Friday, October 12, 2012

Best & Most Painless Dental Visit Ever! =)

My visit to the Dentist...

Starting this post with a picture of myself from two days ago.  This is how I looked like when I was on my way to the dentist.  Yes...I looked content and calm...but those were the last feelings I felt. lol  

I hate visiting the dentist. =(  I've actually gone to the dental office for fix-ups quite a lot starting from a young age.  I know you guys might think that I'd be used to going by now right?  lol...Absolutely Not!  As I grow older, I find visiting the dentist more and more horrifying. =(  I absolutely hate going...and seriously it hurts!  KK..enough with's a picture of me when I was at the dental office. 

A pout is seriously not enough to portray how I truly felt!!! =( 
Seriously, when I went entire body stiffened.  

I was super nervous!  Right before the dentist started doing his magic, I asked him to give me a numbing shot.  I am super scared of pain, and I just didn't want to deal with any of it.  An incident occurred in the past with me suddenly feeling a struck of pain, as the dentist scraped out my cavity... it hurt so bad that tears started running down my cheeks!  =(  Because of that experience,  even though I got a numbing shot this time, I was afraid the same thing would occur. my didn't!  This was literally the best and most painless dental experience I have ever had!!  Each time the dentist started working on my cavity, my body would stiffen, and each time he took a few seconds break to change a tool, my body would relax..and that process would repeat throughout the entire procedure.  Though I was praying that the procedure would go well, and that I wouldn't feel any pain, I still had my doubts.  I would never have known that everything would turn out so well!  =)  haha  Yes, dental experience ever!!!  

I would say that I'm actually pretty clean with my teeth!  Cleaner than a lot of ppl.... but it just happens that my teeth are very soft...which means my teeth have the potential of attracting cavity easier.  I'm going to try cutting down on sweets, and definitely cutting down on eating so much.  Yah..another thing about me is that I love eating!!  I eat all the time.... it's interesting... haha but anyway..I need to stop eating so much.  In case you guys don't know...each time you eat, your mouth produces saliva, and the saliva contains acids, to help break down your food...  If I eat as much as I do, that means more saliva, which equals to more acidic saliva, which equals to a bigger chance of getting cavities!  So yes, I gotta watch on my eating habits!!  


It pretty cold today.. 57 Degrees Fahrenheit!  

That's so crazy!!  As of a week ago, where I lived was still in its 90s...and I remember myself turning on my mini sized fan throughout the entire day!!  It's insane how the weather just drops like thirty something degrees just like that!  The thing didn't even feel like felt more like Winter!  Well to be more fair, 57 Degrees was the lowest that the temperature was definitely colder towards the afternoon and night.  It was warmer during the late morning and noon time.  So yah..that explains why I was wearing so little..cause it was actually warmer when I went out.  lol.  Anyway, enough of my blabbering.  

Those are the olive green cheetah print leggings that I had mentioned in my earlier post.  I love them so much!! They are pretty thick, sturdy, and warm enough to wear alone as bottoms!  I wouldn't say I was really casual today, but definitely more casual when it comes to hair.  haha woke up, and just whipped my hair into a pony tail.  

Boots: QUPID
Cheetah Print Leggings: FIT 2 GO

Have a nice night everyone!  Remember to bundle up and stay warm! =)  


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  1. I'm really sorry for saying this, but you look so cute at the dentist!

    I hope that your appointment goes well!
    I have something for you that I really hope will help! I've wanted to give it to you for a while :)

    Now that you mention it... I might be seeing the dentist soon. :( oh no!