Wednesday, November 7, 2012

SPARKLING LOUDER: My Very First Youtube Channel!

Before I go on with my announcement, I just wanted to mention something odd.  I went on my blog as usual, and I realized that one of my blog post was missing.  Not sure what happened.  I'm sure I didn't delete it or anything....which is weird.  I wish we had like a trashcan folder, where we could retrieve deleted posts.  But oh well, maybe I'll write another blog post entry in the future regarding the same topic.  

Anyway, enough with that!  

Beginning my announcement with a recent picture of mine!  (Fun Fact:  My favorite place to take pictures at would probably be my car!  haha I don't know about you guys, but I love how the lighting changes whenever the car turns to a different direction!)  
Anyway, I'm am happy to announce that I am officially starting my own Youtube Channel! =) 
yay!  I'm a little nervous about it, but at the same time, I'm quite excited!  haha I said those exact same words in video!  But it's so true!  

Here is my first  haul video!  =)  

K, so lets start with how this all began.  I have to admit, growing up I  wanted to be a celebrity (not anymore...don't know why I mentioned that!) !  LOL  but of course, along with being a celebrity, I wanted to be many things, a nurse, a doctor, a lawyer, a teacher, a veterinarian, a librarian, a fashion designer, a stylist, omg just everything!  Most of those dreams started fading away, but what did stay is my passion and love for fashion, styling, and designing.   That's why I decided to go to Fashion School.  Most of my peers went to an academic based college, but I was one of the  3 who didn't.  I love going on youtube to watch hauls, room tours, DIYs, and just stuff like that.  I feel like I've learned so much from my favorite youtubers and gurus, that throughout time I just wish I could do the same for others!   haha I'm just someone out of the ordinary, but I am very hopeful!  

The channel I have created is named SPARKLING LOUDER.   I wanted to make it Sparkle Louder like my blog, but unfortunately the name was already taken!  SPARKLING LOUDER will be my little hub where I can express myself, and everything I love!  

It actually took me a while, and a bit of hesitation before putting my first video up.  I had to clearly and calmly think to myself whether it is something I wanted to do.  And at the end I did it, I post my very first video up!  I'm crossing my fingers and hoping for the best! =)  On the side of my blog, right under my profile picture will be something titled SPARKLING LOUDER: YOUTUBE CHANNEL.  Right underneath will be a list of my most recent videos!  Hope that'll make things more convenient for everyone!  =)  

I received my very first comment a few days ago by someone super sweet.  I don't know if they'll end up reading this blog post, but they basically subscribed to my channel, and told me to keep up with the good work, and wished me good luck!  haha I just wanted to give a big thanks to that person, and let them know that I'll probably remember that comment forever!  It's my first, and it means a lot to me!  I will continue making videos, and working hard on them!  =)  

Anyway, haha that is it to my announcement!  I actually have an idea of what type of video I'll be making next, and I'm probably going to work on it today!  =)  

Hope everyone has a wonderful day, and I'll talk to you guys next time! =)  

- Wing <3

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  1. I'll be your number #1 subscriber!
    I think you're a natural to this! I still think you're a outgoing girl!
    I wish you the best and prosperity on your Youtube channel!
    Let me know if there's anything I can do to help you!