Monday, May 19, 2014

Lauren Conrad - My Current Favorite Clothing Brand

So... is there a brand that you've been in love with lately? Well, I sure have one! 

I've always liked Lauren Conrad (LC) the most among the cast members during her days in the Hills. Besides the exciting drama that drew me into the reality show, something else that grabbed my attention was everyone's fashion sense, especially LC's! I always found her style youthful, feminine and sophisticated at the same time! It's been a while since she's had her clothing line, Lauren Conrad, but it wasn't until last year's Black Friday that I first stumbled across her clothing at Kohl's. I've never been a huge fan of Kohl's (not sure why), but due to the fact that I had work the next morning, Kohl's was one of my only options.. and boy am I glad that I went there! 

I ended up getting a pair of cute heart print jeans that fit like they were customized for my body shape and height, and a pair of leggings that felt amazing and have just the right amount of thickness to prevent panties and panty-lines from showing through! My love for LC's brand slowly grew, and I feel the urge to buy something from her collections each time I visited Kohl's (like yesterday!). 

Though Lauren Conrad pieces aren't too pricey, I'm not the type of person to like to splurge on clothing too often, so I've come with the perfect solution!!.. which is to buy one or at most two pieces from her clothing lines each month! Now that's not too ridiculous right? lol =) I have these plans all in my head right now... but who knows if I'll even proceed with any of them! 

Anyway, since I'm giving myself the budget that's enough for window shopping, I've decided to share some of my favorite Lauren Conrad pieces with you guys! =) So let the fun begin! 

Dresses & Rompers
I've always loved florals and subtle polka dots; therefore, not surprisingly.... all the dresses and the only romper I've chosen follow one of the two patterns! I love how fun, girly, yet classy these dresses look! They look extremely appropriate to be worn either on a casual date out or even to an afternoon tea party! =) 

LC Lauren Conrad Floral Fit & Flare Dress - Women's
(Click Here)

LC Lauren Conrad Floral Lace Fit & Flare Dress - Women's
(Click Here)

LC Lauren Conrad Lace Mixed-Media Fit & Flare Dress - Women's
(Click Here)

LC Lauren Conrad Ladybug Chiffon Dress - Women's
(Click Here)

LC Lauren Conrad Floral Pleated Fit & Flare Dress - Women's
(Click Here)

LC Lauren Conrad Floral Pintuck Romper - Women's
(Click Here)

Tops & Casual Tees
Though I love dresses, there's something I wear literally 90% of the year... Tops! Nothing beats the comfort of wearing a casual cute top; hence, the ones I've chosen below! The last top I chose probably isn't the most comfy friendly, but it sure looks lovely!

LC Lauren Conrad Dot Crochet Tee
(Click Here)

LC Lauren Conrad Sailboat Linen Dolman Tee
(Click Here)

LC Lauren Conrad Lace Chiffon Blouse - Women's
(Click Here)

Cozy Sweaters
I know it's Spring right now... and a few weeks until the blazing hot Summer... but let's take a minute to look at how cute the sweaters below are! Well.. at least they're cute to me! =) If there's one thing I wouldn't mind wearing everyday in the Fall/Winter, that's definitely be cute sweaters! 

LC Lauren Conrad Heart Cropped Sweater - Women's
(Click Here)

LC Lauren Conrad Rose Sweater - Women's
(Click Here)

In my opinion, besides a statement piece necklace or a pair of cute shoes, an amazing skirt is a key item that instantly makes any casual top look a million times more exciting. Skirts definitely make it to my list of top 10 staples! The skirt below looks absolutely amazing, and one thing I find so unique about it is the beautiful water color-like images printed throughout the dress. I actually saw it in the store yesterday, and it looks just as pretty if not prettier!

LC Lauren Conrad Sailboat Pull-On Skirt
(Click Here)

My style is quite simple at times. Instead of wearing bold statement pieces, I a lot of the times prefer wearing dainty pieces that give a hint of glamour! Also, let's just make it clear that I don't have my ears pierced, despite my desire to wear earrings since I was in kindergarten! I've always enjoyed browsing in the earring section for fun, so below is a pair that I love and would wear if I had my ears pierced!

LC Lauren Conrad Bib Necklace
(Click Here) 

LC Lauren Conrad Scallop Necklace
(Click Here) 

LC Lauren Conrad Chain Drop Earrings
(Click Here)

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Yep! So that's everything that I love from Lauren Conrad! =) I hope you guys enjoyed my post & take care! (Wow it's late.. time for me to get ready for bed!)

- Wing

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Monday, May 12, 2014

Exercising & Loving that Adrenaline Rush =)

So for those who know me, I've never been a fan of exercising. Besides dancing... which I've done so for literally half my life, I've always dreaded any type of activity that would lead to a break of sweat! LOL

I stopped dancing once I entered college, and seriously for over two years... I stopped being active and I guess kind of let myself go in that aspect of my life. It was this year that I decided to get myself back together. I couldn't stand the fact of me being out of breath after walking up two sets of stairs.. and yep, I decided to take a turn in my life. I felt extremely out of shape, and when I say out of shape, I don't mean how many pounds I weighed or what clothing size I fitted into. It was none of that... I just felt like I needed to become healthier.. and it just didn't make sense for a 21 year old to be physically less capable than my own grandma haha. Since my realization, my bestie and I have been exercising everyday during the weekend, and honestly... I'm surprised how in love I am with exercising. Haha and she's excited for me too! My best friend has always been one of the most athletic people I have known, and for the longest time I wasn't compatible with her in that aspect.. so it excites us both that we now have a hobby in common!

I always hear people talk about how amazing if feels having that adrenaline rush, and how they feel more clear minded and less stressed after exercising. For someone who's always dreaded exercising.. I have never really felt that way. Perhaps I did during the days I danced, but I felt that dancing was an art that I fell in love with rather than a stress reliever and health booster at that time for me.

It's been 5 months since I've been getting myself back together, and I seriously can't be happier about it! I'm finally able to understand the feeling people get when they get an adrenaline rush, and how effective exercising is. My exercise routine includes stretching, jump roping (500-1,000), running, and haha Blogilattes! (If you guys don't know what Blogilattes is... it's actually a youtube channel started by an amazing youtuber named Cassey Ho. She does these amazing work-out videos, and they're super duper fun and easy to follow along with!... well some of them are =P)

Work and life in general can be super stressful at times, but I've found a new hobby that I love that makes me feel better about myself and helps take away my stress! I'm so glad to have a bestie who pushes me and gets me going, and I can't wait to work out with her until we're old and wrinkly! LOL haha you know who you are! =)

For those who are stressed... try exercising! It's a piece of cake for some people, but if you're like me it'll take some determination... but it'll help relieve your stress though, I'm positive! =)