Saturday, October 6, 2012

FALL 2012 Trend Alert: Collars & Collar Necklaces!!! 

As most of you may know, collars have been extremely in this year.  We're not just talking about regular boring collars that you see attached to a polo shirt, but we're talking about statement piece collars (studded, sequinned, embellished, crystallized, laced, or just somehow enhanced to make a big pop!)  It doesn't matter whether you are wearing a top/blouse/dress/etc. with an attached decked collar, or if you're stylizing your outfit with a collar necklace, just by wearing a decked out collar to spice up your outfit, you are ultimately part of the newest fashion trend! 

Though decked out collars & collar necklaces have gained its popularity earlier this year, it is now more in trend and fashionable than ever! 






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MARNI Embellished Poplin Collar
(I think this collar is super pretty!  Too bad it's $430.....)

As of now, I still haven't gotten my hands on a collar necklace, nor have I decorated any of my collars.  haha I'm actually kind of excited to start a DIY project after this post. haha I'll definitely post a picture of my masterpiece if I ever get to it! =)  

Anyway MY Outfit of The Day!!! 
(This was actually from yesterday!)  Notice the Collar? =) haha I actually found this top at little boutique called "My Mom's Closet" =), I absolutely love stuff from the 70s & 80s.  

(No Close Up Picture of my make-up though, cause I was extremely tired that day, and that showed in all the close-ups. =( ) 

I really love the outfit I wore yesterday!  But I have to admit, I felt a little odd walking around the streets, cause I kinda felt like I was from the wrong century...LOL  

Despite it still being super hot in Cali, I've actually started to back away from bright and neon colors, and transitioned to more fall appropriate colors.  

OMG!   I absolutely love my new bag!!! 
Bag Brand: Mark Leather

Matched my outfit with a nude pair of wedges.  
Brand: Qupid 

Simple Vintage Bracelets! 

Last close-up of my outfit! =)  

Hope the post was enjoyable! =) 

-Wing <3

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  1. Very vintage!
    You know how much I love leather, so I think that bag is absolutely perfect with that outfit!

    Hm... how should I match with you.. haha