Friday, January 4, 2013


It's 2013, it's a new year, and it's my new beginning! 

Today I went for a different look.  I would describe A NEW BEGINNING as a mixture of a bit of Bohemian, and a bit of Rocker Chic. 

I had recently bought a Bohemian styled maxi skirt (from Best Cody), and I've been thinking about I should pair it to make a cool outfit.'s what I decided to pair it with....

Because my skirt's pattern was so loud and vibrant, I decided to pair it with a sold creme colored Crochet sweater (purchased from Forever21).  Why did I pair these pieces together?  Well, first of all, the solid color of the sweater helped tone down the pattern of the skirt, while at the same time acted as a complimentary piece in terms of color, and second of all, it kept me warm!! =)  Despite my sweater being a plain color, it was delicately crocheted, which added a unique harmony to the outfit.  As for outerwear, I decided to to add some toughness to my look.....

I threw on my dark brown motorcycle jacket (from Max Rave), and wa-lah!  The motorcycle jacket brought an instant edge to my outfit, and nearly completely my Boho Chic look!  Black leather jackets are super popular for Winter 2012/2013, but I decided to stick with my loveable Dark Brown leather jacket! Pleather of course!  The brown matched very well with my outfit.  

To finalize my look, I decided to throw on my beige colored Calvin Klein Metal Mesh Heels!  It gave me more height, blended well with the outfit, and gave me the confidence to step over all my challenges  this new year! LOL  (not really, but wouldn't that be awesome?)  At the end I finished off with a red beret like beanie, which totally gave my outfit a nice pop of color!  

And yep!  That's my outfit!  Stay tuned for more Outfit of the Days in the future!  
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  1. I love your outfit! I feel like you plan every outfit so carefully, and it shows! Because every outfit is in harmony but with a dash of your personal unique-ness that makes them stand out!