Sunday, September 29, 2013

Sometimes... It's Okay to Say "NO"

Sometimes... it's okay to say "no".

Rejection can be the hardest thing to deal with.. whether it's getting rejected or rejecting someone, because the word "no" can be super hard to say or hear.

For me, it's always been hard to say "no" to people.  Maybe it's because I know rejection is hard to take in sometimes: therefore, just rejecting anyone has always been hard to do.  But I guess being older now... I've learned that it's okay to say "no".  Saying "no" does not mean you're being mean.  It just means that you're standing up for yourself and what you believe is right.

When a person always says "yes", people start catching up to that, and because they know your weakness, they'd start targeting and taking advantage of it.  I don't quite remember when I started saying "no", but all I have to say is that, it's definitely made things better for me =)....No longer do I have to look back at some situations and wish that I stood up for myself, and no longer do I have to get into unnecessary problems. =)

"No" is hard to say, but... sometimes saying "no" is what allows other people and even yourself to understand that you can't and won't be easily taken advantage of.  So in times of feeling peer pressured or simply pressured during situations, just remember that there's one thing you do possess, and it is the right to reject and defend yourself and what you believe in.


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