which is good....However with my incapability of reading Japanese, I didn't know what most of the stuff was! LOL  Good thing there was a nice Japanese worker who helped me translate some of the products!  And I must say....her skin was absolutely flawless!  I'm so jealous!  People from Japan have the most gorgeous skin!  I told her that her skin was super pretty...and guess what she said?  She said "thank you", and "you too!".  I looked at her kinda stunned, and told her, "thank you, but it's the make-up!" LOL 

 One of my favorite markets in Little Tokyo! 
 I remember myself visiting this market a lot when I was little!  I love how traditional and kinda "old-fashioned?"  this super market is! =) 

Sanrio in Little Tokyo!! 

Anyway, that's about it to the pictures I took in the Village Plaza area.  As I said, I was pretty tight on time, so I wasn't able to spend as much time around the area as I hoped to!  I definitely see myself visiting Little Tokyo again in the future, but hopefully by then I'll have plenty of time to explore the area!  

Wing =)