Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Latest Read & Movie: THE FAULT IN OUR STARS

(Left Side) Novel Cover & (Right Side) Movie Poster
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The Fault in Our Stars by John Green.... how should I put this? I've never been a huge fan of 
reading.. but this book really got me hooked. Instead of taking forever to finish this novel, it took me a compilation of a probably around 5-7 hours to finish. I'm not sure if that's considered fast or slow...but for someone who's never enjoyed reading, it definitely says something about how amazing the book a was to me. 

I'm not sure how I should even begin, because how heartfelt and amazing this book had me feel is beyond words explanation. Just in a nutshell this novel tells of a love story between two people, a 16 year old cancer patient, Hazel Grace Lancaster, and a 17 year old cancer survivor, Augustus Waters, who has an amputation. I'm not going to spoil any further details regarding this story, but what I will advise you guys to do is keep a box of Kleenex next to you for both the book and the movie. LOL

Anyway, I used to be really sensitive as a kid and always cried during touching moments in movies, but I slowly grew out of that side of me as I aged. I would have never expected that both the book and the movie would hit home so hard that I would end up downing 5 pieces of tissues in lightening speed. 

What's so amazing about this book? Not only was it beautifully written and composed, but the story itself is extremely inspirational. There were numerous of times that I had to step away mentally to reflect on my life and my own relationships. It's so easy to have complaints, to be unsatisfied, to worry, to be distraught, to be angered, and to take people and things for granted. Sometimes we are so busy focusing on the negatives that we don't take the time to celebrate life... to realize how lucky we are. Many like me grew up with a healthy body, free from any diseases. We get upset and stressed over so many things, small or big to us, but we don't take the time to realize that "hey, at least we have another chance." Some people like Hazel Grace can't even live without relying on an oxygen tank to help her breath, someone like Hazel Grace who has no idea whether today is going to be her last day of living because her lungs are going to fail on her. However, it's a character like Hazel Grace who really opened up my eyes and really really really reminded me of how amazing my life is, and how lucky I am to be able to walk, run, laugh, and just live day to day without any physical difficulties. She as well as everyone in the world who suffer remotely what she goes through in the story are amazing... people like her celebrate life not morne about death. They focus on the moments they have, not the moments they have lost... they focus on the quality of life not the quantity of it. 

I've seen and learned so much from the book: Positivity, Heroism, Appreciation, Loyalty, Love, Faith, and Selflessness. I never knew a book...even a fictional one, would have such a large effect towards me. It definitely taught me a load and I feel like I've grown a little just in the matter of a few weeks. I never understood those who could read books over and over again, but I think I can after reading The Fault in Our Stars

Me! =)

Bestie! =)

My Bestie and I watched The Fault in Our Stars, the movie, together a few days ago, and I think it was wonderfully composed. It's quite inevitable to fit all 300+ pages worth of info into a less than 2 hour film, but the movie was absolutely outstanding. It was easy to understand and definitely included all the important parts of the book to it! 

I had a blast reading this book, and if you're someone who would enjoy an inspirational life and love story, then this book is definitely for you! I would definitely recommend both the movie and book to everyone out there, but would recommend reading the book first because I think the movie would be extra meaningful and amazing if you knew the meaning behind it beforehand. =) 

Alrightie! Well that's it! I hope you guys enjoyed the blogpost and will officially be signing off for the night! Also, check out the bottom link if you're interested in buying the book! =) Good Night! 


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Monday, May 19, 2014

Lauren Conrad - My Current Favorite Clothing Brand

So... is there a brand that you've been in love with lately? Well, I sure have one! 

I've always liked Lauren Conrad (LC) the most among the cast members during her days in the Hills. Besides the exciting drama that drew me into the reality show, something else that grabbed my attention was everyone's fashion sense, especially LC's! I always found her style youthful, feminine and sophisticated at the same time! It's been a while since she's had her clothing line, Lauren Conrad, but it wasn't until last year's Black Friday that I first stumbled across her clothing at Kohl's. I've never been a huge fan of Kohl's (not sure why), but due to the fact that I had work the next morning, Kohl's was one of my only options.. and boy am I glad that I went there! 

I ended up getting a pair of cute heart print jeans that fit like they were customized for my body shape and height, and a pair of leggings that felt amazing and have just the right amount of thickness to prevent panties and panty-lines from showing through! My love for LC's brand slowly grew, and I feel the urge to buy something from her collections each time I visited Kohl's (like yesterday!). 

Though Lauren Conrad pieces aren't too pricey, I'm not the type of person to like to splurge on clothing too often, so I've come with the perfect solution!!.. which is to buy one or at most two pieces from her clothing lines each month! Now that's not too ridiculous right? lol =) I have these plans all in my head right now... but who knows if I'll even proceed with any of them! 

Anyway, since I'm giving myself the budget that's enough for window shopping, I've decided to share some of my favorite Lauren Conrad pieces with you guys! =) So let the fun begin! 

Dresses & Rompers
I've always loved florals and subtle polka dots; therefore, not surprisingly.... all the dresses and the only romper I've chosen follow one of the two patterns! I love how fun, girly, yet classy these dresses look! They look extremely appropriate to be worn either on a casual date out or even to an afternoon tea party! =) 

LC Lauren Conrad Floral Fit & Flare Dress - Women's
(Click Here)

LC Lauren Conrad Floral Lace Fit & Flare Dress - Women's
(Click Here)

LC Lauren Conrad Lace Mixed-Media Fit & Flare Dress - Women's
(Click Here)

LC Lauren Conrad Ladybug Chiffon Dress - Women's
(Click Here)

LC Lauren Conrad Floral Pleated Fit & Flare Dress - Women's
(Click Here)

LC Lauren Conrad Floral Pintuck Romper - Women's
(Click Here)

Tops & Casual Tees
Though I love dresses, there's something I wear literally 90% of the year... Tops! Nothing beats the comfort of wearing a casual cute top; hence, the ones I've chosen below! The last top I chose probably isn't the most comfy friendly, but it sure looks lovely!

LC Lauren Conrad Dot Crochet Tee
(Click Here)

LC Lauren Conrad Sailboat Linen Dolman Tee
(Click Here)

LC Lauren Conrad Lace Chiffon Blouse - Women's
(Click Here)

Cozy Sweaters
I know it's Spring right now... and a few weeks until the blazing hot Summer... but let's take a minute to look at how cute the sweaters below are! Well.. at least they're cute to me! =) If there's one thing I wouldn't mind wearing everyday in the Fall/Winter, that's definitely be cute sweaters! 

LC Lauren Conrad Heart Cropped Sweater - Women's
(Click Here)

LC Lauren Conrad Rose Sweater - Women's
(Click Here)

In my opinion, besides a statement piece necklace or a pair of cute shoes, an amazing skirt is a key item that instantly makes any casual top look a million times more exciting. Skirts definitely make it to my list of top 10 staples! The skirt below looks absolutely amazing, and one thing I find so unique about it is the beautiful water color-like images printed throughout the dress. I actually saw it in the store yesterday, and it looks just as pretty if not prettier!

LC Lauren Conrad Sailboat Pull-On Skirt
(Click Here)

My style is quite simple at times. Instead of wearing bold statement pieces, I a lot of the times prefer wearing dainty pieces that give a hint of glamour! Also, let's just make it clear that I don't have my ears pierced, despite my desire to wear earrings since I was in kindergarten! I've always enjoyed browsing in the earring section for fun, so below is a pair that I love and would wear if I had my ears pierced!

LC Lauren Conrad Bib Necklace
(Click Here) 

LC Lauren Conrad Scallop Necklace
(Click Here) 

LC Lauren Conrad Chain Drop Earrings
(Click Here)

Disclaimer: All Images Are From Kohls.com

Yep! So that's everything that I love from Lauren Conrad! =) I hope you guys enjoyed my post & take care! (Wow it's late.. time for me to get ready for bed!)

- Wing

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Monday, May 12, 2014

Exercising & Loving that Adrenaline Rush =)

So for those who know me, I've never been a fan of exercising. Besides dancing... which I've done so for literally half my life, I've always dreaded any type of activity that would lead to a break of sweat! LOL

I stopped dancing once I entered college, and seriously for over two years... I stopped being active and I guess kind of let myself go in that aspect of my life. It was this year that I decided to get myself back together. I couldn't stand the fact of me being out of breath after walking up two sets of stairs.. and yep, I decided to take a turn in my life. I felt extremely out of shape, and when I say out of shape, I don't mean how many pounds I weighed or what clothing size I fitted into. It was none of that... I just felt like I needed to become healthier.. and it just didn't make sense for a 21 year old to be physically less capable than my own grandma haha. Since my realization, my bestie and I have been exercising everyday during the weekend, and honestly... I'm surprised how in love I am with exercising. Haha and she's excited for me too! My best friend has always been one of the most athletic people I have known, and for the longest time I wasn't compatible with her in that aspect.. so it excites us both that we now have a hobby in common!

I always hear people talk about how amazing if feels having that adrenaline rush, and how they feel more clear minded and less stressed after exercising. For someone who's always dreaded exercising.. I have never really felt that way. Perhaps I did during the days I danced, but I felt that dancing was an art that I fell in love with rather than a stress reliever and health booster at that time for me.

It's been 5 months since I've been getting myself back together, and I seriously can't be happier about it! I'm finally able to understand the feeling people get when they get an adrenaline rush, and how effective exercising is. My exercise routine includes stretching, jump roping (500-1,000), running, and haha Blogilattes! (If you guys don't know what Blogilattes is... it's actually a youtube channel started by an amazing youtuber named Cassey Ho. She does these amazing work-out videos, and they're super duper fun and easy to follow along with!... well some of them are =P)

Work and life in general can be super stressful at times, but I've found a new hobby that I love that makes me feel better about myself and helps take away my stress! I'm so glad to have a bestie who pushes me and gets me going, and I can't wait to work out with her until we're old and wrinkly! LOL haha you know who you are! =)

For those who are stressed... try exercising! It's a piece of cake for some people, but if you're like me it'll take some determination... but it'll help relieve your stress though, I'm positive! =)

Sunday, April 13, 2014

My Take On: Organizing Makeup

To be completely frank, I've never been a huge makeup junkie in my 21 years of existence. It has nothing to do with my environment... cause I grew up in a school where girls had eyeliner on since middle school. I've always been quite conservative and never really thought much about makeup. It was after college that I began to expose myself to the makeup world, and I guess now I can say that I've officially joined the "makeup band wagon" LOL! =)

I'm not overly obsessed with makeup, so I don't always find myself seeking for the latest designer or drug store products to try. I only have one face after all, so it's understandable that I only have a conservative amount of makeup right? hehe

Anyway, getting to the point, I recently found myself a little frustrated with how messy my makeup is. I share a bathroom and it just isn't right for me to hog all of it and clutter other people's space with makeup just because of my lack of organization. I came to the conclusion that I needed some type of organizer and wallah!!... I found the perfect one from T.J. Maxx! Score!

I know I know.. it looks kinda small, but that's all the space I really need to hold my makeup "essentials". On another note though... isn't it cute? (haha not sure if that's the right word to describe it!)

I love the way the organizer looks, and I love how it is designed! I'm sure you guys can tell, but I'll say it anyways... this is a 3 layer organizer that has opened slots aligned in the back for I guess brushes and any products that in this case.. "I" want standing! =)  

Because we don't know what these things have gone through, and should never assume that they are clean, I decided to wipe down the makeup organizer! 

Alright, now we're done with the boring part... this is what I had to work with! 

Out of my makeup and makeup applicators, I had to sort out the ones that I wear more often apart from the ones that I wear like... never. And after about 15-20 minutes this is the transformation that I am super duper proud of!....

This is how I organized my makeup and I'm seriously so proud of it! It's been a few weeks since I've organized my makeup and surprisingly I've kept the organizer looking exactly the same! 

In the back top left slots, I decided to put products that I prefer standing and can easily be obtained: Eyeliners, Mascara, Wet Q-tips, Eyeshadow Primer & BB Cream! 

As for the back top right portion, I aligned the slots with my most often used brushes: Powder Brush, Blush Brush, Foundation/BB Cream Brush, Blending Eyeshadow Brushes & the more Precise Eyeshadow Brushes! 

As for the three layers, I organized my makeup from most to least used. The top layer includes my Powders, Blushes, Highlighter, Mascara, Eyelash Curler & Lip Balm.  

The middle layer includes my Bronzer, Eyeshadows (I rarely ever wear eyeshadow), BB Cream (One that I least prefer) & Lipsticks (I usually carry lipsticks in my bag, so what you see are ones that I favor least atm.)

And lastly, the bottom layer holds my least used products: Fake Eyelashes, Extra Powder Pad, Eyeliner Sharpener, Eyeshadows, Mascaras, Make-up Setting Spray & Lip Gloss! 

So yah! I guess that pretty much concludes to all the essentials I have in my makeup organizer! I had such a fun time working on this project! Not only did it help me with the obvious...keeping organized, it also opened my eyes to how much makeup I didn't used. I ended up storing the rest of my makeup away, and threw ones that I've had for way.... too long in the trash! 

I haven't read through this blog post yet, but I have a feeling that it's a pretty long one! I hope this post was enjoyable and somewhat helpful? If you guys have any tips on how to organize makeup, feel free to leave a comment below! 

Alright, I'm gonna get ready for bed now. See yah later alligator!~ =)


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Monday, April 7, 2014

LookBook: Ready for Business


What do you usually wear to work? My style varies~ Everyone at work is pretty laid back, so instead of needing to dress all "office lady" like, I get to play with colors and patterns. Yay! Despite that, I usually stick with darker colors, cause at the end of the day, I am working at a professional environment and there's no reason for me to stick out too much with vibrant colors! =)  

So... here's one of the outfits I have worn to work in: 

Out of the many outfits I've worn to work, this is probably one of my favorite! First of all, I'd like to mention how much I love emerald and purple together. I think green and purple are one of the prettiest color combinations that exist, and I think that the shade of green and purple I am wearing match well in a way that they give off a sense of sophistication.  

The top I am wearing is a two piece 100% silk blouse from a brand named Tess. I love how light the fabric feels. It's currently Spring right now, and I think this blouse definitely goes perfectly with the semi-hot/chilly Cali weather! =) As for pants, I'm wearing one of my favorite pair of geometric like trousers from Forever21. The high waistline accentuates my curves and gives my legs an elongated illusion! (Who wouldn't like that? lol!) 

As for accessories, I wore gold arm candy and a statement necklace that adds a little more excitement and elegance to my look and completed my outfit with a bright brown leather bag that adds a nice pop of earthly color. To finish everything off, I wore my quiet yet attention grabbing black pointed heels! 



Growing up, I always had the image in my head of business ladies wearing black/blue blazers and trousers/dress pants to work. Now that I'm a working adult, I've learned that the stereotypical image I had in my head was only a painted picture I've developed from movies I've watched as a kid and that dressing up for work can be extremely fun! =) Yep! 

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Thursday, March 27, 2014

Selena Gomez's We Day California Speech = My Self Reflection

I was in the middle of eating lunch today when I heard a brief snippet of Selena Gomez's We Day California Speech on Fox11 News. Though it was just a small part of the 8 minute-ish speech, I was curious enough to go home and youtube it! In case you have watched it yet, here it is:

I don't think Selena knew how inspirational her speech would be... but it really impacted me and got me thinking about myself. Let's start with high school... I used to have a lot of friend during high school... but even back then, I realized that among all of my "friends", I found it tough to figure out who to eat lunch with. Weird right? I mean... if a person has a lot of friends, shouldn't it be easy choosing whom to eat with during lunch? Well that wasn't the case for me.... Since I've graduated high school and college, I've lost more then half the friends I used to have. Sometimes it really surprises me how many old friends I've lost, and of course just thinking about it brings me down sometimes. 

A moral of Selena's speech is to be you... to be none other than YOU. Selena mentioned that who you are is who you surround yourself with and I can't agree more. Just cause I got along with people, didn't mean that those friends were for me. I was trying to find myself back then, and deep deep deep down in my heart I think I kind of knew that those friends weren't for me... but I just didn't see it yet. That's exactly why it was hard for me to figure out who sit with during lunch, and that's exactly why those people and I don't contact each other anymore. It's not the amount of friends I have that matter, it's the quality of the friendship of the friends I still keep in touch with that matters. Though a lot of people came and left my life, I'm so so so thankful for those who stayed.  

Never try to be someone you're not. It's always good to improve yourself, but it's not good to change yourself just to please everyone around you... cause at the end of the day everyone's going to feel happy except for you. 

I really like Selena Gomez, but I've never been a huge fan of hers. What she said in her speech really inspired me and got me thinking about myself in the past, present, and future. I've been wondering why I've lost contact with my friends, and today I've truly found my answer, it's because during these few years, I've grown up, I've found myself, and I've been "me".  

Sunday, March 9, 2014

Saying "Goodbye" to My Old Go-To Heels & "Hello" to a New Pair!

Do you guys have a pair of go-to heels? A pair that seems to match with everything and feels amazingly comfortable in?  Well.. I sure do!

These were my go-to heels for the passed 3 years! 

I got my first pair of Franco Sarto Snake Skin heels when I was in college, and it was seriously love at first sight. I've had a history of buying cute heels that were way too formal to be worn casually, and way too tall for me to walk comfortably in. So how did I end up finding my go-to heels? Nordstrom! I remember shopping with my mom a few years back at Nordstrom. I was browsing around the shoe section without any thought of buying shoes, and found myself eyeing these pair of heels. It's hard to tell from my picture above, but the shoes in real life are much lighter in color and "were" absolutely gorgeous. I bought the heels and I think it's one of the best purchases made! I've gotten a handful of compliments on these heels throughout the years, and they are hands down the most easy-to-match and comfortable heels I've ever owned!  These are the most worn heels I've ever had. I've worn them so much that the outside and inside of the heels are beginning to come apart. After being with me for these few years, and having gone through such a long journey with me... I've finally made the decision to let them go and say goodbye to them.  

I know it's kind of awkward to miss a pair of shoes..but these are a pair that mean a lot to me and ones that I genuinely made a lot of memories with! I don't think I'll ever feel the same way about a pair of shoes as I do for these, but I've been on the search lately for a pair that can take place of these shoes after they are gone. After a few months of casual searching, I've finally found a pair, which... I actually bought. And dun dun dun dun dunnn~~~ 

These new pair of heels are from Enzo Angiolini's line (What a coincidence, I also found them at Nordstrom!), and I am absolutely heads over heels for them!  I love how the heels are on the shorter end...but not short enough to be little kitten heels. I think its rusty salmon color is absolutely beautiful, and I can see it matching with so many colors!! You guys can't see this in the picture, but the bottom soles are a wooden pattern which adds so much class and elegance to the heels! I absolutely adore the cute cut-outs and straps, and I cannot wait to wear these to work as well as during my casual days off work! =)  

Here's a link if you guys are interested: HERE

Shoes come and go, and there are some shoes that hold a deeper meaning in my heart that others. I'm going to really miss my old go-to heels, but I'm excited to create new memories with my new ones! (Cross my fingers that they're as comfortable as the old ones~

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