Sunday, October 14, 2012

Sleeping Late & Waking Up Late

This is actually a topic that I want to write about before I sleep.  The title says it basically has to do with my habit of sleeping late. =(  Sigh...which causes me to wake up late...

This has actually been a bad habit that I have been trying to break for a while now....but as you guys can tell (since I'm blogging at 1 AM..), I still haven't been able to break it yet.  

About 3 years ago, my high school friends were worried about my sleeping habits, and tried helping me sleep early.  I's honestly pretty lame that I can't even get myself sleeping earlier every night. my senior year of high school..I actually managed to sleep earlier.   I would sleep at around 11 PM every night, which is honestly a big improvement.  However, college hit, and omg...all that work was basically flushed down the drain.  It wasn't really my fault though.  I went to an art college, and omg...there was so much was crazy. =(  There was an incident that got me pretty upset around a year back ago. friend and I went back to high school to watch a play.  We bumped into this guy who was a previous classmate of ours, and he asked me which college I went to.   I told him where I went...and guess what he said?  He said, " Oh, you go to XXXXXX?  Isn't it really easy there?  I mean all you do there is drawing right?".  Omg....isn't what he said super rude?  Anyway, I'm over with that.  My point is...because there was so much hw...I literally pulled all nighters at least once every single week just to finish my hw.  I didn't procrastinate..I am so serious!! would take me a few days just to finish project. =(  I put so much time into homework and studying, that my sleeping schedule became all messed up.  Now that school has ended for me, my sleeping schedule definitely improved, but it's still horrible. =(  

I think people who sleep earlier, and wake up earlier are so cool! least that about them is really worth me learning from!  I seriously need to set a goal for myself, and just really follow it.  I don't want to give myself too big of a jump I'm gonna do this in baby steps.  I know this topic might be super lame to a lot of people, and I'm sure a lot of people think it's super easy to accomplish what I'm trying to accomplish, but what I also know is, I'm sure a lot of people are having a hard time sleeping earlier, and want to improve themselves like yah whatever lol.  

From today on, I'm going to start sleeping at 12 a.m. every night.  You know...that's actually a pretty good time.  I mean if I sleep at 12 a.m. every night, and wake up at 8 a.m., that'll be a good 8 hours of sleep, which is perfect!  Yah, so I'm gonna try that out, and I really hope it works.  If I follow my goal, and really just end up sleeping earlier and waking up earlier, I'm so sure that my mood and life in general would really improve.  I might break out less...I won't be as cranky waking up LOL (I'm not that cranky but yah), I'll be able to get more done in the morning, my black eye-bags might finally vanish, and most health will improve!!!  So yes..this goal is so so so important to me, and I really want to improve myself!!  haha alright... if I'm blogging passed 12 a.m. from now on, then it's obvious that I'm failing to reach by goal, but we'll see!  I have faith in myself!! =)  

Alright..anyway, Good Night!!  


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    When it comes to changing a habit, baby steps are good :) A little at a time, can go a long way!
    I'd like to encourage you to sleep earlier k!?