Monday, October 22, 2012

1) My Current Fashion Obsession! - Japanese Nail Art!

It's actually not that's actually been a while now...maybe mmmm.... a year and a half ago?  

lol  Anyway, let me come a little bit more clear.. I am obsessed with Japanese Nail Art.  

There was a time when I thought Japanese styled nails were way too dramatic for me...and that I'd probably never like it for myself.  haha well I guess things change, and now I actually find myself really wanting to try it out.  I think Japanese Nail Art is super adorable!  I've always been aware of rectangular shaped acrylics nails, but it was probably in college when I met a Japanese friend who always had her nails done, that first introduced me to rounded tip manicures.  Her nails were always so cutely and prettily designed with acrylic art and rhinestones, and I guess that's when I was truly introduced to Japanese Nail Art!  As of now, I'm still that not that into the super dramatic type of nails, but a little drama never hurts.  What is stopping me now is that...I don't know..I guess it's just not the time in my life where I should invest so much money on my nails... lol But we'll see, haha maybe some day I will get my nails done!  And when that happens, the first thing I'll do, is post a picture of it on my blog! =)     

Back to the point!   Rounded tip manicures are so popular in Japan nowadays, and is being acknowledged in America!  I've been obsessing with Japanese Nail Art, and I hope to one day get my nails done with that style!  =) Below are some manicures that I think are cute (but would never have for myself), or cute (and would love to have for myself!) =)  

japanese girl nails

Lol, this is an example of me thinking the nails are cute, but are too dramatic for me. 

Princess Hime Gyaru Nails Japanese Nail Art

Young Chic and Social: Gyaru Nails Spam Japanese Nail Art Photos   3D nails Japanese nail art fairy kei sweet lolita choco by Aya1gou, $18.50 More Japanese nails, just so you get the idea .

princess nails, gold and pink nails, japanese nail art, audrey kitching 






LOL, these are just a few of the many styles that I liked!  As you guys may be able to notice, the ones I chose are actually pretty consistent in color, and are not super duper complicated in style.  As I was scrolling down pintrest and tumblr, I found a lot of Japanese styled manicures that were super complicated (a crazy amount of colors, an inch and a half in nail length, gigantic nail props stuck to each nail, and haha stuff like that).  I don't think they look bad, it's just not my style.  I love things on the simpler end, with a little drama to spice the look up. =)  Hope I'll be able to post pictures of my own Japanese Nail Art on my blog one day! 

ANYWAY.... Here's a little glimpse of tomorrow's Outfit of the Day Post! =)  


-Wing <3

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  1. You know me right?
    I have to agree, but some of them look pretty nice!
    The really decorative ones look good, but not my style though haha.

    I'd like to see you try it though! I bet you could pull it off!
    I love all the energy your writing contains haha.

    Very exciting!