Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Thanksgiving & BLACK FRIDAY Shopping

Hey Ya'll!  
=)  I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend, and an awesome Thanksgiving, filled with much love and of course food! lol  My thanksgiving was awesome as usual!  My family and I are super close, and because most of our relatives live out of states, we celebrated with just the four of us as usual.  Although we didn't have a billion ppl to dine with, I felt that just having us four made Thanksgiving even more special.  =)  As usual we of course at Turkey! =)  Picture Below!  

Omg, does that look yummy or what?  Seriously the turkey that my dad makes is the best!! =)  haha can't get enough of it!  He has this special recipe sauce that makes our Thanksgiving feast even more yummy and unbearable! LOL =)  Dinner was absolutely awesome!  I ate so much turkey!!....so much that I think I'm good for the rest of the year!  haha definitely need some time before eating turkey again!  

So to sum things up, my Thanksgiving was great!  I feel so lucky and blessed for everything have!  My wonderful and endlessly loving family, my wonderful friends, my awesome boyfriend, my roof that I live under, my job, and omg just everything!  I'm happy to be alive for peetsake! LOL  =)  Can't wait for Thanksgiving next year...but to be honest I don't want it to come too soon though, cause that just means another year is gonna fly by super quickly!  

Anyway, moving on to BLACK FRIDAY! =)  haha from my previous post, some of you may have learned that I've never been Black Friday shopping before!  Well this year kind of differed.  I'm not sure if it's really considered Black Friday Shopping...caused I only ended up going to department stores such a Target and Kmart that opened before 12 AM.  I didn't want to go to the mall because stores didn't open until like 12AM.  I had work at 9 AM that, so I didn't want to be too tired for it, so yeah haha didn't go to the mall.  

In the car to Target!  The parking lot was pretty packed!  

To be honest, I was actually pretty excited!  Black Friday for Target opens at 9 PM on Thanksgiving, which was perfect, cause that meant I'd be able to do my black friday shopping without getting home too late!  

To my disappointment, there was literally like nothing!  =(  Literally nothing had good discounts..except for electronics!  My family and I never got a chance to look a electronics cause there was a huge line that snaked from the middle of the store all the way around and then to the back of the store, just for shoppers to be able to get into the electronics section!  Crazy right?  There were a few black friday black bins that had like $5 signs on them!  Despite that, I was still disappointed with the sales, cause inside the bins were like socks...and sleepwear.  Seriously!!!! Why would I buy a pair of socks for $5???? I can go to ebay and get 10 pair of socks for that price!  And yah..by the time I went to target...which was around 9:45 PM...all the bins were completely emptied! =(

Don't even get me started with the clearance section....too bad I've started already!  As you guys can see, there is a sign that says 50% off, and in little words it says or more on ORIGINAL PRICES!  Sigh...basically there wasn't really any extra discount just for black friday on clearance items.  There wasn't an extra discount on clearance items, but Target put the sign up there just to make it seem like ppl were getting a good deal off jewelry on Black Friday, when in truth, the prices were probably marked down already half a month ago! I dislike their way of marketing....

I was looking at the wallet and purse section, and I was super surprised with their promotion... I didn't get a chance to take pictures of that but basically they had a sign that said...



It wasn't even a 10% discount....and I don't know...I just thought that the sale sucked.  And the way they promoted their sale was pretty bad as well.  I was surprised by the amount of ppl shopping though!  Most of them had some sort of electronics in their cart so I guess that explains why there was a huge line to the cashier.  

Anyway enough of Target...after target, my family and I decided to browse at Kmart!  Kmart was super awesome!  Their sale was amazing!!!! =)  Literally everything that had to do with fashion, whether it was shoes, clothes, or accessories were all on discount!  Which was awesome!  haha I was so tempted to buy things, but at the end I decided not to, cause there wasn't anything that I really needed!  =)  The sale really was amazing though!  I saw $100 sterling silver rings and necklaces for $19.99! =)  Awesome huh? 80% discount!  lol  My mom was the only who bought something...and it wasn't even on discount...which really took the point of shopping for great deals on black friday away haha.  It's alright though!  

So yes, Target and Kmart were the only places I went for Black Friday!  If it wasn't for work, I probably would have gone to the mall and all, and I'm sure I would have found some pretty awesome things....but yah haha maybe next year?  lol  Hope everyone had an amazing Thanksgiving and Black Friday!  Hope you guys got lots of great deals! =) 

To end this post, here's a picture of me that day! =)  Went really light with the make-up and decided to play with my overly long side bangs! 

-Wing <3

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  1. Very cute bangs :) And you know how I feel about light makeup :D

    I love all the pictures you put up!
    They should honestly call it Black Thursday, because of how early the stores open now!
    Those discounts really made me laugh haha,$20 -> $18.. wow. Amazing savings right? Haha.

    I wish we could go shopping one year! It think it'd be a lot of fun!