Monday, May 12, 2014

Exercising & Loving that Adrenaline Rush =)

So for those who know me, I've never been a fan of exercising. Besides dancing... which I've done so for literally half my life, I've always dreaded any type of activity that would lead to a break of sweat! LOL

I stopped dancing once I entered college, and seriously for over two years... I stopped being active and I guess kind of let myself go in that aspect of my life. It was this year that I decided to get myself back together. I couldn't stand the fact of me being out of breath after walking up two sets of stairs.. and yep, I decided to take a turn in my life. I felt extremely out of shape, and when I say out of shape, I don't mean how many pounds I weighed or what clothing size I fitted into. It was none of that... I just felt like I needed to become healthier.. and it just didn't make sense for a 21 year old to be physically less capable than my own grandma haha. Since my realization, my bestie and I have been exercising everyday during the weekend, and honestly... I'm surprised how in love I am with exercising. Haha and she's excited for me too! My best friend has always been one of the most athletic people I have known, and for the longest time I wasn't compatible with her in that aspect.. so it excites us both that we now have a hobby in common!

I always hear people talk about how amazing if feels having that adrenaline rush, and how they feel more clear minded and less stressed after exercising. For someone who's always dreaded exercising.. I have never really felt that way. Perhaps I did during the days I danced, but I felt that dancing was an art that I fell in love with rather than a stress reliever and health booster at that time for me.

It's been 5 months since I've been getting myself back together, and I seriously can't be happier about it! I'm finally able to understand the feeling people get when they get an adrenaline rush, and how effective exercising is. My exercise routine includes stretching, jump roping (500-1,000), running, and haha Blogilattes! (If you guys don't know what Blogilattes is... it's actually a youtube channel started by an amazing youtuber named Cassey Ho. She does these amazing work-out videos, and they're super duper fun and easy to follow along with!... well some of them are =P)

Work and life in general can be super stressful at times, but I've found a new hobby that I love that makes me feel better about myself and helps take away my stress! I'm so glad to have a bestie who pushes me and gets me going, and I can't wait to work out with her until we're old and wrinkly! LOL haha you know who you are! =)

For those who are stressed... try exercising! It's a piece of cake for some people, but if you're like me it'll take some determination... but it'll help relieve your stress though, I'm positive! =)

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  1. Awesome!! I'm so happy for you!! I love, love, love the adrenaline rush! That satisfying tired feeling is definitely a stress reliever for me! I'm glad you're on the road of getting healthy and feeling good! :]