Monday, October 22, 2012

I think it's pretty much set!  It's been hot and cold, hot and cold lately... the temperature hasn't been very stable, but I actually think it's pretty much official that the Fall Season has officially (redundant) begun in California!  =)  I've really been loving my Forever21 Crochet top!  I've actually never owned a crochet top before, so I was very excited to finally wear it!  =)  haha yesterday, I decided to come up with a very sincere and preppy look!  haha nothing that exposes too much skin!  Since it actually felt like fall that day, I took advantage of the weather, and put on my fall clothes!  =)  

Outfit of the Day: 

Managed to take a rare snapshot when the sun 
suddenly appeared for literally less than a minute!  =)  

For the top portion of my outfit, I decided to pair my crochet sweater with a light blue color button-up!  I've been really loving the "POPPING YOUR COLLAR OUT OF YOUR SWEATER" type of look LOL, and was super glad that I finally got to try it out!  =)  I think it ended up looking quite nice!  The light blue & creme color really complimented each other!  As for jewelry, I decided to keep it simple, yet classy,  by accessorizing my look with a gold statement piece necklace.  No rings, no bracelets, just a statement necklace.  This look is all about dressing simple, yet still remaining fashionable!  =)  

As for the bottom of my outfit, I decided to wear a black pair of skinnies from Forever21 with a pair of black gold buckled knee high boots.  I purposely matched black with black, to help elongate my legs!  I know it doesn't really show in the picture (cause the camera is actually tilted higher, which makes my torso shorter than my upper, but matching your bottoms and shoes with the same color, actually helps create an illusion of longer legs! =)  

LOL, I'm not sure why, but this is actually my favorite picture out of the bunch! =)  

I didn't do anything to my hair, just kept it down.  I've never been a huge fan of hair accessories, but this time, I decided to wear a pink & teal bow, for a well-rounded preppy look, as well as for an additional pop of color!  =)  LOL I think I might actually start wearing head bands more often now!  I actually always really liked wearing headbands..but I don't know why..I just never did.  (I don't know..for some reason, I've always envisioned preppy, rich, and elegant girls wearing that weird??? O_O...maybe I just watch too many dramas!)  

As for my purse, I decided to keep with my everyday Steve Madden Tote Bag.  I love it so much!  It matches really well with both the creme and black color of the outfit, and also helps spice up the look with the bold snake print on the center!  

haha so yah!  That's basically my outfit of the day look! =) 



-Wing <3

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  1. Very cute and preppy look!
    You look like you're ready to go to school :)