Tuesday, October 9, 2012

My Dream to Visit Hong Kong Again One Day

I dream of going back to Hong Kong one day.  

I haven't revealed this on my blog yet, but I was actually born in Hong Kong.  I immigrated to America when I was a toddler, and basically grew up in California my entire life.  I love Cali, but I really miss my home town.  I miss everything about Hong Kong!  Well not everything... Stuff I don't miss includes: super duper gigantic flying cockroaches, and I think that's it.  I actually don't know enough to say anything bad about it haha, but what is good that I miss, are Hong Kong's.... Hong Kong Style Egg Waffles (Sooooo YUMS), super affordable and trendy clothing, convenient transportation (subway!!!!  That's like the ultimate type of transportation that everyone uses in Hong Kong),  SASA (that is a super popular beauty store that carries some of the most amazing cosmetics!  Check the website out! www.sasa.com ), and much more!  I just love how everything is so easily accessible!  

Here is an image of the Hong Kong Styled Egg Waffles that I was talking about.  haha looking at this picture, the shape looks kinda weird, but seriously, this is like the best snack you can eat!!!  If you guys ever go to Hong Kong, you guys have to try it!  They come in many flavors, but I definitely recommend the original flavor! =)  The price should cost 10 HKD, which equals to $1. 28 USD!!  Super affordable! =)  

The last time I went to Hong Kong was 8th grade summer I believe...which means I was 13 back then!  It's been 7 years!  That's almost half my life, haha so I think it's about time I visit!  I'm not even joking when I say this, but each time I go back, I gain at least 10 pounds!!!  When I went during 6th grade summer, I went at 103lbs, and came back at 115 lbs.  And in 8th grade, I went at 115 lbs, and came back at around 125 lbs. =(  So sad!  It's so unhealthy gaining 10 lbs in two weeks!  If I ever go back again, I need to promise myself that I need to watch what I eat!  If I eat something extremely fattening, I definitely need to walk those calories off! LOL  

Anyway, because I wasn't able to visit Hong Kong that often, whenever I came back from the trips, I would always put my purchases in a special cabinet that would only hold things that were bought from Hong Kong.  lol  I don't know why, but I literally treated everything I bought from there like treasures!!!  haha of course I don't do that anymore, but yah, I can't wait to go!  However, going this time will be a little different though!  Because my parents have always paid for everything, I hope that by the next time I visit Hong Kong, I'd be able to make enough money to treat my entire family to Hong Kong!  (Which means paying for plane tickets & living! =) )  I'm crossing my fingers that my wish will come true one day!!  I hope to be able to visit Hong Kong with my family within the next 3 years!!!  =)  

KK, so enough about my goals.  Here are some picture of my Outfit of the Day!  

**Pictures Below**

Even though Fall has officially started, it's still been pretty hot in Cali!  It's been cooler lately though, and i'm super glad about that! =)  

1) Blazer: Forever 21
2) Tights: Betsey Johnson
3) Heels: Nickels
4) High Waist Skirt: American Apparel
5) Necklace: Monet

Last picture of my outfit!!!  

Photography By: LWK Photography


  1. ahh hong kong was amazing the last time i was there! and that brown satchel is so cute!


    1. Aww, Thanks Whitney! The Brown Satchel was actually a present from my mom. She bought it in the early 90s in HK, and never ended up using it lol. And hey I'm so glad you had an amazing time in Hong Kong! I love it there! =)

  2. Honestly, this is my favorite outfit so far!
    Make up looks so pretty! But not too overwhelming!
    I love the outfit, and the belt is perfect for dividing the pieces!
    Black is sexy too hehehe.

    Wish ... well. Hong Kong with you would be a dream!