Thursday, May 16, 2013

LookBook OOTD: Floral Dust


Wow...I can't believe it's been 3 months since I last posted an Outfit of the Day!  Anyway...I'm back lol, and I'm back with my most current OOTD! =)  I don't think I've ever shared this on my blog, but I've always had a small obsession for Floral Prints!  I think they're so girly and fun, and nothing's better than being able to wear them all season long, perhaps even for summer! =)  

This is actually one of my most favorite outfits.  Why?  Because not only does it speak my fun loving and girly personality, it's actually one of the most comfy outfits that I've worn for any LookBook shoot! LOL.  It's nothing too fancy, and it's definitely something that I can wear out on a daily basis!  I would describe this look at a Girly Hippie look.  The dress of course is the main center piece, and from that on, I basically just built my outfit around it!  

Because the bodice of the dress was formfitting and complimented my upper body like a corset would, I was able to balance the dress with a loose fitting white cardigan.  This cardigan is by a brand called 213 Industry, and it's like none other that I've seen!  The knitted pattern is extremely unique, and it definitely added a unique touch to my entire outfit.  Though the dress's and cardigan's fabric and texture differed, both were dominant in white, and ended up complimenting each other!  

As for my shoes, I decided to pair this outfit with some earthtone sandles.  Wearing such a colorful dress, my brown sandles were appropriate for the season, and balanced out the dress in terms of color!  

I'm not a huge fan of jewelry or accessories, but I just had to finish Floral Dust off with my white and pink floral headband!  =)  I love how the colors of the flowers on my headband matched the ones that are on my dress, and haha I think adding this accessory definitely helped complete this outfit's Girly Hippie look! =)  


Wearing: Floral Maxi Dress (Urban 1972), Knitted White Cardigan (213 Industry), Floral Headband (Forever21), Sandles (A Store in Spain) 

And yep, this is Floral Dust!  Anyway, I miss blogging so much! =(  It's been such a long while since I last blogged consistently or updated my OOTD, so I definitely look forward to doing so in the future!  I hope everyone has been doing well, and until next time, Take Care! =) <3

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  1. Oh my gosh! I love this outfit! It's so pretty! But I think it would be even more fun if you take pictures of you having fun(e.g. on a swing, in a park), then it will really portray the "girly and fun" element of the outfit :) however, that is just a suggestion. Anyway, I think this will be an awesome outfit for the summer when it's a little windy!